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Research - Historic Quotes


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Historic Quotes:

The Historic quotes page allows you to look up a stocks exact closing price on an individual day or over a pre defined time period.

When you first click onto Historic Quotes, you will be presented with the following screen:


Specific Date: / /

Date Range From -> / / To -> / / (limit 50 days)

You are presented with a number of text boxes � the first of which is called EPIC. As you would expect, this is where you enter the EPIC code for the stock you wish to view historic price data for.

Once you have entered the EPIC, you are presented with 2 different search options.

Specified Date: Enter a specific date in here (DD/MM/YYYY), press go and you will get the closing price for the company you have chosen for that date. Below we have chosen VOD for 12/12/2002:


Specific Date: / /

Once you press go the information you have requested will be shown below in the following format:

Vodafone Group (VOD)

Date Close High Low Open Vol
12/12/2002 115.0 117.0 114.2 116.2 346,000,000

Date Range:

Here you are presented with 2 sets of date text boxes � date range from and to.

Again you enter the EPIC of your chosen stock - here we are using BARC:


You then leave the specific date box empty and fill in the date range you wish to view - here we are using 10/10/2002 - 16/10/2002:

Date Range From -> / / To -> / / (limit 50 days)

As you will note from the above the search is limited to a 50 day range/

The information you have asked for will then be displayed in the followig for in the following format:

Barclays (BARC)

Date Close High Low Open Vol
10/10/2002 400.0 403.5 372.0 372.0 35,600,000
11/10/2002 426.8 430.0 405.0 406.2 31,050,000
14/10/2002 423.0 430.0 409.0 427.0 29,250,000
15/10/2002 457.0 457.0 424.2 424.2 32,970,000
16/10/2002 453.0 472.2 441.0 448.0 33,490,000