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News Help


The News page contains feeds of up to the minute news from 3 Major sources. You can access and keep track of market news from AFX, individual company releases are brought to you via RNS, and our own Shares and MoneyAM team supply all the relevant news in this area.

The News is displayed in the following format:

The left hand column shows the time at which the news was posted.

Next to that is the company name pertaining to the news story.

In the third column is the headline of the story. If you wish to access the full report you can do so by clicking on the headline.

The final column denotes where the story has been supplied from. As you can see above this is denoted by either RNS or BFN.

Customised News (Filter)

You can also choose to customise the news that you wish to see in several different ways.

By using the following fields (from the top of the News Screen) you can filter in several ways.

As you can see from the above there are several customizable fields to choose from.

Symbol This will search for a specific story or group of stories, by EPIC/symbol
Keywords This will search for a specific story or group of stories, by any keyword - this could be a company name or any appropriate word you are looking for eg money, director telecom etc.
From/To These drop down boxes enable you to set specific dates between which you wish to search. You can then enter the year you want and even set time parameters.

You can also choose which news feeds you want to receive. By clicking the corresponding boxes as show above you will receive only that news. For example, if you click the AFX box you will only receive AFX feeds.

Search for News

The above bar is shown at the top of the News screen. By clicking on the links you can select the news that is relevant to you. For example when you click on FTSE100 this will give you news items which are for the FTSE100, this applies for the latest, FTSE100, FTESE250 and AIM headings.


If you select to search by Company then you will be presented by the following screen.

By clicking on the letter or number that the company name starts with you will then be directed to a list of company names as follows

Below is an abbreviated example of the list you would get if you clicked on the V:


If you choose to search by category you will be presented with the following screen.

By clicking on one of the headings you will be taken to news directly related to it.
For example if you select Directors’ Dealings you will receive any announcements for that day, as shown below.


By selecting the ‘Sector’ section you will be taken to a list that shows the categories under which shares are assigned. Below is an abbreviated example of this.

By selecting a specific sector it will bring up all announcements and news stories for companies that are assigned to the sector.

All Archives

‘All Archives’ gives you a calendar screen from which to choose a specific date, from which you wish to view the news. An abbreviated version of this is shown below.

By clicking a date you will be taken to archived news from that day.