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Portfolio Help


The portfolio area of the MoneyAM website allows you to create individually tailored portfolio’s of your holdings. You can add the shares you hold, plus any cash positions and the portfolio will automatically update the performance of your holdings showing any gains/losses.

Portfolio Screen (General)

When you initially open the portfolio area of the website you will be presented with a screen that looks like the following:

Add Portfolio

This function is used to create a portfolio, and can be accessed by clicking "Add Portfolio" at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the add portfolio screen.

From the New Portfolio screen, type in the name you wish to give your portfolio (in subsequent examples we have used the name ‘test’), in the name portfolio text box.
The next text box on this page is cash Position (£). This is where any cash positions in relation to that portfolio can be added (in subsequent examples we have used the amount of £1000).
When you have completed these two sections, click create portfolio – this will take you to Summary page for your portfolio.

To add a holding to the portfolio click the ‘Add Transaction’ link. This will take you to the following page.

To add a holding you will need to fill in the fields on this screen as follows

EPIC Add the EPIC of the company that you wish to add here.
Price(p) Add the price at which the shares were bought in pence
Quantity Add the quantity of shares which you have bought/sold (+/- denotes a buy or a sell, but please note that if neither is entered the system will automatically assume that it is a but transaction).
Commission This is the amount of commission paid to the broker at the time of the transaction.
Date This is the date on which the transaction took place.

Once you have entered this information click to add the details to your portfolio

The summary screen is now divided into 2 sections. The first of these shows the overall performance of the Portfolio (Summary) the second shows the actual transactions (Portfolio Transactions).

The movers section of the screen shows the number of stocks that have risen (), fallen () or have stayed the same (). The example above shows that 1 stock has moved up.

The summary screen will now show the holding you have added, in the following format.

If you wish to delete a transaction from your portfolio click on the icon under the Edit/Delete heading this will then prompt you as to whether you really want to delete the transaction – click yes to delete or no to cancel. If you wish to edit the transaction, under the same heading click the icon. This will take you back to a screen with the original information that was entered and enable you to change the details and resave.

You can add as many stocks to the portfolio as you wish and you can create as many portfolios as you require.