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How To ... Online Questions and Answers of how to use our site


Q: How do I create a watch list on Stockwatch?
A: Go to the Stockwatch page by clicking the link in the top left corner of the page

Click on 'New Watch List' at the bottom of the page - New Watch List. This will take you to a new page with 2 text boxes.

The first one is 'Watchlist Name' enter the heading of your watch list here. Tab down the next text box and add the codes of your chosen stocks here (if you do not know the EPIC of a company you wish to add then click find company to search for it. You can then choose to customize your display by hiding/showing only the columns you want. Click continue to exit this page  this will automatically take you to the Stockwatch main page with your chosen stocks/indices.

Q: How do I edit my watchlists on the Stockwatch page?
A: Whilst displaying your chosen watch list click 'Edit Watch List' at the bottom of your page -

This will take you to the edit page. Chose the EPIC of the stock you wish to remove, or add the EPIC of the company you want to place in the watch list and press continue. This will take you back to your amended watch list.

Q: How do I change between watchlists?
A: On the left, underneath your chosen watch list is a drop down box called 'Watch List ' -

If you have any other watch lists set up, click on the drop down and select the one you wish to view. This will automatically change to your new selection.

Q: What is 'Manage Watchlists?'
A: This option gives you a list of all the watch lists you have set up at any one time

It also gives you the option to create a new watchlist and the ability to edit or completely delete your existing watch lists.

Q: What does the trade's button do?
A: This section of the site allows you to see a list of trades fro a specific stock. When you click on the 'Trades' tab it will take you to a page displaying the following:

To see information about a specific stock enter the EPIC in the Trades for field. You can then set the parameters for when you want trade information. You can then use the 'Sort By' drop down box to customize your selection. Click on go and you will automatically be taken to your selection.

Q: How do I get a quote for an individual company?
A: click on the quotes tab - this will take you to a screen with an unpopulated field in it.

Type the EPIC of the company you want in this field (if you do not know the EPIC then click on 'Find Company') then press go and a live quote of this stock will be presented to you. This screen will also give you the latest news for that company and 2 charts  an intraday chart and one year chart. To read the news stories in depth from this page then simply click on the relevant headline.

Q: Where can I find Key ratios/Statistics and Fundamentals?
A: click on the research tab. This will take you to the information you require.

Enter the company you want in the 'Research For' box near the top of the page and click go.

Again if you do not know the EPIC then click the find company link.

Q: How do I customise the charts?
A: Go to the charts page where you will see the following screen.

- Here you will be given a number of options to customise and chose your charts. These are as follows

• EPIC - This is where you enter the Stock/Indices code that you want to view e.g. VOD, UKX, BT.A etc.
• Period - This function allows you to choose the time parameters for your chart. Once you have selected your stock/indices, click on the drop down box in this field and select from 5year chart to Intraday.
• Scheme - This alters the colours and design of your chart the list includes; standard, designer, colourful and mono.
• Plot - this enables you to change the chart between the following; line chart, bar chart, or candle chart, depending on what you favourite variation is.
• From -
• Indicators - TBC
• Overlays - TBC
• Grid - This allows you to customize the look of your chart between the axis.bÊ You can choose from 3 options, full, main or empty.
• V-scale - This allows you to switch between logarithmic and linear charts.
• Size - This enables you to change the size of your chart.
• Draw Graph - When you have finished customizing your graph to the specifics you require then click the go button.

Q: Where do your news feeds come from?
A: Our news feeds come from 3 primary sources - RNS, AFX and journalist postings. It gives you an up to date list of headlines - to view a specific story just click on the headline you require.

Q: How do I search for a news item?
A: At the top of the news page there are several options which will allow you to search more specifically for news. You can chose from Latest, FTSE100, FTSE 250, AIM, Company, Category, Sector and All Archives.

Q: How do I logout of my account?
A: All you need to do is hit the logout button at the top of your screen.

Q: what is Market Scan?
A: Market scan is as its name suggests and information service that gives an overview of the market. You can click on links such as Top % Gainers, Market Maker Trades, Narrowest % spreads etc. Please feel free to click on these links to show yourself the type of information available to you.

Q: How do I set an alert that will tell me when a stock in my portfolio reaches a certain level?
A: Click on the Alerts button
You will be directed to the Alerts screen.

You will then be able to set the parameters for your alert. First enter the EPIC for the stock you wish to use. Then under the 'Condition' drop down box chose from the drop down list, this includes current price, bid price, trade price and offer price. The next drop down box contains the parameters you will need to set, these include greater than, less than, equals etc.
In the next field you can add the price that relates to the last field. The final field allows you to choose between pence and % on the day.
When you have set the parameters that you require you can then save the alert. You also have the ability to change the E mail address that will receive the alert if you are at work for example.

Q: How do I add a new topic to the Bulletin Board?
A: Click on the Add Topic link at the top of the Bulletin Board page. This will take you to the 'create a topic' area of the site.

You must add a Title, but EPIC is optional. You are then free to add text in the text box at the bottom of the page. Once you have finished you can either Create Thread or cancel your posting by clicking the links of the same names underneath the text box.

Q: How do I add to an existing thread on the Bulletin Board?
A: Click on the thread that you want to add to.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen - here you will find a blank box in which you can add your posting.

When you have finished, click on the Post Reply box underneath the box and the posting will be automatically added to the thread.

Q: What is the Squelch option on the Bulletin Board?
A: The Squelch button on the Bulletin Board allows you to block certain users from your bulletin board view. By clicking on the squelch button this will take you to a screen where you can add the user name of the poster you do not wish to see any more.

This will prevent all their postings from being viewed by you in the future - you are essentially able to select if you so wish, not to view certain people's postings. Please note that if you squelch a user then their postings will still be available to the rest of the Bulletin Board - this is not a banning button.

Q: How do I register with
A: Simply click on the register key at the top of the homepage and follow the series of online prompts giving the required information.

Q: How do I contact
A: Click on the Contact button at the top of the page and you will find details on E mail, Fax and telephone.

Q: What if I can't find the area of the website that I am looking for?
A: Simply click on the Site map link and search there, or alternatively contact our Customer Service Team by E mail or telephone, and they will be happy to offer assistance.

Q: Am I able to change my personal details that I entered when registering online?
A: Yes! By clicking on the My Account button at the top of the page you are able to change the following - password, your personal details and you can also manage your postal addresses.

Q: Is it possible for me to change the order of my lists on Stockwatch?
A: Yes - by clicking on a column heading this will change the order of your list. For example if you click on Name you can list your chosen stocks in alphabetical order, either ascending or descending.

Q: How do I upgrade my account?
A: Go to the My Accounts section of the website when you are logged in. Click on the Upgrade Subscription Level link and follow the instructions.

Q: How do I downgrade my account?
A: If you wish to down grade your account please e mail or telephone our customer support team.