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Research - Company Fundamentals


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The of the website contains detailed company information on any chosen stock, we have broken this page down into sections for the help guide. By typing the EPIC into the 'research for' text box at the top left of the page -

You will be presented with a detailed page of company information. In the example below we have again used VOD:

The first thing you will see near the top of this page when you have chosen a stock is company name, contact details and highs and lows over the past week, four weeks, three months and twelve.

The next section is titled 'Quick Key Ratios & Statistics, and contains information pertaining to these areas.

The third section of this page contains fundamental data.

Below is a list of terms used on the Research page and their definitions.

Heading Definition
Index This indicates in which FTSE index the stock is listed.
Sector Shows which business sector the company is categorized in. For example VOD is categorized as '678 Wireless Telecommunication Services'.
Shares in Issue This is the total number of shares in issue at that point in time.
Market Cap This is essentially the share price multiplied by the number of shares in issue. This figure is taken from the number of shares in issue multiplied by the share price at the company's annual report.
PE ratio Price Earnings Ratio is calculated in the following way:

Market capitalization (divided by) Earnings (Pre-Tax Profit).

PE ratio can also be calculated as the share price divided by the EPS.
The PE ratio an indication of how the company is rated in the market.
Operating Margin % This is the Operating Margin expressed as a percentage.
Dividend Yield (%) Annual percentage of return earned by an investor on a common or preferred stock. The yield is determined by dividing the amount of the dividends per share by the current market price per share of the stock.
Dividend Cover British equivalent of the dividend PAYOUT RATIO.
Dividend PS Growth Rate (%)
EPS diluted (p) Earnings per share diluted
EPS Undiluted (p) Earnings per share undiluted
NAV (p) Net Asset Value
Price to Sales Ratio of a stock's price to its per-share sales.
Average Shares in Issue The average number of shares in issue.
Turnover Annual sales volume.
Operating Profit (m) The difference between the revenues of a business and the related costs and expenses, excluding income derived from sources other than its regular activities and before income deductions; synonymous with net operating profit (or loss), and net operating income (or loss).
Pre Tax Profit (m) Profit before tax.
Earnings After Tax (m) Corporate profits after interest has been paid to bondholders, but before taxes have been paid.
Net Current Assets Difference between current assets and current liabilities; another name for WORKING CAPITAL.
Interim Turnover Interim version of above
Interim pre tax Profits Interim version of above
Earnings after Tax Earnings after tax.
Interim EPS Undiluted Interim of above
Interim EPS Diluted Interim of above