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Charts Help


 You can access the Chart area of the website by pressing the  button at the top of the page. When you first enter the Charts area you will be presented with the following screen:

(NB. The MoneyAM website has the ability to remember if you were looking at a specific stock as you navigate your way through the pages. So for example if you have been viewing BARC on the Trades or Quotes page when you enter the Charts page BARC will automatically be displayed)

As you will note there are a number of drop down boxes with which you can choose to customise the chart you wish to view for any specific stock you have chosen. These are as follows:

Epic Use this field to enter the Epic of the stock that you wish to view e.g. VOD
Period This screen denotes the period of time you wish to be displayed on the chart. you can choose to set specific date or you can choose pre defined parameters such as Intraday, 1 Month, 1 Year right up to full historical data (All Data).
Scheme Choose the scheme in which you want to draw your chart >from the following; standard, designer, colourful and mono.
Plot Choose the type of chart you wish to see. Choices are Line, Bar and Candle.
From Enter a date here from which you want the data to begin. This is a customizable date range.
To Enter a date here from which you want the data to end. This is a customizable date range.
Grid This function allows you to add or remove grid lines from the chart. You can choose from full, main or none, depending on your preference.
Size Choose how big or small you want you chart to be.
Draw Graph Press the Go button to generate your customised chart.

Types of Chart:

Line Chart

This an easy chart to follow and is very popular amongst investors. The line is plotted between the mid prices on each day in the date range selected.

Bar Chart

A bar chart gives a greater amount of information than the line chart. The vertical lines follow the high and low price range for that day.

The horizontal lines mark that days open and close price. A left tick (horizontal line) represents the days opening price, a right tick  represents the days closing price. The top of the bar (the Wick) represents the mid price high for the day and the bottom of the bar represents the mid price low for the day.


This is a very similar graph to the bar chart in terms of the information supplied. The shading/colouring on each Wick denotes the direction of the stock between open and close, for example the top of the band on a red candle would be the price at which it opened and the bottom of the red section would be the price at which it closed. Conversely the top of the band on a blue candle would be the price it closed at and the bottom of the blue section would be the price at which it open.

Intraday Charts

Intraday Charts display a stocks price in real time during the day.

Intraday charts are created by using the drop down box at the top of the charts page by clicking on the Period  drop down box and selecting Intraday . These charts can also be customised in the normal manner as described previously.

Investors can find these types of chart a crucial tool in the timing of transactions.

Share prices can fluctuate considerably within a day, having major peaks and troughs in a similar way to those shown on both weekly and monthly charts.

These charts act as a great way to follow a specific shares movement throughout the day. Below is an Intraday chart showing the peaks and troughs from Market Open to 10.30am. The charts plot as time passes throughout the day.

As you can see VOD has opened at 124.5p dropped initially, moved upwards and then fallen again to 125p.