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A-Z list of Share Prices

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Name Epic Price
A P Andreou Paraskevaides Enter Aandp Andreou And Paraskevaides Enterp 0HYQ 0.15
A Tsokkos Hotels Public A Tsokkos Hotels Ord Shs 0OET 0.13
A. O. Smith Corp A O Smith Ord Shs 0L7A 62.11
AA AA. 134.15
Aac Microtec Ab Aac Microtec Ord Shs 0GFN 7.16
Aages Sa Aages S A Ord Shs 0RQW 3.09
Aalborg Boldspilklub As Aalborg Boldspilklub Ord Shs 0RTV 178.50
Aarhus Elite As Aarhus Elite Ord Shs 0HF1 0.23
Aat Holding Sa Aat Holding Ord Shs 0RBO 23.00
AB Dynamics ABDP 1007.00
Ab Sa Ab Ord Shs 0LQS 26.00
Ab Skf Skf Ord Shs 0NWW 179.40
Abaco Capital Ord 0.001p ABA 1.45
Abacus Mining And Exploration Corp Abacus Mining And Exploration Ord Shs 0UFP 0.22
Abbey ABBY 1305.00
Abbott Laboratories Abbott Laboratories Ord Shs 0Q15 57.50
Abbvie Abbvie Ord Shs 0QCV 91.36
Abc Arbitrage Sa Abc Arbitrage Ord Shs 0OPJ 6.91
Abc Data Sa Abc Data Ord Shs 0MVC 1.93
Abcam ABC 1232.00
Abengoa Sa Abengoa Ord Shs 0NUI 0.03
Abeo Sas Abeo Ord Shs 0RJY 35.30
Abeona Therapeutics Abeona Therapeutics Ord Shs 0H7R 18.45
Abercrombie Fitch Co Abercrombie And Fitch Ord Class A 0R32 27.02
Aberdeen Asian ome Fund AAIF 207.00
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Co Inv Trust AASC 122.00
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust AAS 1020.00
Aberdeen Diversified ome And Growth Trust ADIG 121.00
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company Limited AEMC 598.00
Aberdeen Frontier Markets Investment Company Limited AFMC 59.50
Aberdeen Japan Investment Trust AJIT 602.50
Aberdeen Latin American ome Fund ALAI 70.10
Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust ABD 230.00
Aberdeen New India Investment Trust Ord 25p ANII 440.50
Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust ANW 567.00
Aberdeen Private Equity Fund APEF 8.75
Aberdeen Smaller Companies High ome Trust ASCH 198.50
Aberdeen Smaller Companies ome Trust ASCI 293.50
Aberdeen Standard European Logistics ome Ord 1p ASLI 106.00
Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust ASL 1390.00
Aberforth Split Level ome Trust Ord 1p ASIT 98.40
Aberforth Split Level ome Trust Zdp 1p ASIZ 108.50
Abg Sundal Collier Holding Asa Abg Sundal Collier Holding Ord Shs 0IZM 6.87
Abiomed Abiomed Ord Shs 0H7S 290.93
Abivax Sa Abivax Ord Shs 0RA9 7.30
Abm Solid Sa W Upadlosci Ukladowej Abm Solid Ord Shs 0LQT 14.90
Abo Group Environment Sa Abo Group Environment Ord Shs 0QXA 3.74
Abzena ABZA 19.00
Ac Sa Ac Ord Shs 0Q3E 40.80
Acacia Mining ACA 142.15
Acando Ab Acando B Ord Shs 0N5E 30.80
Acanthe Developpement Se Acanthe Developpement Ord Shs 0DYL 0.65
Accelerate Diagnostics Accelerate Diagnostics Ord Shs 0H8E 24.45
Accentis Nv Accentis Ord Shs 0NV3 0.04
Accenture Accenture Ord Shs Class A 0Y0Y 151.07
Access Intelligence ACC 4.25
Accesso Technology Group ACSO 2025.00
Accion Eurostoxx 50 Etf Fi Cotizad Accion Eurostoxx 50 Etf Fi Cotizado Arm 0RSJ 35.24
Accrol Group Hldgs ACRL 17.00
Accsys Technologies AXS 76.20
Accuray Accuray Ord Shs 0H8I 5.05
Acheron Portfolio Corporation Luxem Acheron Portfolio Corporation Lux S.a. 0K7Q 0.27
Acheron Portfolio Corporation Luxem Acheron Portfolio Ord Shs 0K7P 1.15
Achp Ord 2p ACH 10.50
Aclaris Therapeutics Aclaris Therapeutics Ord Shs 0H8T 17.77
Acorn ome Fund AIF 437.50
Acorn Income Fu AIFZ 151.50
Acotel Group Spa Acotel Group Ord Shs 0DGD 4.97
Acsm Agam Spa Acsm-agam Ord Shs 0O2I 2.40
Actelion Actelion Ord Shs 0QMN 280.25
Acteos Sa Acteos Ord Shs 0O69 4.92
Actia Group Sa Actia Group Ord Shs 0OJJ 8.09
Actibond Growth Fund Pcl Actibond Growth Fund Ord Shs 0OBH 0.02
Actic Group Ab Actic Group Ord Shs 0ROI 39.05
Action Hotels AHCG 19.50
Action Sa Action Ord Shs 0LQX 3.03
Active Biotech Ab Active Biotech Ord Shs 0GQU 3.00
Active Energy Group AEG 4.00
Activision Blizzard Activision Blizzard Ord Shs 0H8X 65.34
Actual Experience ACT 285.00
Acuity Brands Acuity Brands Ord Shs 0H90 126.30
Adamas Finance Asia ADAM 0.64
Adams ADA 0.04
Addex Therapeutics Addex Therapeutics Ord Shs 0QNV 3.31
Addlife Ab Addlife Ord Shs 0REZ 179.50
Addnode Group Ab Publ Addnode Group B Ord Shs 0GMG 83.00
Addtech Ab Addtech B Ord Shs 0QI7 186.40
Adecco Group Ag Adecco N Ord Shs 0QQH 70.30
Adecoagro Sa Adecoagro Ord Shs 0DWL 7.79
AdEPT Telecom ADT 332.00
Adept4 AD4 2.25
ADES International Holding ADES 16.35
Adiuvo Investments Sa Adiuvo Investment Ord Shs 0RKN 7.00
Adl Partner Sa Adlpartner Ord Shs 0N5X 16.50
Admiral Capital As Admiral Capital Ord Shs 0KLH 1.65
Admiral Group ADM 2002.00
Adobe Systems Adobe System Ord Shs 0R2Y 217.89
Adolfo Dominguez Sa Adolfo Dominguez Ord Shs 0DGZ 5.34
Hi Media Sa Hi-media Ord Shs 0R9M 4.83
Adval Tech Holding Ag Adval Tech Holding Ord Shs 0QR0 228.00
Advance Auto Parts Advance Auto Parts Ord Shs 0H9G 106.93
Advance Developing Markets Fd ADMF 430.00
Advance Equity Holding Ad Advance Equity Holding Ad Ord Shs 0DGX 0.35
Advance Frontier Markets Fund AFMF 53.13
Advance Terrafund Adsits Advance Terrafund Reit 0O2Q 2.20
Advanced Medical Solutions Group AMS 307.00
Advanced Micro Devices Advanced Micro Devices Ord Shs 0QZD 10.09
Advanced Oncotherapy AVO 42.50
Advantage Oil Gas Advantage Oil And Gas Ord Shs 0UG9 4.16
Advenis Sa Advenis Ord Shs 0DO4 2.02
Advertising Prodigy Ad Advertising Prodigy Ord Shs 0ME6 4.60
Adverum Biotechnologies Adverum Biotechnologies Ord Shs 0HA3 5.85
Advini Sa Advini Ord Shs 0MC0 34.80
Aeci 87FZ 65.75
Aecom Aecom Ord Shs 0H9N 35.70
Aedes Societa Di Investimento Immob Aedes Spa Ligure Lombarda Per Imprese E 0R3R 0.38
Aeffe Spa Aeffe Ord Shs 0GY8 3.01
Aega Asa Aega Ord Shs 0Q4W 0.90
Aegean Airlines Sa Aegean Airlines Ord Shs 0OHY 9.27
Aegek Sa Aegek Ord Shs 0NGN 0.06
Aeolian Investment Fund Sa Aeolian Investment Fund Ord Shs 0RTO 0.50
Aeorema Communications AEO 27.00
Aerohive Networks Aerohive Networks Ord Shs 0HA4 4.16
Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Ord Shs 0HA5 29.78
Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi Di Bolo Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi Di Bologna O 0R9D 15.92
Aerostar Sa Aerostar Ord Shs 0DM1 5.04
Aerovironment Aerovironment Ord Shs 0HAL 54.71
Aes Corp Aes Ord Shs 0H6G 12.00
Aeterna Zentaris Aeterna Zentaris Ord Shs 0UGB 1.96
Aetna Aetna Ord Shs 0HAO 177.20
Aevis Victoria Sa Aevis Holding Sa Ord Shs 0QO0 61.00
Aew Uk Long Lease Reit Ord Gbp0.01 AEWL 95.30
Afarak Group AFRK 92.50
Afc Ajax Nv Ajax Ord Shs 0DI7 10.75
AFC Energy AFC 10.63
Affiliated Managers Group Affiliated Managers Group Ord Shs 0HAQ 168.96
Affimed Nv Affimed Ord Shs 0HL9 2.00
Affine Re Sa Affine R.e. Reit Ord Shs 0OG4 17.38
AFH Financial Group AFHP 340.00
AFI Development AFRB 0.23
Aflac Aflac Ord Shs 0H68 45.17
Africa Opportunity Fund AOF 0.82
African Battery Metals ABM 0.04
African Petroleum Corporation African Petroleum Corporation Ord Shs 0QWD 1.68
Afritin Mining Limited Ord Npv ATM 2.80
Aggregated Micro Power Holdings AMPH 97.50
Aggreko AGK 730.60
Agilent Technologies Agilent Technologies Ord Shs 0HAV 66.64
Agios Pharmaceuticals Agios Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs 0HB0 84.05
Agnc Investment Corp Agnc Investment Reit Ord Shs 0H6E 18.86
Agnico Eagle Mines Agnico Eagle Mines Ord Shs 0R2J 55.86
Agora Sa Agora Ord Shs 0MNM 14.05
Agria Group Holding Ad Agria Group Holding Ord Shs 0NTF 11.70
Agriterra AGTA 17.00
Agro Finance Adsits Agro Finance Reit 0OH6 4.00
Agrofresh Solutions Agrofresh Solutions Ord Shs 0HB7 7.27
Agros Development Company Proodos P Agros Development Proodos Ord Shs 0NWE 0.81
Agroton Public Agroton Public Ord Shs 0QH1 5.10
Agta Record Ag Agta Record Ord Shs 0GR1 66.50
Aias Investment Public Aias Investment Ord Shs 0DHZ 0.00
AIB Group AIBG 5.05
Aik Fotboll Ab Aik Fotboll Ord Shs 0O0Q 2.27
Ailleron Sa Ailleron Ord Shs 0RBF 17.75
Aimia Aimia Ord Shs 0UGP 1.75
Aimmune Therapeutics Aimmune Therapeutics Ord Shs 0HBB 31.68
Air Partner AIR 107.50
Air Products And Chemicals Air Products And Chemicals Ord Shs 0HBH 164.00
Airesis Sa Airesis Sa Ord Shs 0QQV 1.32
Airopack Technology Group Ag Airopack Technology Group Ord Shs 0QU4 8.80
Airway Medix Sa Airway Medix Ord Shs 0RI2 0.65
Ak Steel Holding Corp Ak Steel Holding Ord Shs 0H6H 4.70
Akamai Technologies Akamai Technologies Ord Shs 0HBQ 70.97
Akastor Asa Akastor Ord Shs 0IPT 16.10
Akb Corporation Ad Had Akb Corporate Ord Shs 0NPA 0.10
Akelius Residen 0RYY 344.50
Akers Biosciences AKR 43.90
Akritas Sa Akritas Ord Shs 0DII 0.17
Akumplast Ad Akumplast Ad-dob Ord Shs 0OLE 88.00
Akva Group Asa Akva Group Ord Shs 0DIP 75.00
Al Prochoice Group Public Al Prochoice Ord Shs 0DJP 0.01
Alamos Gold Alamos Gold Ord Shs Class A 0UGS 6.96
Alantra Partners Sa Alantra Partners Ord Shs 0OKB 15.60 Holdings Holdings Ord Shs 0HC2 41.11
Alaska Air Group Alaska Air Group Ord Shs 0HC3 65.26
Alba Mineral Resources ALBA 0.38
Alba Se Alba Ord Shs 0K7C 76.00
Albena Ad Albena Ad Ord Shs 0OO3 58.50
Albert Technologies Ord Nis0.01 Di ALB 36.50
Albioma Sa Albioma Ord Shs 0MGN 19.96
Albion Development Vct AADV 69.50
Albion Enterprise VCT AAEV 94.00
Albion Technology & General VCT AATG 67.25
Albion Venture Capital Trust AAVC 67.00
Alcentra European Floating Rate ome Fund Red AEFS 98.20
Alchemia Sa Alchemia Ord Shs 0LU2 4.10
Alcoa Corp Alcoa Ord Shs 0HCB 50.82
Alcomet Ad Alcomet Ord Shs 0O5B 13.50
Alerian Mlp Alps Alerian Mlp Etf 0H6Y 10.05
Alerion Clean Power Spa Alerion Clean Power Ord Shs 0P3O 3.40
Alexander Mining AXM 0.12
Alexandria Real Estate Equities Alexandria Real Estate Equities Reit Ord 0HCH 121.66
Alexco Resource Corp Alexco Resource Ord Shs 0UH1 1.96
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Alexion Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs 0QZM 106.51
Alfa Financial Software Holdings ALFA 352.00
Alfa Wood Bulgaria Ad Alfa Wood 0IR7 1.79
Alfio Bardolla Training Group Spa Alfio Bardolla Training Group Ord Shs 0DEF 5.90
Align Technology Align Technology Ord Shs 0HCK 239.66
Alio Gold Alio Gold Ord Shs 0UH5 2.52
Alkemy Spa Alkemy Ord Shs 0DF1 12.04
Alkis H Hadjikyriacos Frou Frou Bis Frou-frou Biscuits Ord Shs 0O9W 0.24
All Asia Asset Capital AAA 3.50
Allegion Allegion Ord Shs 0Y5C 82.15
Allergan Allergan Ord Shs 0Y7T 156.90
Allergy Therapeutics AGY 25.00
Allgeier Se Allgeier Ord Shs 0RUM 25.60
Alliance Data Systems Corp Alliance Data Systems Ord Shs 0HCR 205.37
Alliance Developpement Capital Siic Alliance Developpement Capital Siic Ord 0QET 0.11
Alliance Oil Company Alliance Oil Company Sdr 0MI2 5.92
Alliance Pharma APH 78.00
Alliance Trust ATST 715.00
Alliancebernstein Holding Lp Alliancebernstein Holding Units 0S0N 26.35
Alliant Energy Corp Alliant Energy Ord Shs 0HCT 42.10
Allianz Technology Trust Ord 25p ATT 1250.00
Name Epic Price
Allied Minds ALM 118.00
Allstate Corp Allstate Ord Shs 0HCZ 97.39
Alltele Allmanna Svenska Telefonakt Alltele Allmanna Svenska Telefon Ord Shs 0KUW 18.50
Allterco Ad Allterco Ad Ord 0RNZ 2.10
Ally Financial Ally Financial Ord Shs 0HD0 28.13
Alma Market Sa W Restrukturyzacji Alma Market Ord Shs 0LVC 0.18
Almaden Minerals Almaden Minerals Ord Shs 0UH8 1.05
Almadex Minerals Almadex Minerals Ord Shs 0UH9 1.43
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs 0HD2 94.73
Alpha Astika Akinita Sa Alpha Astika Akinita Ord Shs 0MD7 6.35
Alpha Bulgaria Ad Alpha Bulgaria Ord Shs 0Q7F 1.00
Alpha Financial Markets Consulting AFM 160.50
Alpha Fx Group AFX 495.00
Alpha Grissin Power And Environment Alpha Grissin Ord Shs 0N8C 0.01
Alpha Growth Ord Gbp0.001 ALGW 1.12
Alpha Mos Sa Alpha Mos Ord Shs 0N60 0.41
Alpha Pyrenees ALPH 0.07
Alpha Real Trust ARTL 128.00
Alpha Trust Andromeda Investment Tr Alpha Trust Andromeda Ord Shs 0Q9J 22.00
Alphabet Alphabet Ord Shs Class A 0RIH 1022.64
Alphabet Alphabet Ord Shs Class C 0HD6 1019.98
Alpine Select Ag Alpine Select Ord Shs 0QOD 16.50
Alpiq Holding Ag Alpiq Holding Ord Shs 0QP0 75.10
Alps Medical Breakthroughs Etf Alps Medical Breakthroughs Etf 0H6M 34.02
Alps Sprott Gold Miners Etf Alps Sprott Gold Miners Etf 0H6N 19.97
Alro Sa Alro Slatina Ord Shs 0I88 4.05
Also Holding Ag Also Holding Ord Shs 0QLW 124.80
Alta Sa Alta Ord Shs 0MEO 2.74
Altaba Altaba Ord Shs 0RQL 69.26
Altamir Sca Altamir Ord Shs 0N5Z 13.62
Altareit Sca Altareit Ord Shs 0KXY 338.00
Allanfield Group ALF 0.18
Alteron Adsits Varna Alteron Adsits Varna Reit Ord Shs 0MDZ 0.42
Alteryx Alteryx Ord Shs Class A 0HDD 33.87
Altitude Group ALT 73.00
Altius Minerals Corp Altius Minerals Ord Shs 0UHC 14.01
Altona Energy ANR 0.32
Altria Group Altria Group Ord Shs 0R31 55.30
Altur Investissement Sca Altur Investissement Ord Shs 0RA6 5.66
Altur Sa Altur Slatina Ord Shs 0J0G 0.03
Altus Strategies Ord 1p ALS 8.00
Altus Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestyc Altus Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnyc 0QX8 13.00
Altyn Ord 0.1p ALTN 1.30
Alumasc Group ALU 139.00
Alumetal Sa Alumetal Ord Shs 0QWL 56.10
Alumil Aluminium Industry Sa Alumil Aluminium Industry Ord Shs 0KXF 0.42
Alumil Rom Industry Sa Alumil Rom Industry Ord Shs 0IZV 1.88
Amag Austria Metall Ag Amag Metall Ord Shs 0Q7L 53.60
Amarillo Gold Corp Amarillo Gold Ord Shs 0UHO 0.28
Amathus Public Amathus Ord Shs 0DKI 0.20
Amati VCT 2 AT2 159.50
Amati VCT ATI 95.75 Amazon Com Ord Shs 0R1O 1460.09
Ambarella Ambarella Ord Shs 0YU1 46.51
Amber Grid Ab Amber Grid Ord Shs 0QGQ 1.55
Ambienthesis Spa Ambienthesis Ord Shs 0NII 0.38
Ambra Sa Ambra Ord Shs 0LR3 13.10
Amedeo Air Four Plus AA4 105.00
Amedeo Resources AMED 10.50
Ameren Corp Ameren Ord Shs 0HE2 57.20
American Airlines Group American Airlines Group Ord Shs 0HE6 45.69
American Electric Power Company American Electric Power Ord Shs 0HEC 68.88
American Express Co American Express Ord Shs 0R3C 100.44
American Homes 4 Rent American Homes 4 Rent Reit Ord Shs Class 0HEJ 19.81
American International Group American International Group Ord Shs 0OAL 55.09
American Outdoor Brands Corp American Outdoor Brands Ord Shs 0HEM 11.30
American Shipping Company Asa American Shipping Ord Shs 0JE5 27.05
American Tower Corp American Tower Reit 0HEU 136.96
American Water Works Company American Water Works Ord Shs 0HEW 84.77
Ameriprise Financial Ameriprise Finance Ord Shs 0HF6 142.66
Amerisourcebergen Corp Amerisourcebergen Ord Shs 0HF3 90.14
Amerisur Resources AMER 17.02
Ametek Ametek Ord Shs 0HF7 71.82
Amgen Amgen Ord Shs 0R0T 171.94
Amiad Water Systems AFS 154.50
Amica Sa Amica Ord Shs 0LR0 125.80
Amicus Therapeutics Amicus Therapeutics Ord Shs 0HF9 13.79
Aminex AEX 3.00
Amino Technologies AMO 212.50
Amphenol Corp Amphenol Ord Shs Class A 0HFB 82.77
Amphion Innovations AMP 1.20
Amplify Snack Brands Amplify Snack Brands Ord Shs 0HFG 9.68
Amplitude Surgical Sa Amplitude Surgical Ord Shs 0RAF 3.95
Amrest Holdings Se Amrest Holdings Ord Shs 0OGQ 452.00
Amryt Pharma AMYT 17.25
Amsterdam Commodities Nv Ams Commodities Ord Shs 0DLI 22.60
Amtrust Financial Services Amtrust Financial Services Ord Shs 0HFJ 12.52
Amundi Etf Euro Stoxx Small Cap ESM 4015.75
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Banks UCITS Etf CB5 8212.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Consumer Disc CD6 18793.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Consumer Stp CS5 27100.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Energy UCITS Etf ANRJ 22622.50
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Healthcare CH5 18493.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Industrials AIND 26242.50
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Materials C8M 31185.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Telecom Services CT5 9412.50
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Utilities CU5 15898.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Germany UCITS Etf CG1 19919.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Italy UCITS Etf CI1 9967.50
Amundi Etf MSCI Spain UCITS Etf CS1 17201.00
Amundi Etf MSCI UK UCITS Etf CUK 16635.00
Amundi Etf Amun GAGG 3961.00
Amundi Etf Amun EPRA 4240.50
Amundi Etf Amun NRAM 4847.00
Amundi Etf Amun MWRD 4877.00
Amundi Etf Amun GGOV 4017.00
Amundi Etf Bbb Corporate Investment Amundi Etf Bbb Corporate Investmentgrade 0XED 14.83
Amundi Etf Eur Corporateexfinancial Amundi Etf Eur Corporateexfinancialsibox 0XB7 109.36
Amundi Etf Euro Corporatefinancials Amundi Etf Euro Corporatefinancialsiboxx 0XB8 132.25
Amundi Etf Euro Corporates Ucits Et Amundi Etf Euro Corporates Ucits Etf D 0XEE 210.13
Amundi Etf Euro High Yield Liquid B Amundi Etf Euro High Yield Liquid Bond I 0XC3 218.97
Amundi Etf Euro Inflation Ucits Etf Amundi Etf Euro Inflation Ucits Etfc 0WAP 220.35
Amundi Etf Ftse Italia Pir Ucits Et Amundi Etf Ftse Italia Pir Ucits Etf Dr 0XFD 26.55
Amundi Etf Gov Bd Euromts Brd Inv G Amundi Etf Gov Bd Euromts Brd Inv Grade 0WAV 230.81
Amundi Etf Gov Bd Hi Rtd Euromts In Amundi Etf Gov Bd Hi Rtd Euromts Invgrd 0XBV 81.25
Amundi Etf Gov Bd Highest Rtd Eurom Amundi Etf Gov Bd Highest Rtd Euromts Ig 0XAZ 225.53
Amundi Etf Govtbd Euromts Brd Ig 5- Amundi Etf Govtbd Euromts Brd Ig 5-7 Uci 0WAT 231.63
Amundi Etf Japan Topix Ucits Etf - Amundi Etf Japan Topix Ucits Etf Eur Cd 0XEA 75.89
Amundi Etf Jpx-nikkei 400 Ucits Etf Amundi Etf Jpx-nikkei 400 Ucits Etf - Dl 0XDT 157.30
Amundi Etf Jpx-nikkei 400 Ucits Etf Amundi Etf Jpx-nikkei 400 Ucits Etf - Eu 0XDF 125.64
Amundi Etf Jpx-nikkei 400 Ucits Etf Amundi Etf Jpx-nikkei 400 Ucits Etf Dail 0XEO 77.14
Amundi Etf Leveraged Cac 40 Daily U Amundi Etf Leveraged Cac 40 Daily Ucits 0MS1 197.30
Amundi Etf Leveraged Euro Stoxx 50 Amundi Etf Leveraged Euro Stoxx 50 Daily 0WAY 279.60
Amundi Etf Msci East Europe Exrussi Amundi Etf Msci East Europe Exrussia Uci 0WAI 294.75
Amundi Etf Msci Em Latin America Uc Amundi Etf Msci Em Latin America Ucits E 0XBA 13.41
Amundi Etf Msci Emu High Dividend U Amundi Etf Msci Emu High Dividend Ucits 0WAJ 111.18
Amundi Etf Msci Europe Buyback Ucit Amundi Etf Msci Europe Buyback Ucits Etf 0XE2 174.66
Amundi Etf Msci Europe Ex Emu Ucits Amundi Etf Msci Europe Ex Emu Ucits Etf 0XAA 224.53
Amundi Etf Msci Europe Momentum Fac Amundi Etf Msci Europe Momentum Factor U 0XEQ 60.00
Amundi Etf Msci Europe Quality Fact Amundi Etf Msci Europe Quality Factor Uc 0XER 60.71
Amundi Etf Msci Europe Ucits Etf C Amundi Etf Msci Europe Ucits Etf Cd 0XE7 203.97
Amundi Etf Msci Japan Ucits Etf Dr Amundi Etf Msci Japan Ucits Etf Dr - Eur 0WAF 188.43
Amundi Etf Msci Pacific Exjapan Uci Amundi Etf Msci Pacific Exjapan Ucits Et 0WAH 490.45
Amundi Etf Msci Switzerland Ucits E Amundi Etf Msci Switzerland Ucits Etf - 0WAD 242.50
Amundi Etf Msci World Ex Emu Ucits Amundi Etf Msci World Ex Emu Ucits Etf - 0WB0 253.15
Amundi Etf Msci World Ex Europe Uci Amundi Etf Msci World Ex Europe Ucits Et 0D0T 313.55
Amundi Etf Msci World Ex Europe Uci Amundi Etf Msci World Ex Europe Ucits Et 0WB1 257.05
Amundi Etf Msci World Low Carbon Uc Amundi Etf Msci World Low Carbon Ucits E 0XDR 221.80
Amundi Etf Nasdaq-100 Ucits Etf - E Amundi Etf Nasdaq-100 Ucits Etf Daily He 0XEW 173.54
Amundi Etf Sp 500 Ucits Etf - Eur Amundi Etf Sp 500 Ucits Etf - Eur Cd 0XE4 36.27
Amundi Etf Sp 500 Ucits Etf - Eur Amundi Etf Sp 500 Ucits Etf Daily Hedge 0XEZ 67.91
Amundi Etf Short Euro Stoxx 50 Dail Amundi Etf Short Euro Stoxx 50 Daily Uci 0WB2 14.66
Amundi Etf Shortus Treasury 7-10dai Amundi Etf Shortus Treasury 7-10daily Uc 0XAT 76.86
Amundi Etf Stoxx Europe 50 Ucits Et Amundi Etf Stoxx Europe 50 Ucits Etf 0XA5 67.55
Amundi Etf Us Treasury 1-3 Ucits Et Amundi Etf Us Treasury 1-3 Ucits Etfc 0XAQ 167.92
Amundi Etf Us Treasury 3-7 Ucits Et Amundi Etf Us Treasury 3-7 Ucits Etf C 0XAR 201.60
Amundi Etf Us Treasury 7-10 Ucits E Amundi Etf Us Treasury 7-10 Ucits Etf C 0XAS 244.05
Amundi Etfgovt Bdeuromts Brd Ig 3-5 Amundi Etfgovt Bdeuromts Brd Ig 3-5 Ucit 0WAS 200.58
Amundi Index Msci Emerging Markets Amundi Index Msci Emerging Markets-ucts 0E5R 54.04
Amundi Index So FT1K 61925.00
Amundi Etf FTSE Epra Europe Real Estate EPRE 30962.50
Amundi Etf Global Multi Smart Beta USD SMRU 448.44
Amundi Etf MSCI Emu UCITS Etf CMU 17595.00
Amundi Index So CJ1U 229.45
Amundi Etf MSCI Pacific Ex Japan - B CP9U 593.57
Amundi Index So TPXU 93.54
Amundi Index So TPHG 6274.00
Amundi Index So TPHU 65.64
Amundi Etf JPX-Nikkei 400 UCITS Etf JPY JPNY 11068.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Brazil UCITS Etf BRZ 49.95
Amundi Etf MSCI China UCITS Etf - B CC1U 332.98
Amundi Etf MSCI Eastern Europe Ex Russia CE9U 355.23
Amundi Etf MSCI Em Asia UCITS Etf - B AASU 34.40
Amundi Etf MSCI Em Latin America ALAU 16.07
Amundi Etf MSCI Emerging Markets AUEM 4.93
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe UCITS Etf CEUR 18715.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Ex Uk UCITS Etf AEXK 2425.00
Amundi Etf MSCI Europe Min Volatility MIVO 8061.50
Amundi Etf MSCI India UCITS Etf - B CI2U 591.50
Amundi Etf MSCI Nordic UCITS Etf CN1 30752.50
Amundi Index So CSWU 293.40
Amundi Etf MSCI USA UCITS Etf - B CU2U 316.00
Amundi Etf MSCI World UCITS Etf - B CW8U 297.85
Amundi Index So CWEU 337.55
Amundi Index So CWFU 190.95
Amundi Etf Nasdaq-100 UCITS Etf - B ANXU 71.56
Amundi Index So JPHG 16403.00
Amundi Index So JPHU 166.90
Amundi Index So RS2U 215.60
Amundi Etf S&P 500 UCITS Etf - B 500U 46.62
Amundi Etf S&P 500 Buyback UCITS Etf BYBU 156.40
Amundi Index So LUXU 140.85
Amundietf Gov Bd Eurmts Broad Invgd Amundietf Gov Bd Eurmts Broad Invgd7-10 0WAU 254.84
Amundietf Gov Bd Euromts Brd Invgra Amundietf Gov Bd Euromts Brd Invgra10-15 0WAR 278.73
Amundietf Gov Lwst Rtd Euromts Invg Amundietf Gov Lwst Rtd Euromts Invgrd1-3 0XCN 115.50
Amundietf Govbd Low Rated Euromts I Amundietf Govbd Lowestrated Euromts Ig U 0XEG 226.75
Amundietf Govt Bnd Eurmts Broad Ig Amundietf Govt Bnd Eurmts Broad Ig 1-3 U 0WAQ 168.87
Amundietf Shortgov Bd Eurmts B Invg Amundietf Shortgov Bd Eurmts B Invg 10-1 0XAD 60.97
Amundietf Shortgov Bd Eurmtsbroad I Amundietf Shortgov Bd Eurmtsbroad Ig Dly 0XAC 78.83
Amundietfeuropeeqmulti Smart All Sc Amundietfeuropeeqmulti Smart All Scbeta 0XEK 39.78
Amur Minerals Corporation AMC 5.40
Ana Holdings Ana Holdings Ord Shs 0Q09 36.00
Anadarko Petroleum Corp Anadarko Petroleum Ord Shs 0HFL 66.09
Analog Devices Analog Devices Ord Shs 0HFN 87.65
Anaptysbio Anaptysbio Ord Shs 0HFQ 87.02
Anavex Life Sciences Corp Anavex Life Sciences Ord Shs 0HFR 2.49
And International Publishers Nv And Intl Pub Ord Shs 0DKK 3.82
Andalas Energy & Power ADL 0.02
Andeavor Andeavor Ord Shs 0HFS 118.92
Andersen Martini As Andersen Martini B Ord Shs 0DK1 62.50
Andrews Sykes Group ASY 535.00
Anf Immobilier Sa Anf Immobilier Ord Shs 0P6Z 20.80
Angle AGL 47.50
Anglesey Mining AYM 1.75
Angling Direct Ord 1p ANG 100.50
Anglo African Agriculture AAAP 0.40
Anglo African Oil Gas Ord 5p AAOG 13.25
Anglo American AAL 1675.00
Anglo Asian Mining AAZ 40.00
Anglo Pacific Group APF 157.50
Anglo-Eastern Plantations AEP 752.00
Anglogold Ashanti Anglogold Ashanti Adr Reptg 1 Ord Shs 0HFY 9.12
Angus Energy ANGS 7.38
Animalcare Group ANCR 200.00
Anonymous Shipp 0P12 0.09
Anonymous Shipp 0P1B 0.09
Anonymous Shipping Company Of Crete Anek Lines Ord Shs 0P13 0.09
Anoto Group Ab Anoto Group Ord Shs 0RUQ 3.94
Anpario ANP 428.00
Ansys Ansys Ord Shs 0HG3 160.95
Antalis International Sasu Antalis International Ord Shs 0RSO 1.67
Anthem Anthem Ord Shs 0HG8 225.00
Antibiotice Sa Antibiotice Ord Shs 0DMW 0.54
Antofagasta ANTO 960.00
Any Biztonsagi Nyomda Nyrt Allami Nyomda Ord Shs 0JC5 1410.00
AO World AO. 148.40
Name Epic Price
Aon Aon Ord Shs Class A 0XHL 142.33
AorTech International AOR 42.00
Ap Alternative Assets Lp Ap Alternative Asset Lp Closed Fund 0K7K 0.09
Apache Corp Apache Ord Shs 0HGC 40.64
Apartment Investment And Management Apartment Investment And Management Reit 0HGD 39.27
Apator Sa Apator Ord Shs 0LR4 23.10
Apax Global Alpha APAX 137.00
APC Technology Group APC 7.50
Apg Sga Sa Apg Sga Ord Shs 0QN0 405.00
Aphria Aphria Ord Shs 0UI4 10.07
Aplisens Sa Aplisens Ord Shs 0MMN 13.00
Apollo Global Management Llc Apollo Global Management Ord Shs Class A 0HGI 28.42
Apollo Investment Fund Apollo Investment Fund Ord Shs 0DL5 0.16
Appeninn Vagyonkezelo Holding Nyrt Appeninn Vagyonkezeli Ord Shs 0P2B 680.00
Appian Corp Appian Ord Shs Class A 0HGM 26.38
Apple Apple Ord Shs 0R2V 162.94
Applegreen APGN 547.00
Applied Dna Sciences Applied Dna Sciences Ord Shs 0HGQ 1.49
Applied Graphene Materials AGM 47.00
Applied Industrial Technologies Applied Industrial Technologies Ord Shs 0HGR 70.70
Applied Materials Applied Material Ord Shs 0R1A 48.72
Applied Optoelectronics Applied Optoelectronics Ord Shs 0HGV 32.90
appScatter Group Ord 5p APPS 73.00
Apptix Asa Apptix Ord Shs 0H9M 1.09
APQ Global APQ 95.00
Apranga Apb Apranga Ord Shs 0KJF 2.60
April Sa April Ord Shs 0N69 14.85
Aps Energia Sa Aps Energia Ord Shs 0RKP 2.15
Aptevo Therapeutics Aptevo Therapeutics Ord Shs 0HH3 4.20
Aptiv Aptiv Ord Shs 0YCP 85.85
Aptose Biosciences Aptose Biosciences Ord Shs 0UI8 4.10
Aq Group Ab Aros Quality Group Ord Shs 0RLO 172.60
Aqua Bio Technology Asa Aqua Bio Technology Ord Shs 0I8C 6.30
Aqua Metals Aqua Metals Ord Shs 0HH6 2.52
Aqualis Asa Aqualis Ord Shs 0QXF 5.10
Aquila Services Group AQSG 41.50
Aralez Pharmaceuticals Aralez Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs 0UIA 1.37
Aramark Aramark Ord Shs 0HHB 37.70
Arbuthnot Banking Group ARBB 1480.00
Arc Minerals Limited Ords Npv Di ARCM 2.30
Arca Biopharma Arca Biopharma Ord Shs 0H79 0.52
Arch Therapeutics Arch Therapeutics Ord Shs 0HHJ 0.27
Archer Daniels Midland Co Archer Daniels Midland Ord Shs 0JQQ 45.16
Archicom Sa Archicom Ord Shs 0RGS 15.20
Archos Sa Archos Ord Shs 0OI0 1.03
Arco Real Estate Fund Eadsits Arco Real Estate Ord Shs 0RO1 1.00
Arco Towers Adsits Arco Towers Reit 0IYV 6.68
Arco Vara As Arco Vara Ord Shs 0GZL 1.40
Arconic Arconic Ord Shs 0TCU 21.98
Arcontech Group ARC 71.50
Arctic Paper Sa Arctic Paper Ord Shs 0OIU 3.69
Arcus Asa Arcus Ord Shs 0RMY 43.00
Arcus Sa Arcus Ord Shs 0LR5 1.39
Arden Partners ARDN 44.00
Arena Events Group Ord 1p ARE 57.50
Arendals Fossekompani Asa Arendals Fossekompani Ord Shs 0DHA 4900.00
Ares Capital Corp Ares Capital Ord Shs 0HHP 15.94
Argan Argan Ord Shs 0HHO 37.20
Argan Sa Argan Ord Shs 0GN6 42.70
Argenx Nv Argenx Ord Shs 0QW0 71.90
Argo Group ARGO 18.25
Argonaut Gold Argonaut Gold Ord Shs 0UIK 2.41
Argos Resources ARG 4.05
Arian Silver Corporation AGQ 0.23
Ariana Resources AAU 1.43
Arise Ab Arise Ab Ord Shs 0MFA 12.45
Arista Networks Arista Networks Ord Shs 0HHR 252.06
Arix Bioscience ARIX 194.00
Arjo Ab Publ Arjo Ord Shs 0HQ8 25.70
Ark Innovation Etf Ark Innovation Etf 0H7G 39.63
Arkil Holding As Arkil Holding B Ord Shs 0LR8 1300.00
Arlington Asset Investment Corp Arlington Asset Investment Class A Ord S 0HHT 11.16
Armadale Capital ACP 1.88
Armatura Sa Armatura Ord Shs 0DLU 0.24
Armeyski Holding Ad Armeyski Holding Ord Shs 0N6C 0.40
Armour Residential Reit Armour Residential Reit Ord Shs 0HHU 22.69
Aroma Ad Aroma Ord Shs 0N16 1.80
Aroma Real Estate Ad Sofia Aroma Real Estate Ord Shs 0QCL 0.00
Arotech Corp Arotech Ord Shs 0HHY 3.35
Aroundtown Sa Aroundtown Property Holdings Ord Shs 0RUH 6.43
Array Biopharma Array Biopharma Ord Shs 0HI0 13.81
Arricano Real Estate ARO 0.45
Arris International Arris International Ord Shs 0XID 27.40
Arrow Electronics Arrow Electronics Ord Shs 0HI1 75.59
Arrow Global Group ARW 362.50
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs 0HI3 6.52
Artanes Mining Group Ad Artanes Mining Group Ord Shs 0Q7A 20.10
Artea Sa Artea Ord Shs 0R3S 7.65
Artego Sa Artego Targu Jiu Ord Shs 0Q50 7.00
Artemis Alpha Trust ATS 315.00
Artemis Aim Vct 2 AAM 71.00
Arteria Sa Arteria Ord Shs 0LRA 6.62
Arthur J Gallagher Co Arthur J Gallagher Ord Shs 0ITL 69.56
Artifex Mundi Sa Artifex Mundi Ord Shs 0RKD 8.30
Artilium ARTA 15.75
Artprice Com Sa Ord Shs 0DM3 15.06
Arundel Ag Arundel Ag Ord Shs 0QLV 5.95
As Company Sa A S Company Ord Shs 0RIB 2.16
As Roma Spa A.s. Roma Ord Shs 0MT1 0.64
Asanko Gold Asanko Gold Ord Shs 0UIT 1.50
Asbisc Enterprises Asbisc Enterprises Ord Shs 0QGZ 3.34
Ascencio Sca Ascencio Sca Reit 0P2J 51.20
Ascent Resources AST 1.23
Ascential ASCL 416.00
Aseana Properties ASPL 0.54
Asenova Krepost Ad Asenova Krepost Ord Shs 0IQM 9.00
Asenovgrad Tabac Ad V Likvidatsiya Asenovgrad-bt Ad Ord Shs 0IQL 0.00
Ashley (Laura) Holdings ALY 4.15
Ashley House ASH 8.93
Ashmore Global Opportunities AGOL 3.79
Ashmore Global Opportunities Limited Ord Npv (usd) AGOU 4.24
Ashmore Group ASHM 408.60
Ashtead Group AHT 2010.00
Asiamet Resources Limited ARS 11.53
Asit Biotech Sa Asit Biotech Ord Shs 0RGO 3.59
Ask Sa Ask Ord Shs 0QVN 1.17
Asm Group Sa Asm Group Ord Shs 0RK3 3.68
Asml Holding Nv Asml Holding Adr Representing Ord Shs 0M42 194.05
ASOS ASC 6004.00
Aspen Insurance Holdings Aspen Insurance Holdings Ord Shs 0U63 44.30
Aspire Global Aspire Global Ord Shs 0EAZ 33.20
Asseco Business Solutions Sa Asseco Business Solutions Ord Shs 0ODO 27.20
Asseco South Eastern Europe Sa Asseco South Eastern Europe Ord Shs 0MMP 11.80
AssetCo ASTO 320.00
Associated British Engineering ASBE 50.00
Associated British Foods ABF 2634.00
Assura Group AGR 59.90
Assurant Assurant Ord Shs 0HIN 93.36
Assystem Sa Assystem Ord Shs 0OA7 28.80
Ast Groupe Sa Ast Groupe Ord Shs 0J2S 11.64
Astarta Holding Nv Astarta Holding Nv Ord Shs 0O0C 46.30
AstraZeneca AZN 4991.00
Att . Att Ord Shs 0QZ1 35.00
Atal Sa Atal Ord Shs 0R9V 43.90
Atalaya Mining ATYM 252.50
Atara Biotherapeutics Atara Biotherapeutics Ord Shs 0HIY 39.80
Atari Sa Atari Ord Shs 0KUV 0.62
Ateme Sa Ateme Ord Shs 0QVW 17.20
Atende Sa Atende Ord Shs 0Q9S 4.49
Atenor Sa Atenor Ord Shs 0NG6 47.20
Athelney Trust ATY 248.00
Athena Sa Athena Ord Shs 0RK4 0.70
Athens Medical Centre Commercial Sa Athens Medical C Ord Shs 0ONM 1.45
Athens Water And Sewerage Company S Athens Water Supply And Sewage Ord Shs 0EEZ 6.00
Atlanta Poland Sa Atlanta Poland Ord Shs 0LRD 3.90
Atlantic Insurance Company Public L Atlantic Insurance Ord Shs 0O7Z 1.50
Atlantic Petroleum Pf Atlantic Petroleum Ord Shs 0OF9 7.25
Atlantis Japan Growth Fund AJG 223.00
Atlantis Sa Atlantis Ord Shs 0LRE 0.65
Atlas Estates Atlas Estates Ord Shs 0NRJ 1.04
Atlas Mara Co-invest ATMA 2.75
Atm Grupa Sa Atm Grupa Ord Shs 0LRF 4.54
Atm Sa Atm Ord Shs 0LRG 9.16
Atomenergoremont Ad Atomenergoremont Ad Ord Shs 0RDP 5.35
Atossa Genetics Atossa Genetics Ord Shs 0HJ7 3.80
Atrem Sa Atrem Ord Shs 0KME 2.36
Atrium European Real Estate Atrium European Real Estate Ord Shs 0MK2 3.95
Atrium Ljungberg Ab Atrium Ljungberg B Ord Shs 0IHM 134.60
Attica Bank Sa Attica Bank Ord Shs 0RCU 0.04
Attica Holdings Sa Attica Holdings Ord Shs 0IKL 1.59
Attica Publications Sa Attica Publications Ord Shs 0DNI 0.50
Attraqt Group ATQT 30.50
Aubay Sa Aubay Ord Shs 0IPY 39.45
Auctus Growth AUCT 35.00
Fersa Energias Renovables Sa Fersa Energias Renovables Ord Shs 0EIB 2.17
Auden Ag Auden Ord Shs 0W3W 0.17
Audio Visual Enterprises Sa Audio Visual Enterprises Ord Shs 0ODP 0.13
Aufeminin Sa Aufeminin Ord Shs 0OAC 38.60
Auga Group Ab Agrowill Group Ord Shs 0IR4 0.52
Augean AUG 35.00
Augmentum Fintech Ord Gbp0.01 AUGM 101.25
Augros Cosmetic Packaging Sa Augros Cosmetic Packaging Ord Shs 0MVK 4.68
Aukett Swanke Group AUK 1.90
Aura Energy Limited AURA 1.40
Aurea Sa Aurea Ord Shs 0NZW 8.94
Aures Technologies Sa Aures Technologies Ord Shs 0RI0 43.80
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs 0UJF 6.94
Aurora Cannabis Aurora Cannabis Ord Shs 0UJG 8.24
Aurora Investment Trust ARR 209.00
Aurskog Sparebank Aurskog Sparebank Ord Shs 0DNT 180.00
Auryn Resources Auryn Resources Ord Shs 0UJK 1.71
Autins Group AUTG 90.50
Auto Partner Sa Auto Partner Ord Shs 0RI1 4.54
Auto Trader Group AUTO 341.80
Autodesk Autodesk Ord Shs 0HJF 123.68
Autohellas Sa Autohellas Ord Shs 0QRV 23.40
Autoliv Autoliv Ord Shs 0HJH 148.76
Automatic Data Processing Automatic Data Processing Ord Shs 0HJI 116.32
Autostrade Meridionali Spa Autostrade Meridionali Ord Shs 0DNS 33.40
Autozone Autozone Ord Shs 0HJL 602.72
Avacta Group AVCT 30.50
Avalon Advanced Materials Avalon Advanced Materials Ord Shs 0UJN 0.12
Avalonbay Communities Avalonbay Communities Reit Ord Shs 0HJO 161.90
Avanti Communications Group AVN 5.65
Avantium Holding Bv Avantium Holding Ord Shs 0RNP 5.90
Avation AVAP 229.00
Avega Group Ab Avega Group Ser. B Ord Shs 0O6X 39.80
Avenir Telecom Sa Avenir Telecom Ord Shs 0DO7 0.39
Aveo Pharmaceuticals Aveo Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs 0HJQ 2.58
Avery Dennison Corp Avery Dennison Ord Shs 0HJR 105.40
Avesoro Resources . Com Shs Npv Di ASO 289.50
AVEVA Group AVV 2096.00
Avia Solutions Group Ab Ab Avia Solutions Group Holdings Ord Shs 0Q6F 14.95
Aviaam Leasing Ab Aviaam Leasing Ord Shs 0QFZ 5.54
Avingtrans AVG 217.00
Avio Spa Avio Ord Shs 0R9S 14.78
Avis Budget Group Avis Budget Group Ord Shs 0HK4 47.60
AVIVA 8 3/4% CUM AV.A 158.00
Aviva AV.B 149.50
Aviva AV. 522.80
Avocet Mining AVM 14.13
Avon Products Avon Products Ord Shs 0HK8 2.55
Avon Rubber AVON 1365.00
Awilco Drilling Awilco Drilling Ord Shs 0Q2K 40.90
Awilco Lng Asa Awilco Lng Ord Shs 0Q4G 4.02
Awox Sa Awox Ord Shs 0QTC 2.11
Axa Property APT 40.70
Axalta Coating Systems Axalta Coating Systems Ord Shs 0U6C 29.70
Axiom European Financial Debt AXI 105.50
Axogen Axogen Ord Shs 0HKD 38.70
Axon Enterprise Axon Enterprise Ord Shs 0HKE 42.80
Axsome Therapeutics Axsome Therapeutics Ord Shs 0HKF 2.65
Axway Software Sa Axway Software Ord Shs 0P5L 19.76
Ayco Grupo Inmobiliario Sa Ayco Grupo Inmob Ord Shs 0RP7 2.02
Azarga Uranium Corp Azarga Uranium Ord Shs 0UJW 0.24
Azkoyen Sa Azkoyen Ord Shs 0DOG 8.14