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Since 1999 Shares has remained the private investor's most trusted provider of financial education, news & information. Written by a broad range of highly respected journalists and grass-root industry experts.

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Each week containing in-depth reports, analysis and data, plus:
Agenda - looks ahead to what are likely to be the major corporate news stories over the next one > 12 months
Plays - represents the Shares team's very best portfolio ideas of the week, on a 12-month view, to point readers towards ideas they can then research in greater depth
Sector Report - provides expert analysis of a specific industry as it highlights key investment themes and specific stocks to watch
Griller - features an in-depth interview with a leading company executive to provide a profile of both the individual and his/her firm
Feature - helps explain market jargon or a key theme so investors better understand the financial markets across a full range of asset classes and instruments
Mr Market - gives a third-party specialist the chance to explain a topical, market-facing subject and deepen readers' knowledge of a given topic
Opinion - takes a broad, sweeping look at the biggest issues which face investors and their portfolios today
Databank - drills down into potential trading opportunities as ahead of imminent corporate results or macroeconomic data releases
Funds - investigates an investment theme each week and a way to play it for those investors who would rather buy a fund than do their own stock-specific research
Chartist - caters for those who prefer technical rather than fundamental analysis and covers all of the major asset classes
Forum - brings together independent market experts who help demystify a specific financial market issue and help readers better understand how to manage their portfolios
Commodities - looks at both resource stocks and the underlying commodities
Director Deals - makes the most of a proprietary database of executive trades to pinpoint transactions which could provide a telling signal for a specific company's shares
Forex - uses a powerful combination of technical and fundamental analysis to help readers understand key trends in the currency markets
Small Caps - caters for those investors with a higher risk tolerance as it analyses between four and eight market minnows every week
Trading Feature - provides educational explanations of key investment issues, asset classes and tradable instruments every single week
Available via print, online, mobile & tablet.
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* FTSE All-Share comparative performance is from start of each Plays trade until present. The portfolio consists of 99 stocks and runs on a 12-month rolling basis. There are 75 open positions; we have taken profits or the stop loss has been triggered on the remaining stocks. In the past 12 months, the FTSE All-Share is up by 8.6%.

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