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DCD Media plc A TV Production & Distribution Powerhouse (DCD)     

driver - 21 Mar 2006 18:01

DCD Media plc The TV production & distribution powerhouse

DCD Media Plc formerly (Digital Classics plc) Europe's pre-eminent independent producer and distributor of arts, music and dramatic television programming.

The Now New DCD comprises of new acquisitions NBD TV, Box TV, Iambic Productions, Digital Classics DVD, and Done & Dusted.

Box TV A leading drama production company whose recent BBC production Sweeney Todd' Leading Roll Ray Winston received high public and critical acclaim.

Done & Dusted , Specialists in documentary, drama and music event specials respectively, offering an increased output of quality production, and a maker of rock concert videos.

NBD TV, A rock and pop music distributor.

Iambic Productions Leading specialist producer of arts, music and entertainment programmes.

About DCD
DCD make's and delivers great programmes for clients enabling them to achieve high audience satisfaction and ratings. Delivering through the activities of subsidiary companies each of which is a recognisable and successful brand. Each of the subsidiaries is specialized but their activities are complementary and enable maximization of current and future intellectual property rights.

DCD's Vision is to become Europe's pre-eminent independent producer and distributor of arts, entertainment, music and drama audio-visual content for television and DVD.

The newly formed DCD is well positioned to return massive growth In the coming years in revenue and Share Price this from the Interim Results 200% increase in turnover to 3.7m against same period last year 21/03/06

********Latest News********

Major New Drama Productions


New DCD Download Site

driver - 21 Mar 2006 18:05 - 2 of 175

Bought in today after reading the interims of the now newly formed DCD looking good for the future.

hewittalan6 - 21 Mar 2006 18:19 - 3 of 175

Hi Driver,
Thanks for the heads up call.
i got in this morning, following a brief read of the interims and, more importantly the Director dealings from this morning.
Normally directors selling is a bad thing but apparantly the sale was to satisfy institutional demand, which is very positive.
Dont see it being a shooter, but I like what I read very much and look forward to this making steady gains for the next 6 months to a set of very promising finals and perhaps beyond.

driver - 21 Mar 2006 21:26 - 4 of 175

I got in after receiving your email I was going to wait a bit longer but some times you just have to go for it, I agree a steady sp rise over the year would be nice dcd looks like they have a lot going on in all directions and the Sweeney Todd done it for me an excellent drama. Coincidently I got shot of ITV last year for ERT. Great minds I dont think.

driver - 21 Mar 2006 21:38 - 5 of 175

20/03/06 The Independent - DCD ready to switch on to high-growth programme
DCD Media has transformed itself over the past three months and this process will be rounded off today when the TV programme producer and distributor tells the City that trading in the current year is well ahead of expectations.
The news will accompany interim results from DCD, formerly Digital Classics. These will boast a 50 per cent jump in gross profit to more than 1m, along with a 200 per cent rise in turnover to 3.7m. the performance of DCD should be more impressive during the second half of the year as the contribution from three recent acquisitions starts to kick in.
In December, the company bought Box TV, the production company behind BBCs recent Sweeney Todd dramatisation starring Ray Winstone, and NBD TV, a rock and pop music distributor. This was quickly followed by the reverse takeover of Done and Dusted, a maker of rock concert videos.
Analysts are expecting dramatic growth from DCD over the coming years. Research published by Evolution Securities earlier this month predicts that the group, chaired by former Channel 5 boss David Elstein, will be making profits of more than 3m by the end of 2007. At Fridays closing price of 1.09p, this leaves the company trading at a mere nine times forward earnings.

hewittalan6 - 22 Mar 2006 08:27 - 6 of 175

Now we know where the institutional demand came from;

22 March 2006

DCD Media PLC ('DCD' or the 'Company')

Holding in Company

The Company received notification from Universities Superannuation Scheme
Limited ('USS') on 21 March 2006 that, following a recent purchase of shares,
USS UK Smaller Companies has an interest in 182,406,153 ordinary shares of 0.1p
('Ordinary Shares'), representing approximately 6.16 per cent. of the Company's
issued share capital (of 2,963,315,714 Ordinary Shares). These Ordinary Shares
are registered in the name of Chase Nominees Limited (USS).

22 March 2006

driver - 22 Mar 2006 14:56 - 7 of 175

A good post from another board it explains it in simpler a term, thats always best for you and me.

Done and Dusted was acquired for 5,775,000 in cash and the issue of 721,875,000 Considerationn shares which were split equally between Simon Pizey, Hamish Hamilton and Ian Stewart (240,625,000 each). These shares cannot be sold for at least two years which takes us to early 2008.
Now this is the interesting bit. The cash element of the deal involved a placing of 928,344,230 new Ordinary shares at 0.65p.
42,307,692 of these shares were placed with each of Simon Pizey, Hamish Hamilton and Ian Stewart making 126,923,076 in total (about 825,000 worth). One way of looking at this would be that they effectively received (5,775,000-825,000) 4,950,000 in cash since they partly bought their own company.
A clever move by DTC really since it amounts to saying, we want to buy your company but can you give us some money so that we can?
It is these 126,923,076 shares that they have sold on to an institution(s)today, the Consideration shares are safely locked in until 2008.

driver - 22 Mar 2006 14:57 - 8 of 175

I take it you still have your itv up today on a bid truly ironic.

hewittalan6 - 22 Mar 2006 15:03 - 9 of 175

I aint got it on my watch list cos its always the same. The moment I sell any share it rockets.
Still, it will go the borson route and in the end will be back down so medium term I'm happier with these.
You think the explanation above is simple?????
I'm off to go check the dictionary definition, becuase if thats simple, I'm simple ;-)

driver - 22 Mar 2006 15:06 - 10 of 175

We must both be simple I thought you was going to explain it for me, any way it's ticked up a bit.

moneyplus - 22 Mar 2006 19:04 - 11 of 175

I like the look of this one but no spare cash at the moment as I'm holding ERT for the longer term. just added some MDY and a small dabble in they're rising at the moment.

driver - 22 Mar 2006 19:34 - 12 of 175

Keep an eye on this one, I like your confidence in mdy the chart looks good next step up 8 to 9p IMO.

driver - 24 Mar 2006 21:57 - 13 of 175

The "satisfy institutional demand for shares" sell is holding the sp down but with the large buys that keep taking place it won't be long till they are all cleared into the market then we will see a steady rise.

driver - 30 Mar 2006 17:15 - 14 of 175

This share is sorting its self out lots of volume today B and T trades and some nice buys looking good.

hewittalan6 - 30 Mar 2006 17:19 - 15 of 175

Yeah, I watched the strange trading pattern and waited for someone more informed and less ignorant than I to explain it.
Thanks Driver.

driver - 30 Mar 2006 22:29 - 16 of 175

An old link I picked up from another site. DCD is aiming to get a valuation of 25-50m within the next 12 months. M/Cap at the moment about 30m.

driver - 10 Apr 2006 12:14 - 17 of 175

Looks the right man for the job.

Appointment of Director

driver - 16 Apr 2006 20:56 - 18 of 175

DCD Deals going on behind the scenes.

hewittalan6 - 26 Apr 2006 08:49 - 19 of 175

Nice 5million buy gone through followed by a tiny tick up................

driver - 26 Apr 2006 16:48 - 20 of 175

Growth focus:

Production Box, Done and Dusted to contribute significant turnover and profit Synergies between production units and with distributor Iambic expanding further into entertainment genres Distribution Economies of scale in consolidation of DCDL, NBD DCDL client base to take advantage of NBD programmes Synergies with production divisions NBD to increase activity in internet and mobile media DCDL has signed pan-European cable video on demand deal and is set to expand further DVD Label Expanding into popular music and comedy Launching internationally Also selling by website, direct response, etc. Education Increase market penetration Internet Emerging delivery systems from Google video to iTunes Business and Development We continue to actively seek opportunities to achieve further growth and critical mass by organic development and acquisition Outlook.

hewittalan6 - 27 Apr 2006 08:07 - 21 of 175

I like todays RNS.
I like the bit that says we will not make anything until we have a buyer for it and a definite profit.
How refreshing.
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