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goldfinger - 09 Jun 2005 12:25

Thought Id start this one going because its rather dead on this board at the moment and I suppose all my usual muckers are either at the Stella tennis event watching Dim Tim (lose again) or at Henly Regatta eating cucumber sandwiches (they wish,...NOT).

Anyway please feel free to just talk to yourself blast away and let it go on any company or subject you wish. Just wish Id thought of this one before.

cheers GF.

Dil - 17 Feb 2018 21:16 - 80181 of 81398

Did the earth move for anyone else today ?

Never experienced anything like that before , whole house shook twice about 30 seconds apart.

Martini - 17 Feb 2018 22:40 - 80182 of 81398

I hope Mrs Dil had the same experience but it was probably the first of many tremors as the tectonic plates of European separation started to detach the UK from Europe. Many more to come eh?

Chris Carson - 18 Feb 2018 00:07 - 80183 of 81398

What baffles me is Freda has the gall to denounce Capitalism in all it's forms but yet buys shares. What is he doing here? Answers on a post card. Plastic socialist :0) . Even Stan his best mate (pretty sure his only mate) is absent without leave. Come on Stan Burnley are doing ok defend your mentor (even if he is a sad bastard) You may have noticed Freda doesn't reply to my posts. Filtered since 2010 LOL! we all know why.

Dil - 18 Feb 2018 11:06 - 80184 of 81398

She certainly did M :-)

Was really weird you could actually feel the ground moving. Centre of the quake was only about 25 miles away.

cynic - 18 Feb 2018 15:32 - 80185 of 81398

fred clearly deludes himself that collectivism works ..... history shows that it was an unmitigated disaster

interestingly, cuba which is the last bastion of true (bolshevik) communism allows its farmers and others to retain 20% with the blace going to the state - fred's russia in 20's and 30's allowed absolutely zero, with severe retribution on any who infringed even to the n'th degree

however, cuba now finds itself in a bind .... while wishing to retain its communist structure, it also badly needs capitalist capital, either through tourism or inward investment

Fred1new - 18 Feb 2018 17:37 - 80186 of 81398


I think once again you are reading into posts what you wish in order to aid your case to be derogatory.

A bit like a redneck believing in fake news and then re-spouting his false revelations.

Clinging to your own words hoping that promoting fake news will elevate you and the case you wish to spout.

An unreliable approach, probably due to your memory becoming flakey, perhaps a little like you are becoming.

I suggest you judge history against previous periods. causes of events and circumstances in the world around them

Have an early night, a little rest may help you.


By the way, Cuba before the "revolution" was a "Mafia" and "corrupt", "offshore den of iniquity mainly finance from the USA and by local "elite".

Post-revolution it economy was deliberately strangled by the USA, but in spite of those problems, the standard of education and health services etc. for all the citizens were better than previous.

Although, there was and still are gross inequalities the economy and "social" conditions are improving slowly.

But as a Trump redneck, you must know that.

Capitalism at work, trying to strangle Cuba's development.


One of my daughters visited Cuba recently and was a little saddened by what she saw.


Now off to bed and ask somebody to tuck you in.

cynic - 19 Feb 2018 08:45 - 80187 of 81398

fred - certainly cuba b4 the revolution was indeed as corrupt as they come .... however, some friends of mine who have just returned were not "saddened" in the slightest, but made the observation i effectively passed on ..... that said, my sister has been to cuba many times due to her husband's long involvement with the cigar industry

why was your daughter saddened?
was it because she found cuba no longer fully supported the (bolshevik) communist ideal that her father had instilled in her since a baby?

Fred1new - 19 Feb 2018 08:56 - 80188 of 81398


I think you have grown old but not grown up.


Do you have friends?

cynic - 19 Feb 2018 09:07 - 80189 of 81398

the relevance of the above being what?
nothing i guess, but just typical fred distraction tactics - that really do not work

iturama - 19 Feb 2018 09:45 - 80190 of 81398

I listened to the new universities minister, Sam Gyimah, over the weekend and was very impressed by the way he handled himself. He has a big job to alter the worse effects of the Blair policy and get youngsters into jobs that will be lasting and fulfilling. The increasing common partnerships between university research laboratories and industry is a good step forward.

Fred1new - 19 Feb 2018 09:47 - 80191 of 81398

Go back to mother.

Clocktower - 19 Feb 2018 11:57 - 80192 of 81398

Wow, this thread has been busy and flowing with venom from both sides of the house it seems to me.

Time to lighten it up a bit and take a look at the medals table in the Olympics: It seems that the left wing communist states and totalitarian countries are not very successful compared to the Free Liberal/Conservative Countries even at sport.

Come to think of it I cannot see JC in Lycra heading down the tracks expecting anything more than heading for a monumental crash, if he even dare give it a go (which I doubt he has the balls for), much like as would occur if his party were elected I guess.

black bird - 19 Feb 2018 12:28 - 80193 of 81398

swanse quake . bristol my niece was in the shower. alas the ground dosn't move
for me anymore, old age ? B B

Fred1new - 19 Feb 2018 12:41 - 80194 of 81398

You should take some of Manuel's Vit B.

cynic - 19 Feb 2018 13:40 - 80195 of 81398

why would i take any vitamin supplement?
i may be tired of fred and his silliness, but vitamin b would certainly not cure that

Martini - 20 Feb 2018 18:13 - 80196 of 81398

What is the world coming to when you can't get some KFC when you feel like being naughty!

Clocktower - 21 Feb 2018 11:26 - 80197 of 81398

You might feel better Fred1new if you keep taking those Sildenafil tablets that made you feel like Fred1new, as you must have wished you could get one over and one up on the other Liberal posters for a long time.

Clocktower - 21 Feb 2018 13:24 - 80198 of 81398

Borrowing down - Would you let a marxist regime run riot with the economy, and elect the looney left to run the country?

Dil - 21 Feb 2018 15:56 - 80199 of 81398

M , this is no laughing matter. People in Swansea haven't eaten for days.

MaxK - 21 Feb 2018 19:27 - 80200 of 81398

This article was posted up across the road by MT, sorry no link.

Not sure how they will solve this one, as both sides are complicit in setting the whole student loan scam up.

The ticking time bomb of Student Debt in a rising interest rate environment!

Circa £57,000 for 30 years @ 6.8%=£435,000, at which point the taxpayer has to pay this bill for every student who never earns enough to repay any of their loan.

Fact: Less than half of graduates repay their loan, and six times more EU students do a runner from their UK student debts than UK students.

In 10 years the total outstanding debt will exceed a trillion pounds. In 20-30 years it will dwarf the entire UK sovereign debt.

The pretence is that this debt is owed by individuals, not the government, but the government is liable for it.

Money markets act as they believe the situation warrants. Do we really think that when the student debt mountain and the official sovereign debt of the UK exceeds 200% of our entire gross national product, that this will have no effect on our currency value? Dream on!

The clueless treasury will be under enormous pressure to prevent the need for much higher interest rates to persuade the money markets not to mark sterling down, because in effect this is monetisation by the back door.

Huge cuts in other areas would be needed to prevent the student debt mountain getting even bigger. The UK student loans system is effectively a giant national Ponzi scheme.

Universities go on selling degrees many of which are effectively worthless in the jobs market, whilst the government lends the money to pay for them to students, who then never earn enough to pay their loans off.

And eventually the scale of this lending will outstrip the ability of the economy to support it through taxation at which point the brown stuff will hit the extractor, and the only option will be an emergency closure programme.

Vice chancellors can add up. They know this is a ticking timebomb that will destroy their institutions. But their snouts are firmly in the student loan trough receiving huge salaries whilst they squeeze their staff to take the last applicant to maximise revenue.

This is a disgrace, senior management in universities are betraying their institutions, their staff, their students and the nation. They should come out and condemn this Ponzi scheme and demand a sustainable funding regime, which if that means drastically cutting the number of students, then so be it.

Government needs to urgently sort out the underlying reason why the majority of young people and their parents feel they need a degree.

Vocational education in the UK is a total mess with thousands of different qualifications few of which are respected or understood.

We need to look at the German model of a very small number of qualifications offering high grade training and employers need to treat these as being on a par with degrees in terms of pay, promotion and status.

You cannot blame young people for going to university when employers demand degrees for the jobs they hope to get, but you can blame government for failing to operate an effective affordable and practical vocational training sector and ensuring that employers accept those with vocational qualifications.
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