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goldfinger - 09 Jun 2005 12:25

Thought Id start this one going because its rather dead on this board at the moment and I suppose all my usual muckers are either at the Stella tennis event watching Dim Tim (lose again) or at Henly Regatta eating cucumber sandwiches (they wish,...NOT).

Anyway please feel free to just talk to yourself blast away and let it go on any company or subject you wish. Just wish Id thought of this one before.

cheers GF.

TANKER - 30 Apr 2012 08:00 - 16423 of 81456

mna you are a sick human.

mnamreh - 30 Apr 2012 08:08 - 16424 of 81456


TANKER - 30 Apr 2012 08:23 - 16425 of 81456

I was just posting headline news . which was arful news.
to think like you did is sick.

mnamreh - 30 Apr 2012 08:28 - 16426 of 81456


greekman - 30 Apr 2012 08:36 - 16427 of 81456

Decided to look back in after a few weeks to see if it was still the 'reply to F**d thread'. Shouldn't have bothered as its worse. Its reply to T****r thread now as well.
This thread used to be great, with serious subjects debated along with clever funny comments and the like.
Presumably those who reply to such rubbish do not want the thread to be as it was intended, but to go along the pathetic lines it is doing.
If only we could get this thread on track, I am sure a large percentage of posters would come back and post again.
I will look back in again in a few weeks, but not holding my breath
Its a great shame, as I and I am sure others have enjoyed debating the multitude of issues, diverse or not.
I have even thought of trying to start a more serious (still including those clever diverse comments) thread, but no doubt this would also be taken over by F**D and T****R and the like (both squelched) or those who play to their ego by replying.
The best way to beat a wind-up merchant, which these two obviously are as they no doubt still argue that black is white, is to ignore them.

What I do find surprising is that many who reply to these two, often post on other threads with posts that I find very sensible and interesting.

mnamreh - 30 Apr 2012 08:40 - 16428 of 81456


skinny - 30 Apr 2012 08:50 - 16429 of 81456

Fred1new - 30 Apr 2012 09:15 - 16430 of 81456


Have you been away?

Didn't notice.

Strange how some who have "strong" opinions find it difficult to tolerate dissent.


An Italian friend teased me yesterday by reminding me of Berlusconi the media magnate and press reporting of his premiership in Italy.

His remark was that it is nice to see that the UK has its own Berlusconi and Mafia.

But pointed out that our God Father was in the Cayman Isles and his henchmen are in Downing Street.

Fred1new - 30 Apr 2012 09:23 - 16431 of 81456

What interests me, is a greek looking to see how many times another person has been mentioned on a thread and yet claims he has "squelched" the person concerned.

But, he is still able to evaluate the content and"evidence" within the posts, which of course, he hasn't read and yet condemn any of the contents out of hand.

The thinking man's approach to life.

Very glad he has retired from his previous occupation.

greekman - 30 Apr 2012 09:31 - 16432 of 81456


I hope you did not think I was getting at you specifically, as I wasn't. In fact I count you as one of those whose posts I have enjoyed perusing over the years.
Still thats if for now, as said will look in again in a month or two.


Your last post is a good example of 'not a serious post', but clever and funny, even if it was intended at myself.

regards to both Greek.

skinny - 30 Apr 2012 09:32 - 16433 of 81456

Greek - it wasn't :-)

mnamreh - 30 Apr 2012 09:34 - 16434 of 81456


Fred1new - 30 Apr 2012 09:42 - 16435 of 81456

Just had a "thought"!

Couldn't we get R Murdock to stand for PM.

Perhaps, we could get our empire back.


Sorry, perhaps he could get his empire back.



Settle down boy!

tyketto - 30 Apr 2012 17:33 - 16436 of 81456

I have squelched the same two..
Saves reading drivel.

TANKER - 01 May 2012 09:16 - 16438 of 81456

bbc news on greece .

Fred1new - 01 May 2012 12:33 - 16439 of 81456

Phone hacking report.

Another attempt at a white wash?

Who is being protected?

Interest in Leveson enquiry and what will be revealed.

The hunt is on again.


TANKER - 01 May 2012 17:34 - 16440 of 81456

tom watson is comments on RUPERT a disgrace .
why as this man not gone to town on these thiefs called MPs
there is at least 243 MPs not fit to run the country but you do not piss in your own

Fred1new - 01 May 2012 17:43 - 16441 of 81456

It must be nice for Rupert to know he still has friends in high places, even if more and more think the H of P has become a place of ill-repute and the management becoming poorer.

The saying of birds of a feather flock together.

Has Coulson flown the nest?


But it is reassuring that immigration problem has been solved by the national borders becoming impenetrable due insufficient manpower.

I do feel safer, knowing that there are insufficient numbers for proper inspection of those wanting to enter the country.

Cruella and Damian Green were given this information months ago, but have chosen to ignore it.

But of course had the time to reduce manpower.

Madness reigns once again. Willy was right.

"Earlier, airline boss Willie Walsh accused the government of misleading the public over the length of the wait."


"UK border force staff cut by 10% according to leaked data
Immigration Minister Damian Green on a visit to Terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport Damian Green said the UK Border Agency had to be more flexible at busy times
Continue reading the main story
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Pledge over airport queue delays
Border official speaks out over queues

Leaked figures obtained by the Labour Party reveal that around 880 officers (10%) have been cut from the UK Border Force since 2010.

A further 1,550 officer posts could go by 2014/15, the BBC understands.

Shadow home office minister Yvette Cooper said ministers were being complacent over the level of chaos at Heathrow airport border control.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said 80 extra staff were being drafted in to cut queues, among other measures.

Prime Minister David Cameron, who met Home Secretary Theresa May for an update on the situation on Tuesday morning, told ministers they must admit there is a problem at the BAA-owned airport.

He said, "we've got to grip this," BBC political editor Nick Robinson was told.

The Public and Commercial Services union warned the government was "putting a sticking plaster on a serious injury" by drafting in staff from other areas to work at Heathrow."

kimoldfield - 01 May 2012 19:50 - 16442 of 81456

Something different.

She could have been our daughter/sister/mother. Give blood, save a life.

Just an example, giving blood to help others can't be bad can it?
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