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CYAN Technology of flexible solutions for the Future (CYAN)     

Master RSI - 28 Jul 2010 12:29

Cyan offers flexible solutions for the remote monitoring and control of lights, energy meters and industrial telemetry.
Cyan's solutions are based on a comprehensive standard product portfolio of RF based gateways and nodes.
Metering: Gas, Electricity, Water
Lighting: Street, Tunnel, Architectural,
Industrial Telemetry: Process control, Thermo eco telemetry, Weather

Pre-close update, said:
That its "decisive action and substantial cost cutting" leaves the company in a strong position for 2010.
It has spent much time and effort in supporting prospective customers, with volume order confirmations expected in the new year.

Future prospects
Has successfully secured and maintained key partnerships, most recently with Future Electronics Inc, a top three worldwide electronic component distributor with divisions focussed on metering and lighting products.

Has successfully completed two equity placings to new and existing investors during the period, raising a total of 3.0 million of new money to fund working capital requirements to support customer trial orders and partnerships.

Directors Buying:
Over 4 Millions share were bought by directors during this month

For all this motives the shares at 1.15p are worth taking some aboard

lectricity Metering Networks
Electricity utilities and meter manufacturers are investigating ways of introducing Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to their businesses.

These technologies can significantly improve the information made available to energy service providers, including detailed energy usage profiles, diagnostic and status data from metering devices, and instantaneous usage from industrial and domestic consumers. This in turn helps to reduce the cost of taking readings, and prevent financial loss due to the fraudulent use of supplies. Load balancing can also be improved when information on instantaneous usage is provided. In addition consumers can benefit from improved information on their energy usage patterns by making better use of off-peak tariffs.

Cyan offers wireless Point-to-Point (P2P) and Meshing solutions for electricity AMR/AMI. Cyan's P2P solution use its ISM frequency band RF nodes (433/470/868/915/865 MHz). These allow a handheld meter reading device to directly communicate with each meter. Cyans meshing solution uses the same RF nodes to connect meters to a GPRS Gateway. A CyNet mesh network is formed around the gateway, which can be used to collate energy profiles, receive instantaneous readings, and send tariff updates to the meter. Cyan's GPRS Gateways can automatically monitor the mesh network and collect meter readings. Each GRPS Gateway has a RF node to connect to the local mesh network and GPRS modem for remote collection and monitoring from the backhaul system

Gas Metering Networks
A rise in energy prices and increasing focus on environmental issues has led to the demand for energy efficiency. As a result governments are legislating for the provision of Automated Meter Reading with a long term plan to move to fully Automated Metering Infrastructure

Cyan offers a wireless gas meter network solution that enables city wide deployment of wireless gas meters. The network uses Cyan's Cy-Net low power mesh network over ISM band (433/470/868/915/865 MHz). Each gas meter becomes an RF node on the network communicating with other RF nodes as well as mains powered concentrator gateways. The concentrators, Cyan's GPRS Gateways, automatically monitor the mesh network and collect readings from the meters.

Each GRPS Gateway has a RF node to connect to the local mesh network as well as GPRS for backhaul to remote central collection and monitoring system.

Cyan's range of gateways and radio nodes can be used in a wide variety of monitoring and control applications. The RF nodes have on board resources such as Analogue to Digital converters with 12-bit resolution, digital inputs and outputs, timers and counters.

These can be used with external circuitry to sense conditions such as temperature, humidity, and movement. The combination of these resources, the Cy-Net radio mesh, and GPRS gateway can then be used to report telemetry to a central point, and/or send control signals to each remote node.

Street and Tunnel Lighting
With the rise of energy pricing and new regulation, operators of public lighting systems are driven to reduce operating costs. These reductions can be achieved by remotely controlling each lamp and managing its brightness according to need and by decreasing maintenance requirements by detecting faults remotely.

Cyan's technologies and products provide a complete control and communications network and user interface to lighting manufacturers. This complete system solution allows lighting manufacturers to manufacture and sell RF controlled street and tunnel lighting systems.


required field - 14 Sep 2010 12:34 - 39 of 267

Never been on......I have one from donkey's years ago but I have never posted or even logged on....

ravey davy gravy - 14 Sep 2010 13:48 - 40 of 267


I've done some research myself, shame you dont bother and just seem to post
anything you like.

They are burning a lot of cash, there's regular placings hence the dilution has
been great, they are always bullish but orders are thin on the ground and it
will take more than a 50k chip order before they break even, dont think the
market cap has been adjusted for the recent placing so they are valued even
higher than the current 6 mil, i cannot see the value, i think it's purely because
it's a decimal share that it gets the excitement, get rick quick punters love to
push these for fast gains so long as you are in first.

ptholden - 14 Sep 2010 13:54 - 41 of 267

Personally, I wouldn't touch any compnay Barry Muncaster was involved with, even if it was a few years ago.

Master RSI - 14 Sep 2010 14:13 - 42 of 267

I personally do not take any notice of the 2 B@stard ( STALKERS ) and better if others do the same.

any how is moving higher at 14.06pm after their loose comments

now 2 at bid for 1 at offer ( spread 0.95 / 1.05p )


Master RSI - 14 Sep 2010 15:24 - 43 of 267

Has improved again the level 2 with 3 MMs at bid now, still 1 at offer

plenty of volume now over 7 million at the LSE, plus the Plus Market

Master RSI - 17 Sep 2010 08:40 - 44 of 267

Signs of wanting to move higher again after the retracemnet ( profit taking ) of the last couple days
Result of General Meeting

The Board of Cyan is pleased to announce that at the Company's General Meeting held earlier today all of the resolutions were duly passed, including the approval of the placing of 257,333,333 new ordinary shares of 0.2 pence each at 0.75 pence per share to raise approximately 1.8 million after expenses (the "Placing").

Full details of the Placing were set out in a circular sent to shareholders on 1 September 2010 (the "Circular"). Application has been made for a total of 257,333,333 new ordinary shares issued pursuant to the Placing to be admitted to trading on AIM. Admission and dealing is expected to occur at 8.00 a.m. on 17 September 2010.

In addition, the Company announces that application has been made for admission to trading on AIM in respect of a block listing of 10,000,000 ordinary shares of 0.2p each (the "Block Listing Shares"). As referred to in the Circular, in the interests of retaining cash within the Company, certain Directors will use a determined portion of their income from the Company to purchase newly issued ordinary shares in the Company on a monthly basis on the first day of each month. The number of Block Listing Shares to be issued each month will be determined by the closing mid-market share price of ordinary shares in the Company on the trading day immediately prior to the issue of the Block Listing Shares. The Block Listing Shares may also be used to settle cash sums due by the Company for other purposes. On issue, the Block Listing Shares will be issued credited as fully paid and will rank pari passu with the existing ordinary shares in issue.

Following the admission of the Placing Shares and the Block Listing Shares on 17 September 2010 the Company's total issued share capital will be 922,115,992 ordinary shares of 0.2p each. This figure (922,115,992 ordinary shares) may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in, the Company under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

Master RSI - 04 Oct 2010 14:52 - 45 of 267

From the "UPS" thread ......


CYAN 0.96p ( 0.92 / 1.00 )
large volume and moving higher, two large trades showing on the ticker, could be an overhang being cleared.


hangon - 04 Oct 2010 16:00 - 46 of 267

Thanks for the BBC Article (Cyan also host similar descriptors), but I fear this is tackling the issue from the wrong end.
(((similar thoughts go to Torotrak)))
Let's face it, UK Councils can't repair roads (via contractor), so little chance they'll install new fangled lighting networks. It might be possible in a new street, for the usual "GreenWash" reasons, but this will be farmed off to a supplier and b***r the cost (esp. since taxpayers/Regional-Government will foot the Bill).

Historically most street lights had a timer (1-per) this contained a clockwork mechanism so "time" wasn't lost if the power went off. Modern ones will be electronic (with a rechargable battery).. However, in addition some have photocells (a circular "spike" on the top can be seen...this switches on if it gets dark - and prevents waaste when it gets light, early morning. I expect this is connected to the timer so as to provide local savings depending on the weather.
There was a system that is probably extinct now, whereby pulses were fed into the Grid and this could control street lights...but it was a "blunt instrument" with many possibilities for failure. Also many folk don't like pulses being fed into their houses, since the pulses go's difficult to stop.
((IMHO it is this issue (and tech, too), that prevents meters being read by"readinig" the power-line.
Inter rivalry also kills off the notion that Water/Gas/Electric co's share the same, don't even suggest it!))
I think the situation with CYAN's controller is somewhat similar - there is no-one that can impliment the technology, gain Approval of both the light-fitting industry AND the local authorities (as well as the local supply company)....because they have vested interests in leaving things as they are. Also there is considerable risk, since only a start-up Co would enter this niche market. Sure the likes of Siemens could but they'd want to use their own controllers (not Cyan's) and use the techniques alread in use on the Continent.
Individual local authorities would never see the benefit of this technology and "who would run it?" - it would need electronics folk that understood the system - which means they are very powerful, being few in number.
I suspect also that the unit cost (per lamp) will be high and, using current technology, the brightness on the road will be somewhat less than traditional luminaries. It's the same argument as switching off (some) lights after midnight - the few accidents/robberies feature large in the Public-mind.

I don't hold CYAN, I'd like to; but each time I look it's just too much of a yes/no risk issue. They may be taken-over for their contacts/database, but there are plenty of other fabless outfits that can provide similar tech and who are much more likely to be in business in 2020. For the reasons suggested CYAN meter-reading prospects are somewhat similar, but what do I know ? - ( er, well I've not lost any money on this faller to date).
Now, if there was a Act of Parliament...then there might be a feeding frenzy as Large Players try to edge out Cyan, whatever their technical expertise...etc.

As a "mad-man"
I'd suggest they install this on trunk roads, so the lighting can be adjusted to suit the traffic demand, dangerous junctions, road conditions (rain/snow/ice). This might justify the marginal cost on safety grounds - and the "savings" would be over a considerable time - pretty much the same as the new road is justified. The potential to install in tunnels is valid - but it's a tiny market and savings are unlikely to be much, unless the tunnel isn't in use for hours at a time; but such tunnels don't exist.
er IMHO. However, CYAN needs a partner, for they don't have the necessary "power" expertise and installers. . . . Invensys anyone...?
Good luck to all who sail in her.

transco15 - 04 Oct 2010 21:42 - 47 of 267

Nice one about to take off!!!!!!!!111

Master RSI - 05 Oct 2010 08:28 - 48 of 267

On the move up since

2 directors buying 5,500,000 million shares between them last Friday.

01 October 2010
The Company announces that it has entered into agreements with each of its
directors to issue them with ordinary shares of 0.2 pence each ("Ordinary
Shares"). Further to the Company's circular dated 1 September 2010 and the
announcement referring to the block listing on 16 September 2010, the Company
confirms that it has issued 556,690 Ordinary Shares to Kenn Lamb and 310,444
Ordinary Shares to John Read at a price of 0.9p each. John Read and Simon Smith
have also today subscribed for 2,777,777 Ordinary Shares and 2,777,778 Ordinary
Shares respectively at a price of 0.9p each.

required field - 05 Oct 2010 08:54 - 49 of 267

Starting to you can imagine with some orders what the sp could do.....and with directors buying, you can be sure that there are plenty in the pipeline needing confirmation....

transco15 - 05 Oct 2010 17:14 - 50 of 267

Its a winner - a multibagger

RXCBS - 03 Nov 2010 08:57 - 51 of 267

this has been the dog of my portfolio for many years have they actually got any orders ?? no idea how they keep raising money to keep afloat still got about 100k of these be nice to get 2-3p for them one day

cielo - 03 Nov 2010 09:15 - 52 of 267

Its a winner today and yesterday

RXCBS - 03 Nov 2010 10:42 - 53 of 267

Are directors buying or taking instead of a salary as cash is tight ?
The clue is in the issuing of shares rather than the buying of shares

moneyplus - 03 Nov 2010 11:54 - 54 of 267

The directors have bought shares and are also taking shares in lieu. It's a very risky buy but I hold some as they must have great faith in their product and it's now very much in their interest to get the sp rising steadily. They are in the right markets and the rumours are that orders are about to come in from the cos who have been trialling the product maybe an Indian order. One good contract signed could be start of a transformation and I think that's why the directors are putting everything into keeping the co afloat! risky but promising --research well!!

required field - 03 Nov 2010 12:53 - 55 of 267

A good contract would double the sp.

required field - 11 Nov 2010 09:31 - 56 of 267

An initial order...the first of many I suppose....good start....

RXCBS - 23 Nov 2010 11:20 - 57 of 267

looks like slipped into the dog mode again ....

ptholden - 23 Nov 2010 19:15 - 58 of 267

It's been a dog since it was floated by Barry Muncaster, aka MDX and a few others.
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