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WATCHOUT2 - 20 Mar 2010 16:36

garysmith7 - 02 Mar'06 - 10:10 View 'garysmith7' profile


* NEWS *


Major Library Licensing Deal - 01 Sep 08

DCD Media to licence content to CTL for 1.8 mln pounds, gets 19 pct CTL stake

Click here for more detailed information


News Releases

Investors Relations

Final Results

DCD Wins New Prime-Time Series Commission from BBC One - 05 March 2009

DCD Media, the independent TV production and distribution group, has been commissioned by BBC One to produce Children's Emergency (working title), a new character-led observational series which exclusively follows the work of the mobile intensive care teams dedicated to taking critically ill children to the UK's specialist children's hospitals.

watchout2 - 19 Mar'10 - 13:52 - 3469 of 3479

Keep the cash and grow it, if the last set of results were a kitchen sink
job then i expect profits and cash generation this time around.

I've been told the directors share our fustrations first hand, well if that
is the case i'm expecting heavy director buying non excusemos.

russ505 - 19 Mar'10 - 13:58 - 3470 of 3479

After months of talks, DCD and Steadfast were unable to reach a deal to take the latter company out of the Apace group.

Probably why no director buying of late... 'After months of talks'.

Folderboy - 19 Mar'10 - 13:59 - 3471 of 3479

No director buying and indeed . . .no buying!

Knowing - 19 Mar'10 - 14:04 - 3472 of 3479

Crappy limits

Buy 100K 9.2
Sell 50K 8.25

watchout2 - 19 Mar'10 - 14:05 - 3473 of 3479

What's crap about them, do you see any of us not be open about any overhang.

You on the otherhand would not mention them

I'm not interested in short term otherwise i would not have bought so many
knowing there was a seller.

Next will be the fireworks.

Knowing - 19 Mar'10 - 14:11 - 3474 of 3479

Stop ramping!

watchout2 - 19 Mar'10 - 14:16 - 3475 of 3479

Your a parasite knowing.

How many sites and threads do you ramp your own stocks on.

I back up my bullishness by buying and naming all my trades.

You are just simply nothing, everybody i know away from this
board that trades shares and has used this site thinks exactly
the same about you.

You are worthless, go and find some arses to sniff eh ?

cgod - 19 Mar'10 - 14:17 - 3476 of 3479

Well one thing is correct, no buying is going on, we can only hope that DCD have turned the corner fpr good, and return us share holders some good news.

Knowing - 19 Mar'10 - 14:20 - 3477 of 3479

LOL the other day I was a 5 foot,Gay Dwarf. You are full of yourself. Your credability on ADVFN is ZERO. Infact probably minus something. You try talking yourself up to be the greatest thing since sliced bread but we can all call your bad trades as well!! Then when you get stuck in a corner you call Terry don't you.

Bloody joke you are.

GEORGE57 - 19 Mar'10 - 17:18 - 3478 of 3479

There should be an unwritten rule that people stick to their own boards,and abuse of other posters should be met with instant banning by ADVFN,

Just think how much better that would be for everyone,

No more name calling,no more abuse,just like minded people enjoying the general chit chat around their investment.

Isn't that a whole lot more civilised?

watchout2 - 20 Mar'10 - 11:45 - 3479 of 3479

George i disagree.

If somebody and a non holder had some disconcerns about DCD then i would like
to hear them, it's no good having every thread with posters and holders only
saying this is a bargain and it's going to fly.
And yes i have actually said this myself about stocks and DCD here but try to
provide sound reasoning for it.
You have to understand bulletin boards are for two way discussions, if you dont
like it you can filter the poster

WATCHOUT2 - 22 Mar 2010 06:41 - 2 of 7

2trying - 21 Mar'10 - 19:42 - 3483 of 3488


There are a number of (long term) posters on this thread .

And I hope I don't offend / insult any of them by saying that Michael is the most respected .



Put up or shut up .

I will not reply to any comments on this .

Good luck to all genuine holders of this stock .

John .

CockneyRebel - 21 Mar'10 - 20:41 - 3484 of 3488

Blimey - that article could have used HateTrader (watchout2) as a model example - was it based on him?


WATCHOUT2 - 22 Mar 2010 16:07 - 3 of 7

liarwatchout2 - 22 Mar'10 - 15:59 - 3494 of 3494


I bought 110k last week, just looked at the different accounts and did not
realise how many i had bought, missed a 25k bu

WATCHOUT2 - 23 Mar 2010 13:41 - 4 of 7


RNS Number : 0334J
23 March 2010


1. Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer of existing shares to which
voting rights are attached:
DCD Media plc

2. Reason for the notification (please state Yes/No): ( )
An acquisition or disposal of voting rights: ( Yes )
An acquisition or disposal of financial instruments which may result in
the acquisition of shares already issued to which voting rights are attached: (
An event changing the breakdown of voting rights: ( )
Other (please specify): ( )

3. Full name of person(s) subject to the notification obligation:
Highbridge Capital Management, LLC
4. Full name of shareholder(s) (if different from 3.):

5. Date of the transaction (and date on which the threshold is crossed or
reached if different):
19 March 2010
6. Date on which issuer notified:

23 March 2010

7. Threshold(s) that is/are crossed or reached:

11% Below

WATCH0UT2 - 25 Mar 2010 17:20 - 5 of 7

watchout2 - 25 Mar'10 - 14:17 - 1780 of 1780

Strange how you have issues with posters on YCO yet you yourself are happy
enought to ramp your latest pump and dumps everywhere.

wathout2 - 26 Mar 2010 16:45 - 6 of 7

ramper supreme
watchout2 - 26 Mar'10 - 15:49 - 3546 of 3548

I was reading iii the other day and guess who was on there ramping it
a while back, a poster called avoint, incase you didnt know that is
knowings old advfn name :-))

I dont expect anybody to buy any now, i've been rambling on about DCD for
a while now and bought as you know to back up my facts but apart from francy
who also bought more nobody else is willing to take the gamble.

But that gives a greater chance of surprising and upside on results day if
the progress has continued, all that USA contract work announced (14 mil USD)
all at higher margins, 4.5 mil market cap, i have to be confident that this
will filter through some nice profits

wathout2 - 28 Mar 2010 07:11 - 7 of 7

RAMP AFTER RAMP WHAT A PILE OF DOGS DIRTwatchout2 - 28 Mar'10 - 02:43 - 3560 of 3560

I bet all these snippets still dont get any buyers on Monday if the results
are not out !

How many quiet hints on the website do they need before new investors buy in ?
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