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Falklands Island Holdings. (FIH)     

greekman - 03 Oct 2007 08:11

NOTE that FKL are now FIH group plc. Epic FIH.

It is now over 4 years since I started this thread.
During that period a lot has happened (an understatement if ever there as one).
Several oilies have drilled numerous wells, most with little success as yet, although Rockhopper Exploration has made significant finds.
These finds are in the process of being updated and have drawn interest from at least 5 oil production companies.
The sp of FKL in Oct 2007 was around 400p, which is almost level with todays sp.
Due to many what I consider low risk factors, the sp is well below true valuation.
In saying that I am leaving all fundamentals out of my reasoning, and looking solely at potential.
Over the last few months, I have read numerous reports regarding how the current exploration will make the Islanders rich.
Of course that wealth will be passed along to the businesses that are situated on the Falklands themselves.
With Falklands islands Holdings being 'The Business' on the islands, with fingers in many pies, they are ideally situated to cash in on all the areas mentioned.

I suggest to anyone who as not been following the Falklands Story, or are new to this thread, to peruse the latest news releases of FKL. Also those of RKH (Rockhopper) Fogl (Falklands Oil and Gas) Des (Desire Petroleum) and Bor (Borders and Southern).
I am not pushing any of these other companies, but to post all the relevant updates on this header would take the whole page.

Remember who made steady big money during the Klondike Gold Rush.
OK some miners made fortunes, but the big steady money was made by those who saw the potential in suppling the essentials, IE those that supplied the tools to do the job.
I look at FKL as a sort of hedging to the explorers themselves.
But with hedging like this, we can all win.


kimoldfield - 19 May 2010 21:17 - 60 of 174

Difficult to predict this one at the moment Alex; although they have an 8.2% holding in FOGL, they are not reliant on them to strike oil, although obviously it would be a major boost. It is the overall package that is driving them forward at present and that makes a compelling case to buy, albeit a speculative buy at present prices but hey, what share isn't a gamble these days?!

robertalexander - 19 May 2010 21:32 - 61 of 174

it is a long term thing so will even out in the end. still think it is a worthwhile investment just want more for my bucks

kimoldfield - 19 May 2010 21:53 - 62 of 174

A worthwhile investment it certainly is, as is any company paying a dividend these days! I hope it turns out to be the investment of a lifetime that some seem to think it will be.

required field - 20 May 2010 09:11 - 63 of 174

Got mixed up with that but not this....doing well by the look of it....

kimoldfield - 20 May 2010 09:28 - 64 of 174

You can still buy some RF?!

avsec - 25 May 2010 08:54 - 65 of 174

Holding steady - but for how long?

avsec - 25 May 2010 11:32 - 66 of 174

Spoke too soon....slipping - but what isn't?

kimoldfield - 04 Jun 2010 12:49 - 67 of 174

Is that bright light the sun, or is it the gleam in the eyes of the directors of this little company? :o)

greekman - 23 Jun 2010 07:34 - 68 of 174

Good results in a difficult year.
Less spending in their stores, less vehicles sold (Military), fewer cruise ships calling due to the weather, lower supply of support for squid boats, due to the squid catch almost a total failure, and yet profits up in several of these areas due to cost cutting and efficiency.
And this is before the oil drilling benefits start to kick in.
Dividend up.
Well done FKL.

HARRYCAT - 03 Jul 2010 11:43 - 69 of 174

From this week's Shares Mag:
"Buy (FKL:AIM) ahead of next weeks drilling results from Falkland Oil & Gas's (FOGL:AIM) Torea well. It is one of the safer ways of playing the oil story. The 47 million cap has an 8.2% stake in FOGL, which accounts for about half of its market value. Drilling on the Torea well started at the beginning of June. There is potential for further good news with FOGL to drill a second well later this year.
But Falkland Island is more than just a play on the success of one explorer as it is also the dominant retailer and owns property on the remote South Atlantic overseas UK territory. These interests will do well in the event of any explorer striking oil.
The immediate outlook for the non-oil interests are unexciting as the local economy has suffered from a poor squid catch, but they are well placed to benefit from any oil-induced upturn in the local economy.
As a further hedge, the company also has non-Falkland interests including the Portsmouth Harbour Ferry Company and Momart, one of the leading players in the fine art logistics market. The former is in effect a local monopoly operating the Portsmouth-Gosport ferry service. Management regard this as rather like an annuity although it has suffered marginally from the recession."

greekman - 16 Jul 2010 08:17 - 70 of 174


If you are tempted to open a link re Fogl on iii by the poster jsander34, DON'T as it is spreading a virus. Thought it best to warn on here as I know a few of us are members of both sites, and have shares in Fogl as well as Fkl.


kimoldfield - 16 Jul 2010 08:19 - 71 of 174

Thanks Greek.

Balerboy - 16 Jul 2010 08:20 - 72 of 174

have no interest in FOGL but thanks greek.

greekman - 23 Jul 2010 07:55 - 73 of 174

I still see posts on many oil connected sites/threads stating that due to the current price per barrel, oil companies are not the investment they were.
I just can not believe how short sighted these people are.
A lot can happen in world events in the time period between now and the finish of the next well drilling by Rockhopper, and obviously even more so in the next 10 to 20 years and beyond.
The strange thing is that Oil is one of those things that can increase in value per barrel, due to both good news and bad.
In good times, people/countries tend to be better of financially and therefore use more oil/fuel and the price increases due to demand. Word strife on the other hand often means both less demand and oil shortages, which also result in price increases.
Oil companies as we well know never loose out in the long run, you only have to look at their yearly profits, (the BP saga obviously being a one off).
We all know that prices can and often do fluctuate downward, but these lower prices tend to be temporary with the usual general trend upward.
So over the last say 10 years the oil price has always followed the trend of 1 step down followed by 2 steps up.
Oil is to modern life almost as valuable as water. OK we know we can't live without water, but imagine a world without oil, it would be back to the stone age.
In the past access to water was one of the main causes of wars. Oil as we know is now one of the main reasons countries go to war.
The current sp is good solid value, given that only 1 well is proven.
In years to come, the most of the oil explorers will have left the Falklands with the area being dominated by the producers.
But due to being the supplier of oil infrastructure, Falkland Islands Holding PLC will still be there, still making (hopefully) big money.
That is why I hold 2 oil explorers that I hope will make me the faster/short term money, with FKL slower/steadier and hopefully over time the most money.

avsec - 23 Jul 2010 09:02 - 74 of 174

But due to being the supplier of oil infrastructure, Falkland Islands Holding PLC will still be there, still making (hopefully) big money

It is not only the oil infrastructure but the WHOLE infrastructure of the Islands relies on the FIC. There is an erosion of their monopoly but they are still the major player in the FIs.

Their diverse interests will ensure their stability but the arrival of the oil industry will just be another source of profit.

greekman - 23 Jul 2010 09:12 - 75 of 174

Hi Avsec,

Agree re FKL being diverse in their business, but without the oil side they would plod along as a very small company making a bit of profit.
Most on here including myself only became involved due to the oil connection. For the same reason that is why we remain invested.
As to an erosion of their monopoly, if there is any it is almost none existent, although if you can give me examples I would obviously look at things in a different light.
In the future they may find it harder to hold on to their monopoly, but it will take quite a shift if the management play it the right way.

Regards Greek.

HARRYCAT - 09 Sep 2010 08:20 - 76 of 174


Goes ex-divi wed 15th Sept '10, 5p.

hlyeo98 - 13 Oct 2010 15:43 - 77 of 174

When all Falklands shares suffer, FKL is a SELL too at 360p.

hlyeo98 - 05 Jan 2011 13:51 - 78 of 174

318p now

hlyeo98 - 11 Jan 2011 14:47 - 79 of 174

Sliding quickly for my short
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