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Falklands Island Holdings. (FKL)     

greekman - 03 Oct 2007 08:11

It is now over 4 years since I started this thread.
During that period a lot has happened (an understatement if ever there as one).
Several oilies have drilled numerous wells, most with little success as yet, although Rockhopper Exploration has made significant finds.
These finds are in the process of being updated and have drawn interest from at least 5 oil production companies.
The sp of FKL in Oct 2007 was around 400p, which is almost level with todays sp.
Due to many what I consider low risk factors, the sp is well below true valuation.
In saying that I am leaving all fundamentals out of my reasoning, and looking solely at potential.
Over the last few months, I have read numerous reports regarding how the current exploration will make the Islanders rich.
Of course that wealth will be passed along to the businesses that are situated on the Falklands themselves.
With Falklands islands Holdings being 'The Business' on the islands, with fingers in many pies, they are ideally situated to cash in on all the areas mentioned.

I suggest to anyone who as not been following the Falklands Story, or are new to this thread, to peruse the latest news releases of FKL. Also those of RKH (Rockhopper) Fogl (Falklands Oil and Gas) Des (Desire Petroleum) and Bor (Borders and Southern).
I am not pushing any of these other companies, but to post all the relevant updates on this header would take the whole page.

Remember who made steady big money during the Klondike Gold Rush.
OK some miners made fortunes, but the big steady money was made by those who saw the potential in suppling the essentials, IE those that supplied the tools to do the job.
I look at FKL as a sort of hedging to the explorers themselves.
But with hedging like this, we can all win.

greekman - 18 Oct 2007 09:19 - 2 of 168

Excerpt from Hydrocarbons Daily. 17/10/07

By J. Brock (FINN)

South America has now become a very difficult place for oil majors to work. ESSO and Royal Dutch Shell plc want to get out of Argentina and have put assets in Argentina up for sale. Both Shell, Exxon/Mobil and Esso consider Latin America among their smaller business areas and with additional political and economic pressure have decided to cut their losses and pull out.
It is hoped that more oil majors like BHP Billiton will focus on the North, East and South Falklands Basins as the Falklands offer a stable government and economic growth. End of Excerpt.

So it looks as if the majors will soon start pushing into newer fields, such as the Falklands.

greekman - 24 Oct 2007 09:38 - 3 of 168


Snippets from a meeting last night in the Falklands Town Hall.

Councilors said that to build a new port the cost would be between 20 and 30 Million Pounds. In 2004 a decision had been taken to put new facilities in the vicinity of FIPASS but this Council is not sure this is the way to go. 3.7 Million Pounds would upgrade FIPASS and make up for 20 years of poor maintenance. It can cope with the exploration Drilling round but if oil is found it is thought the oil companies would build their own port. Nonetheless the General Manager of FIDC is releasing the Royal Halkoning report later this week. END.

It may be another line to watch. If we see some evidence of senior oil company representatives sniffing round it will be an indication of the big boys planning ahead.
I understand that the airport is also looking to be extended, although this is being put down to increased tourism. But if the oil fields ever do come on line, no doubt oil production workers will become a large percentage of the islands population.
If you look at similar size land mass areas, the infrastructure is always planned well ahead. The clues could be what happens following on to the drilling results.
Oh to have a mole on the islands!

Toya - 24 Oct 2007 10:02 - 4 of 168

Good point Greekman, re the infrastructure being the clue to the future.

greekman - 24 Oct 2007 10:12 - 5 of 168

Hi Toya,

Nice to see that I'm not on my own here. Perhaps FKL is still a bit of a secret with most looking to FOGL. I feel that although FOGL are a good investment after looking at FKL I plumbed for them being the better investment of the 2. Obviously just a personal view. My reasoning is that whatever happens to FOGL will reflect on FKL, due to FKL holding a percentage of FOGL, but if FOGL fail completely (which I very much doubt) FKL would still have their other interests.

greekman - 02 Nov 2007 08:25 - 6 of 168

Only 1 trade yesterday and yet price up 5p. Could this be a reason... From Hydrocarbons daily yesterday.
Rockhopper Exploration: Interpretation of the 3-D seismic data collected over Rockhopper Exploration Plc's PL032 and PL033 licenses in the Falkland Islands has revealed large fans and structural closures that could form targets for the next round of exploration drilling.

greekman - 16 Nov 2007 08:32 - 7 of 168

Oil Price Racket.

Just a couple of days ago all the news was....Oil flow not keeping up with demand. Inventories will start to run short. World shortage fear.

Now todays news is....Higher US inventories and an OPEC report that the forecast demand is lower than expected have helped to decrease the price of Crude today.
Crude prices remain artificially high with the cost being passed down to consumers from everything from vegetables to spare parts.

Funny how easy it is to state shortages, and push prices.
The world is a slave to oil and will continue to be so for many years yet.

As I have previously stated when governments scream shortages.
When did you last have difficulty buying as much fuel as you require.
If there were real shortages, there would be queues, rationing or both. That has always been the way of things.

Bl..dy politics.
Greekman (Mr Angry)

greekman - 26 Nov 2007 09:11 - 8 of 168

Lets hope this does not effect the take up option between Fogl and BHP, as even for a company the size of BHP this is a big knock.

Sources close to BHP have revealed that internal estimates for the development of Olympic Dam, a massive copper and uranium resource in South Australia, have increased to as much as $20bn. If these estimates prove accurate, it could delay the Olympic Dam expansion by years, creating a shortfall in BHPís future earnings, reports the Times.

greekman - 28 Nov 2007 07:33 - 9 of 168

Option take up not as much as it could be.

BHP Billiton has decided to exercise its option from 40% to 51%. As Billiton had an option of up to 65% I feel this will keep the sp stable.
Not disappointed though.

greekman - 22 Jan 2008 17:15 - 10 of 168

Are We 'Running Out!
The link below is to a very interesting article.

It is VERY long so won't cut paste any sections.
On initial reading, it appears to be a scare mongering article, and if you believe just half of it, you will probably go to the nearest cliff and jump of. But there are many obvious truths that can't be ignored, and it is worth wading through.
Several of these obvious truths are that the more drastic the shortages become the more governments will encourage exploration/production. There will be very generous tax breaks, grants and as many incentives as they can think of to make sure any last vestige of oil is removed from the ground at virtually any price.
Just reading a few sections made me think that the next 3 to 5 years could be the most profitable for oil exploration/drilling companies and their partners ever.

Be interesting to see what others think.

Although the article applies to all companies such as Fogl/Fkl I don't want to take over this thread (as most probably won't be that interested) .
So if there is sufficient interest, it would probably be best to comment on the Oil-News-Flow thread. Traders Room if you have access

greekman - 25 Jan 2008 08:45 - 11 of 168

Brief update re Falkland Fields.

The survey work has been completed and we await further developments as to when a suitable rig or drill ship will be brought to the Falklands to begin exploratory drilling. Best estimates point to the later part of 2008 but this is not certain. Desire Petroleum plc can begin exploratory drilling at any time.

I'm aware we knew that most of the survey work had been completed, but I for one (unless I missed it) was unaware that all present survey work had finished.
Also a bit more conformation re drilling dates.
No doubt other such survey work will follow depending on many local and world political issues.

Not much of a fillip to FKL's price but as a certain store states, 'every little helps'.

greekman - 28 Jan 2008 08:50 - 12 of 168

The Times Reporter.....Steve Farrar
Later this year, the Falklandsí 3,000 islanders should learn whether it will become the richest nation on earth. A floating oil rig will drill up to a dozen test wells deep into the sea bed around the British overseas territory. The findings should settle a decade of speculation over whether the islands lie in a particularly lucrative oil field.

Well worth a read.

ptholden - 28 Jan 2008 10:41 - 13 of 168

Penguin News

Perhaps your mole could be a penguin when this site is up and running Greek.

The Penguin doesn't miss very much.


greekman - 28 Jan 2008 15:11 - 14 of 168

Could be. Actually I do always check the Penguin News as well as the Ostrich Weekly.
Will keep you posted.

greekman - 25 Feb 2008 11:06 - 15 of 168

Nice to see FKL well up today. Sector up 1.99% with FKL up 6.82%. (1105 hr).

greekman - 25 Feb 2008 13:06 - 16 of 168

Now over 9% sp rise. It must be a leak re the date for a rig surely, or at least a big buy not yet showing on the books.

greekman - 25 Feb 2008 17:16 - 17 of 168

OK now we know why the sp rise (see Desire petroleum news DES.L)

greekman - 28 Feb 2008 14:44 - 18 of 168

SP up 10% probably on the back of the following, and the outlook re possible oil flow being on an upward slant.
Byron Holdings Ltd acquired 200,000 of its (Desire) at 53.125 pence each, taking its beneficial interest to about 1.6 mln shares, or 0.7 pct of the issued capital.

Desire Petroleum non-executive director Lewis Clifton is a director and shareholder of Byron Holdings.

EDIT.... RNS now out. Any idea's anyone. Been trawling re any whispers, leaks or other indicators. Nothing out there.

greekman - 04 Mar 2008 08:06 - 19 of 168

Zak Mir is looking at Rockhopper to reach 125p if a resistance level is reached.

All these positives help FKL and other companies with connections in the Falklands basin.

The Falklands area hopefully will be the equivalent of the 1898 Klondyke Gold Rush, which made a lot of people mega bucks. Well we can only hope. After all it is often said that Oil is the new Gold. Time to get me mule loaded up, now where's me shovel.

Note to self...Lay off those funny tablets the doc said would stop me hallucinating.

greekman - 04 Mar 2008 17:43 - 20 of 168

Strange acquisition or what. Would not have guessed this one. Talk about diversification. Still looks a good buy on fundamentals.

greekman - 29 Apr 2008 08:39 - 21 of 168

Up a bit today.
Could be connected to,
1 Fogl had huge volumes yesterday at many multiples of their daily average trades.
2 Borders and Southern are rumored to a take over bid by Shell.

pjstanton - 12 May 2008 16:31 - 22 of 168

So!! Why the sudden rise??

Some Desire connection ??

Any ideas ??


greekman - 12 May 2008 17:37 - 23 of 168

Could just be connected to todays OPEC report that crude prices are likely to increase greatly over the next few months after reaching a yet new record of $126.40 per barrel, as well as the feedback of oil usage is that there is very little reduction in use, even at the resent prices.
Also with the Lebanon situation, and Egypt stating they may supply troops the whole Muslim situation looks a bit more precarious that usual.
It looks like the oil producers are going to squeeze us till the pips squeak.
Of course now our ever caring PM has promised to listen, I am sure he will put the interests of consumers of oil before the coffers of the Treasury, and greatly reduce the tax on fuel to account for the huge increase in revenue for the government.
Yer right.

greekman - 08 Dec 2008 08:22 - 24 of 168

Good figures. Especially looking at The Equity shareholders' funds which at 30 September 2008 were £28.3 million (2007: £36.9 million) representing net assets per share of 312p....The shares at present are 200p per share. (2007: 436p per share).
Posative cash flow with an equally good cash strength position.
Even looking at these figures the current sp looks good.
No doubt the heights of the last 12 months were all the hype of the oil field activity. If/when these field do com onto line we will see these heights broken.
The reasons I chose this share is that even if these fields don't come in, they do have company value whereas those who are solely relying on these fields don't.
Any views out there.

halifax - 08 Dec 2008 16:25 - 25 of 168

FOGL's sp is dependant on whether BHP/BLT decide to drill in 2009, if they do go ahead in spite of a lower oil price this would generate a great deal of speculative excitement. Don't hold your breath!

greekman - 17 Dec 2008 07:57 - 26 of 168

Nice update re FOGL

Falkland Oil and Gas Provides Operational Update
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

greekman - 05 Mar 2009 07:50 - 27 of 168

Re the trading update.

RNS states....will be slightly lower than market expectations of £2.4m.
The MoneyAm release states in line with expectations despite the difficult economic environment.

So RNS lower, MoneyAm in line. Great.
Still a bit of a neutral statement. As we know the only thing to give this a jump, up or down will be the final outcome from the oil fields.

greekman - 09 Mar 2009 11:01 - 28 of 168

It appears that figures released today show that although mergers/acquisitions over the last year have dropped in general terms by 20% globally and 9% in the UK, such moves in the Oil and Gas industry have risen by 73% in those listed in the UK.
Presumably most if not a large percentage will be of profit making companies.
So what will happen if companies such as those investing in the Falkland Fields start to make decent profits. Will they be taken out by the big boys.
The above figures do make it likely. There is a huge difference between 9% down and 73% up.
No personal opinion re this, just looking at the figures (taken from The Daily Telegraph).

greekman - 20 Apr 2009 18:25 - 29 of 168

What price a barrel of oil.

Oil is now around $50 per barrel, which according to an article in The Daily Telegraph is too low to cover cost of undeveloped fields or investing in new fields.
It states that to cover these costs the price would have to be around $70.
It then shows that at a time when the worlds know deposits are dwindling, Asia especially China is still expanding industrially at break neck speed.
China is expected to have 140 million cars on it's roads by 2020, a 7 fold increase.
As it takes many years from an initial find of a possible productive field, to the oil finally flowing, this must surely be an excellent example of why oil companies can not just sit on their hands when the oil price is not commercial enough.
They can not sit on the proverbial fence twiddling their thumbs.
Oil is the life blood of the modern world just as much as water was to the old one.
Wars were/are still being fought over both.
Yes there may be several new ideas for power/propulsion fuels but they are all many years away.
The price of the $180 oil barrel is not dead.

greekman - 16 Jun 2009 08:26 - 30 of 168


Looks like they are just ticking over and waiting for the oil fields to deliver.
Can't see the sp moving anyway from here except down.
At least the cash situation is still strong.

Will just sit on this till 2010 as I do not see drilling this side of Xmas.
If nothing moves in early 2010, no doubt many holders will review.
When will any of the Falkland Oil Field connected companies get that long awaited rig.
Still confident, but patience is wearing a bit thin.

greekman - 10 Sep 2009 08:48 - 31 of 168

Will be interesting to see if the sp finishes the day on a high after this afternoons AGM (currently 12% up).
With a market cap (as the 7th) of £23.36 mill and the holdings in FOGL worth at todays market price £15.9 mill thing are still looking positive.
Obviously it all depends on the final outcome of the wells to be drilled.
Still a big gamble but one in my opinion worth the current sp, not forgetting the decent divi.

Good news from DES...Desire Petroleum plc (AIM:DES) the exploration company focusing on the North Falkland Basin, is pleased to announce that it has exchanged a letter of intent with Diamond Offshore Drilling (UK) Ltd for the drilling unit the Ocean Guardian to undertake a four well minimum drilling campaign in the North Falkland Basin.

The Ocean Guardian is currently in the North Sea and following a programme of shipyard work will mobilise in November 2009. Projected arrival in Falkland waters is early February 2010. Desire has options to drill a further four wells for itself and or its partners. Further details will be announced post contract completion which is subject to various approvals, including Desire Board, Partner and regulatory approvals.

The next question will be who will be next for a rig... Fogl would be nice. What price FKL then.

Thought of a quick sell then buy back a I do feel todays rise is a bit overdone and it will close lower, but with a spread of 5%, the mms know the score.

greekman - 10 Sep 2009 10:46 - 32 of 168

As the sp rises so does the spread. Typical market games.

avsec - 10 Sep 2009 11:44 - 33 of 168

FKL up 50p to 310 by lunch. This is a GOOD day after such a long wait!

greekman - 11 Sep 2009 08:21 - 34 of 168

Yet more movement from one of the Falkland Oil Crew Companies.

Rockhopper Exploration, the North Falkland Basin oil and gas explorer, is pleased to announce that it has agreed terms with a third party energy company for a farm-in to one of the Company's licences, through a contribution, at a promote, to the costs of drilling one well on the licence and to certain back costs. A Letter of Intent to farm in has been signed and discussions continue to progress the agreement this into a fully binding joint venture.

Now I wonder if this will end up like the bus stop syndrome. You seem to wait for ages for one to come along, then what happens, three or more come at once.

greekman - 11 Sep 2009 13:09 - 35 of 168

Tipped in the Independent.

Very rarely take tips at face value, but this write up makes sense.

The interesting bit about Falkland Island Holdings is its 15% shareholding in Falklands Oil and Gas (FOGL). Investors may look at the conglomerate instead of a direct investment in FOGL because it has a diversified income stream, an 8p dividend and doesn't rely on a big find. If there is one, however, shares will soar. Although yesterday's gain might have taken out much of the near-term upside, its prospects look good, so buy says the Independent.

greekman - 12 Sep 2009 10:25 - 36 of 168

As reiterated in todays press, the oil majors such as Shell, BP, Exxon and the like are still desperate to boost their inventories, mainly due to the fact of low oil reserves on their books, but also due to intentionally over estimating for the last fews years in order to enhance their share prices.
As the Falkland field possiblefinds are being talked about in the same volume category as the BP and Chevron recent finds in Mexico how long will it be before the minnows such as Des/Fogl/Rock and the like are taken over.
IMHO the question won't be so much if as when. Will they wait till oil is pumping in sufficient quantities and risk loosing out to a competitor that jumps first or chance getting in on the ground, IE now.
Both strategy are a risk but which once will they take.

greekman - 30 Nov 2009 15:46 - 37 of 168

Re the RNS.

FKL sell 20% stake in FOGL.

OK, they have made a very nice profit on the sale, but as I mainly bought FKL because of it's investment in Fogl, initially on the news I though that this was a bad move especially as drilling looks closer than at any time.
On seeing the sp rise on the news, I had to look at the other angle.
I now feel that FKL have played this very well with an astute move.

The money attained will be available for, "The proceeds of sale give us the flexibility to take advantage of investment opportunities particularly in the Falklands and will leave us with a modest level of gearing .At the same time we have retained a very meaningful shareholding in FOGL.

As Gismoe states, they have a good part of the infrastructure.

In fact they retains a number of parcels of land aggregating some 400 acres, with the potential for residential or commercial development. The Company also owns 22 residential properties which are rented out on a long-term basis to individuals, business users such as Ministry of Defence contractors, and fishing companies. FIC is steadily developing these sites as the economy of the Islands continues to grow and is well placed in the event that significant oil or mineral production takes place.

I think that says it all. When/if the oil stats to flow the price of land and development will rocket, as it always does when the oil flows.

The population of the Falkland Islands will also multiple several times, which will also mean big profit opportunities for FKL.

So from being initially not happy and surprised at the move, I am quite pleased

HARRYCAT - 30 Nov 2009 15:52 - 38 of 168

Lets hope the Argentines see it your way!

jkd - 30 Nov 2009 17:34 - 39 of 168

maybe thats what the war was all about? it's what they usually and most are or seem to be(unless we are invaded) despite or regardless of the supposed reasons that we are fed via the propaganda machine that has existed throughout history. although we ( joe public) seem to never be aware of the "real" reasons at the time, or even after.
no guarantees but i suppose governments have to weigh up the risk/reward factors and then feed the ganda to us in a propa way.
doent mean i think they will find anything, maybe they will, maybe they wont. as always just my opinion and please all dyor
edit ( unless we are invaded) add ; including the invader, after all they have a motive also

greekman - 01 Dec 2009 15:23 - 40 of 168

Just tried a test trade to sell. Received following message.

'This stock cannot be executed automatically at this time
Please enter a limit price to place a limit order for this stock or try again later'.

I appreciate this type of message is not unknown, but it is rare.

Could mean a further noticeable increase/decrease in the sp.

Views anyone.

HARRYCAT - 01 Dec 2009 15:36 - 41 of 168

2500 buyable on auto-trade with Selftrade. Maybe your sell is over the on-line limit.

jkd - 01 Dec 2009 15:46 - 42 of 168

if you want to sell then just do as requested. put in a sell limit order. presumably you are taking some profit,i.e. price is above your purchase price. altenatively it would be a a sell stop order. and vice versa. even just 1 or 2 ticks should do the job.

jkd - 01 Dec 2009 16:06 - 43 of 168

if you do sell on limit it is important to remember to cancel any sell stops gtc if they are sitting there,

greekman - 01 Dec 2009 16:13 - 44 of 168


My trade sell was within the on-line limit.


I was thinking about selling, but mainly wanted to see the on-line offer.
Did not bother with a sell limit order as the only time I do put a sell/buy limit order in is when I cant keep a 100% watch on the sp. As I am sure you know, with shares as volatile as FKL anything can happen to vastly change the sp, and it would be just my luck to be unable to cancel my order, as it suddenly shot up.

So will watch and wait.


Just seen your last post. It takes me so long to type (now on 2 fingers) I had started my main comments before you had posted.

Regards Greek.

jkd - 01 Dec 2009 17:38 - 45 of 168

i dont know about you but all this business about sell limit or buy limit can be really confusing. what about buy limit. a good broker can explain all, mind you, he'll probably want a fee. mr google costs nothimg.

greekman - 04 Dec 2009 08:49 - 46 of 168

Two very good/positive articles.

Falklands oil hunt gets serious
Created: 2 December 2009 Updated: 3 December 2009 Written by: Martin Li

Exploration phase to bring financial benefit to Falklands private sector
THE Falklands private sector is set to benefit financially from the next oil drilling round scheduled to begin early in February.

The Falkland Oil Fields are nicely getting on the Radar.

greekman - 08 Jan 2010 16:32 - 47 of 168

Of interest. Shows how things are progressing.

Drilling preparations step up a gear onshore AS the semi-submersible drilling rig Ocean Guardian, contracted by Desire Petroleum from Diamond Drilling, continues to make its way south, a number of oil operators are scheduled to visit the Falklands to meet with government officials this month.

Desire Petroleumís Chairman Stephen Phipps, Chief Executive Officer Dr Ian Duncan and Finance Director Eddie Wisniewski are due to arrive next week for a round of meetings with government officials and others.

They will be accompanied by Ben Romney from Buchanan (Desireís PR consultancy) and Robert Watts, a journalist from the oil industry magazine Upstream.

Three representatives from Rockhopper Exploration are also scheduled to arrive next weekend.

The Ocean Guardian, under tow by the Maersk Traveller, is still on schedule to arrive in early February, Desireís Falklands representative Lewis Clifton confirmed this week.

A second Maersk anchor handling tug supply vessel is due to arrive late this month, and the third rig support ship, a platform supply vessel, will complete the offshore drilling support package, he said.

The pace dockside is about to pick up with the first of two cargo ships, Thor Leader, carrying oil equipment from UK, arriving next week.

The second cargo ship, Honest Rays, arrives on January 15.

Mr Clifton said discharge operations would be undertaken 24 hours a day until the 14,000 tons of equipment onboard were sorted and stored, pending the arrival of the Ocean Guardian.

Onshore specialised support personnel will begin arriving in Stanley during the next few days.

Mr Clifton said up to 12 personnel would be based in Stanley for the duration of the drilling programme.

As with oil rig workers, these personnel will rotate 28 days on and 28 days off.

The shore support personnel will be largely based out of the integrated pipe yard and laydown facility being constructed at Coastel Road by Byron McKay Port Services, of which Mr Clifton is a director.

The facility will include modularised office and warehouse accommodation, and the silo plants (muds and cement bulk storage), although other private sector facilities will also be utilised.

Mr Clifton said Byron McKay Port Services had secured an onshore services support contract, and were working with AGR Petroleum Services - the oil operatorís contractor - to provide the ship-shore-ship logistics support interface.

A number of local appointments have been made to support the contract terms.

These include an aviation coordinator and a number of operatives, slings men, labourers and stevedores.

A two week training programme for operatives was undertaken during early December under training guidance brought in from Aberdeen, said Mr Clifton, adding that security personnel would also be appointed for the duration of the drilling programme.

Helicopter support operations are to be provided by British International with an airframe due to arrive on the Ministry of Defence freighter next week.

Mr Clifton said work was also progressing towards bringing back on line the helicopter refuelling facility at Cape Dolphin on East Falkland, which was set up during the last drilling round in 1998.

However, unlike in 1998 when the Borgny Dolphin oil rig was visible off Cape Pembroke, the Ocean Guardian is unlikely to come into sight on arrival, said Mr Clifton.

greekman - 22 Jan 2010 08:51 - 48 of 168

Has the rig sank?

The sp has just bombed. Now 9.50% down on little volume.

Appreciate oil prices and any connected company has volatile shares, but this is ridiculous.

greekman - 23 Feb 2010 07:49 - 49 of 168

Rig has started drilling.

Just heard on the BBC News during a storyline on the rig starting to drill, the comment, 'It won't be long before the first barrels of oil change the Falklands forever.

Well if the BBC are sure there is oil there!

greekman - 05 Mar 2010 09:39 - 50 of 168

From a very lefty publication, but very interesting if you have the time to wade through it.

I have my own views but will leave others to decide how much fact/truth/fiction is contained in the article.

greekman - 08 Mar 2010 09:31 - 51 of 168

Interesting article re clumsy Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's Cold War Strategy Didn't Work in Brazil

greekman - 09 Mar 2010 08:28 - 52 of 168

Gordon's Armada in peril.

Although the article has serious implications, I thought the tone might lighten the mood a bit.

greekman - 22 Apr 2010 07:36 - 53 of 168

Pre close trading update.

The FIH Board expects the results for the financial year ended 31 March 2010 to be above market expectations with underlying pre-tax profits ( before amortisation and non trading items ) a little ahead of the re-stated prior year figure of £2.3 million.

Any result above market expectations, especially in the present world financial climate must be good news. Also with 8 more weeks till the results are out there is still time for a couple of positive drillings to come in, which although will not reflect on the results, the forward prospects would be greatly enhanced.

greekman - 14 May 2010 17:26 - 54 of 168

All the FI oilies down, yet FKL up 13%. Looks like punters are looking to cover their investments in the actual oil explorers, by a sort of covering bet on the infrastructure of the FKL company.

kimoldfield - 18 May 2010 12:05 - 55 of 168

Tom Bulford reckons the sp could increase by over 17,000% in time.

What a load of bul(l)!!

Or is it?! Certainly FKL has huge potential, owns a large chunk of Falkland business and development land, has a stake in FOGL, owns Portsmouth Harbour Ferry Company and Momart, pays a divi......if there really is commercial oil in them thar beneath the waves hills the potential for this company is indeed huge.

kimoldfield - 18 May 2010 15:54 - 56 of 168

Either there is bad news to come from DES or RKH or the "intelligent" money is moving to FKL. No, I am no a Tom Bulford agent, I am just putting two and two together. If the answer is five, then I've got it wrong!

avsec - 18 May 2010 17:17 - 57 of 168

I inherited a load of these shares when they were Coalite in the 1980's. They have sat there quietly with a nice annual divi - until now!

kimoldfield - 19 May 2010 09:02 - 58 of 168

A nice inheritance avsec! With only 9.1m shares in issue these could become difficult to get hold of.

robertalexander - 19 May 2010 20:16 - 59 of 168

here was me hoping that they would fall today thus allowing my new drip feed purchase to get off to a good start tomorrow.

kimoldfield - 19 May 2010 21:17 - 60 of 168

Difficult to predict this one at the moment Alex; although they have an 8.2% holding in FOGL, they are not reliant on them to strike oil, although obviously it would be a major boost. It is the overall package that is driving them forward at present and that makes a compelling case to buy, albeit a speculative buy at present prices but hey, what share isn't a gamble these days?!

robertalexander - 19 May 2010 21:32 - 61 of 168

it is a long term thing so will even out in the end. still think it is a worthwhile investment just want more for my bucks

kimoldfield - 19 May 2010 21:53 - 62 of 168

A worthwhile investment it certainly is, as is any company paying a dividend these days! I hope it turns out to be the investment of a lifetime that some seem to think it will be.

required field - 20 May 2010 09:11 - 63 of 168

Got mixed up with that but not this....doing well by the look of it....

kimoldfield - 20 May 2010 09:28 - 64 of 168

You can still buy some RF?!

avsec - 25 May 2010 08:54 - 65 of 168

Holding steady - but for how long?

avsec - 25 May 2010 11:32 - 66 of 168

Spoke too soon....slipping - but what isn't?

kimoldfield - 04 Jun 2010 12:49 - 67 of 168

Is that bright light the sun, or is it the gleam in the eyes of the directors of this little company? :o)

greekman - 23 Jun 2010 07:34 - 68 of 168

Good results in a difficult year.
Less spending in their stores, less vehicles sold (Military), fewer cruise ships calling due to the weather, lower supply of support for squid boats, due to the squid catch almost a total failure, and yet profits up in several of these areas due to cost cutting and efficiency.
And this is before the oil drilling benefits start to kick in.
Dividend up.
Well done FKL.

HARRYCAT - 03 Jul 2010 11:43 - 69 of 168

From this week's Shares Mag:
"Buy (FKL:AIM) ahead of next weekís drilling results from Falkland Oil & Gas's (FOGL:AIM) Torea well. It is one of the safer ways of playing the oil story. The £47 million cap has an 8.2% stake in FOGL, which accounts for about half of its market value. Drilling on the Torea well started at the beginning of June. There is potential for further good news with FOGL to drill a second well later this year.
But Falkland Island is more than just a play on the success of one explorer as it is also the dominant retailer and owns property on the remote South Atlantic overseas UK territory. These interests will do well in the event of any explorer striking oil.
The immediate outlook for the non-oil interests are unexciting as the local economy has suffered from a poor squid catch, but they are well placed to benefit from any oil-induced upturn in the local economy.
As a further hedge, the company also has non-Falkland interests including the Portsmouth Harbour Ferry Company and Momart, one of the leading players in the fine art logistics market. The former is in effect a local monopoly operating the Portsmouth-Gosport ferry service. Management regard this as rather like an annuity although it has suffered marginally from the recession."

greekman - 16 Jul 2010 08:17 - 70 of 168


If you are tempted to open a link re Fogl on iii by the poster jsander34, DON'T as it is spreading a virus. Thought it best to warn on here as I know a few of us are members of both sites, and have shares in Fogl as well as Fkl.


kimoldfield - 16 Jul 2010 08:19 - 71 of 168

Thanks Greek.

Balerboy - 16 Jul 2010 08:20 - 72 of 168

have no interest in FOGL but thanks greek.

greekman - 23 Jul 2010 07:55 - 73 of 168

I still see posts on many oil connected sites/threads stating that due to the current price per barrel, oil companies are not the investment they were.
I just can not believe how short sighted these people are.
A lot can happen in world events in the time period between now and the finish of the next well drilling by Rockhopper, and obviously even more so in the next 10 to 20 years and beyond.
The strange thing is that Oil is one of those things that can increase in value per barrel, due to both good news and bad.
In good times, people/countries tend to be better of financially and therefore use more oil/fuel and the price increases due to demand. Word strife on the other hand often means both less demand and oil shortages, which also result in price increases.
Oil companies as we well know never loose out in the long run, you only have to look at their yearly profits, (the BP saga obviously being a one off).
We all know that prices can and often do fluctuate downward, but these lower prices tend to be temporary with the usual general trend upward.
So over the last say 10 years the oil price has always followed the trend of 1 step down followed by 2 steps up.
Oil is to modern life almost as valuable as water. OK we know we can't live without water, but imagine a world without oil, it would be back to the stone age.
In the past access to water was one of the main causes of wars. Oil as we know is now one of the main reasons countries go to war.
The current sp is good solid value, given that only 1 well is proven.
In years to come, the most of the oil explorers will have left the Falklands with the area being dominated by the producers.
But due to being the supplier of oil infrastructure, Falkland Islands Holding PLC will still be there, still making (hopefully) big money.
That is why I hold 2 oil explorers that I hope will make me the faster/short term money, with FKL slower/steadier and hopefully over time the most money.

avsec - 23 Jul 2010 09:02 - 74 of 168

But due to being the supplier of oil infrastructure, Falkland Islands Holding PLC will still be there, still making (hopefully) big money

It is not only the oil infrastructure but the WHOLE infrastructure of the Islands relies on the FIC. There is an erosion of their monopoly but they are still the major player in the FIs.

Their diverse interests will ensure their stability but the arrival of the oil industry will just be another source of profit.

greekman - 23 Jul 2010 09:12 - 75 of 168

Hi Avsec,

Agree re FKL being diverse in their business, but without the oil side they would plod along as a very small company making a bit of profit.
Most on here including myself only became involved due to the oil connection. For the same reason that is why we remain invested.
As to an erosion of their monopoly, if there is any it is almost none existent, although if you can give me examples I would obviously look at things in a different light.
In the future they may find it harder to hold on to their monopoly, but it will take quite a shift if the management play it the right way.

Regards Greek.

HARRYCAT - 09 Sep 2010 08:20 - 76 of 168

Goes ex-divi wed 15th Sept '10, 5p.

hlyeo98 - 13 Oct 2010 15:43 - 77 of 168

When all Falklands shares suffer, FKL is a SELL too at 360p.

hlyeo98 - 05 Jan 2011 13:51 - 78 of 168

318p now

hlyeo98 - 11 Jan 2011 14:47 - 79 of 168

Sliding quickly for my short

greekman - 26 Aug 2011 14:06 - 80 of 168

Nothing much happening, just wondered if anyone was still out there.

kimoldfield - 27 Aug 2011 09:27 - 81 of 168

Yes! If it all goes pear shaped for the F.I. oil business the core business of FKL will still be intact.

avsec - 27 Aug 2011 11:00 - 82 of 168

As I wrote before, the FIC (FKL) is the backbone of the islands trading. I have held their shares since the days they were owned by Coalite! Because 30 years ago they controlled all imports and were the sole avenue through which the wool could be sold they 'bankrolled' the community.
Wool was taken and a credit given against which those in the Camp could order agricultural needs - they even owned and ran the ship that delivered the goods to the communities.
Nearly 30 years ago with the Argentine invasion things changed but FIC moved with the times. They are still the major landowner within the islands and that includes the prime sites that will be needed by the oil industry.
For the FIC it is a great situation but, as Kim indicates, the collapse of the embyonic oil industry would just mean that they would lose their investment in FOGL and would revert to what they do best.
The shares have remained very stable during the past months but I think will cautiously advance as the oil industry finds it feet.

avsec - 16 Nov 2011 10:47 - 83 of 168

FIC continues to be a steady investment with the occasional reaction to other FI oilies.

However there appears to be interest from other sources in the US. Has anyone else had phone calls from a New York company, asking for you by name, saying they have found from the register of investors that you hold FKL shares and then asking to buy them? As soon as I asked the woman to repeat the name of the company the line went dead. Most strange.

kimoldfield - 16 Nov 2011 13:13 - 84 of 168

Boiler room scam avsec, you would be best advised to put the phone down first if they ring again!

avsec - 16 Nov 2011 13:17 - 85 of 168

Thanks for that Kim!

Normally I'm astute enough to spot these but this was a first - and with knowledge of my holding!

kimoldfield - 16 Nov 2011 13:26 - 86 of 168

It's a shame that these people are allowed to get hold of shareholder details avsec, I've had a few calls over the years, some relating to shares that I had sold months previously!

greekman - 16 Nov 2011 16:32 - 87 of 168


Same here. I heard a couple of weeks ago that the same was being tried re Rockhopper, so it looks like all the FI oilies are being targeted.

kimoldfield - 16 Nov 2011 22:31 - 88 of 168

I used to wind them up Greek, keep them talking for ages then tell them they had a wrong number. Pleased them no end! :o)

greekman - 17 Nov 2011 07:13 - 89 of 168


Same here, give them back a bit of their own medicine.
I also used to answer similar e-mails by giving then false details of my bank account, address and the like, until I was told that even if you do not open an attachment, a bug could still get into your computer, so I no longer even open any sus e-mails.

As for door to door salesmen, if I want to get rid of them, I always say that I never buy anything at the door and that even if I wanted to, I have no money and 'I am an undeclared bankrupt, awaiting yet another county court judgment'
I stops them in their tracks and has never failed to work.


avsec - 01 Dec 2011 10:49 - 90 of 168

Well a nice little rise today of 10p. With a finger in FOGL and the overall involvement in the islands' economy they are relatively stable.

avsec - 04 Jan 2012 10:15 - 91 of 168

Happy New Year one and all
Recovering from the season's wassailing and enjoying the FKL popularity of the last two days - not sure why but not complaining!

Balerboy - 23 Jan 2012 08:33 - 92 of 168

Also going well +30 hope it continues.,.

avsec - 23 Jan 2012 09:00 - 93 of 168

What a lovely day! Collecting mussels on a Cornish beach (not quite as big as those at Navy Point, Stanley!) and watching my two largest holdings start to achieve their potential.

cynic - 23 Jan 2012 09:09 - 94 of 168

agreed it's a tremendous rise - but on only 7,000 traded .... liquidity must be non-existent

greekman - 23 Jan 2012 16:41 - 95 of 168

Please note.

After a request from Markymar (thanks, needed a push) I have updated the header.

No doubt someone with decent IT skills (I am to IT what Pavarotti was to ballet dancing) could have done a better job, but at least it tells a bit of the current story.

I feel the number of posts on this thread, compared to the oilies threads themselves, says it all.
FKL are steady as she goes, regaining all that was lost during the last 4 years, and I am as certain as I can be, that the corner has truly been turned.
Once the big boys get involved in those lovely Falkland oil fields I can easily see the FKL sp doubling within 3 months.
What happens after that is of course anyones guess, but my guess is that those holding FKL will see a steady increasing sp over the next 3 to 5 years, coupled of course with the solid dividend.

cynic - 23 Jan 2012 17:03 - 96 of 168

greek - your logic for buying into companies that supply the picks and shovels is irrefutable, but as mentioned earlier, FKL is terrifyingly illiquid .... even today when there has been lots of traffic in FI companies, FKL could only muster a pathetic 45,748 shares traded, some of which would even have been sells

greekman - 23 Jan 2012 17:23 - 97 of 168

Hi Cynic,

I agree.
I appreciate that FKL have been trading for nearly 200 years, but the story has really only just began.
I am sure the illiquidility is purely down to most investors going for what they hope are the big money guns that are drilling the black gold.
Whilst I accept that FKL will never be as liquid to trade as the oilies are now, I do feel that the liquidity along with the spread will change for the better, and still feel that as FKL are not and probably never will be a big cap company, they will still make their shareholders a very decent return.

For info, I have about 10 shares in the oilies for every share in FKL and as said, it is more of a hedge bet, different in the fact that if one side wins the other side will also.
Difference also being that from now on steady rise, with a dividend that the oilies are a long way off from paying.
Mind you, a buy out might just trigger a special dividend to those holding in the oilies.

greekman - 23 Jan 2012 17:38 - 98 of 168

Short video, worth a look.

greekman - 24 Jan 2012 08:28 - 99 of 168


markymar - 01 Feb 2012 10:57 - 100 of 168

January 31, 2012
by Steve Dent (FIG)

greekman - 01 Feb 2012 17:15 - 101 of 168

Hi Marymar,

Good find.
I like this bit,'There has, however, been significant progress of late, and it is these developments and new pieces of information that FIG are keen to share with both industry and the community and to gain an insight and thoughts on future plans or need'.
Not much need to read between the lines here.
I bet both the FIO explorers and the relative oil producers have been very instrumental in what is required.

I will pinch it for copy to a few other threads with ref to yourself.

NOTE.........Still trying to update the header with your graphs, son still not home to do it.

Regards Greek.

Balerboy - 06 Feb 2012 08:55 - 102 of 168

Got a bit of a rush on this morning, +17p .,.

avsec - 06 Feb 2012 20:06 - 103 of 168

Steady away reflecting perhaps their investment with FOGL and their position as overall beneficiaries of any increase in the FI's wealth and prosperity.

avsec - 20 Feb 2012 11:15 - 104 of 168

Another 10p today and going North nicely!

Balerboy - 20 Feb 2012 12:23 - 105 of 168

held these for sometime at 420p so am glad it's come good.,.

avsec - 20 Feb 2012 13:00 - 106 of 168

For the reasons I've expounded many times they have to reflect the success of the FI expansion. Had them since they were owned by Coalite and I'm still hanging in there as a 'banker'.

Balerboy - 20 Feb 2012 13:10 - 107 of 168

I hope not or "Tanker" will be changing the first letter......... ;)

markymar - 20 Feb 2012 14:13 - 108 of 168

Very Posh Greek, i like the Graphs,even better in the direction they are pointing.


greekman - 20 Feb 2012 14:21 - 109 of 168


avsec - 21 Feb 2012 17:15 - 110 of 168

Keeps going up! I make it about 10% in 10 days.

Not sure what is fuelling this rise but long may it keep going!

greekman - 21 Feb 2012 17:40 - 111 of 168

Hi Avsec,

My thoughts are that this is all down to the talk of takeover/farm-in doing the rounds with Rockhopper, coupled of course with their 'will it be released tomorrow updated CPR'.

When, not if, these talks come to fruition, that will really be the start of the money gushing into the Falklands coffers.

Whereas the race from Rockhopper and others will end with any takeover, or will reach a steady as she goes period with a Farm-in, the rush for infrastructure on the Islands will no doubt see a steady, upward increase in the FKL sp.
Just watch the land prices on the island multiplying.

It has been calculated that if all goes to plan, the taxes from oil and the continuing licensing agreements will be the equivalent in theory of making every islander a multi millionaire.

On that basis, what will be the future Nav of the Falkland Island Holding Company.
No doubt it will be many multiples of what it is at current valuation.

Whilst looking at a couple of the FI oilies to make me a nice bit richer in the near to mid future, I am looking at FKL to make me a bigger fortune in the long term.

My problem is, that until I release my gains from these oilies, the amount I have invested in FKL is only pin money.

That I intend to change within the next 12 months.

So its oilies for the short term and FKL for the long.

greekman - 05 Mar 2012 14:40 - 112 of 168

Interesting read.

I would think that the Falkland oil fields are in the same low risk category as the main UK oil fields situated in the north sea. That is of course if the UK is as serious as they have stated over their determination to defend the Falklands if required.
I like most people feel that the determination of the UK government to do so is as strong as the threat from the Argentinian government is weak.
I say the above not from a feel that anything as basic as the rights of the islanders being taken into consideration but for 2 other reasons.
1 It would be very politically damaging to the UK for them to not defend any attempt at taking the Falklands.
2 There is a huge amount of money involved.

If anyone has full access to Maplecroft, it does have all risks categorized in order of risk, but even so the brief article from the link shows very clearly how much risk there is in investing in many oil producing areas of the world, and the risks of once invested, those investors loosing out.

On reading the article, I feel that my Falklands investment is 'very safe'.
No doubt suitors of all the FI explorers are well aware of world oil risks, and will look at the Falklands in a very favorable light.

According to the Telegraph the UK is number 179 in the list, with Somalia being at number 1.

avsec - 05 Mar 2012 16:39 - 113 of 168

Thanks for that article - an interesting read indeed.
I've just spent the morning and lunch with the Times reporter who interviewed Julian Thompson and whose article caused the flurry of news today. She will undoubtedly reveal more in due course.
My personal opinion is that Argentina has neither the money nor the military desire for a fight. They are almost bankrupt if you look at their indebtedness to the larger organisations; they have already welched on exisiting debts and are finding it difficult to obtain for credit.
That said their Buzios Tacticos are good (I've watched them at work) and we do have all our eggs in one Maginot-like basket - that well known South Atlantic misnomer 'Mount Pleasant'.
I think that the previous levels of quiet diplomacy will be achieved after the 30th Anniversary has been and gone.

greekman - 05 Mar 2012 16:54 - 114 of 168

Hi Avsec,


greekman - 13 Mar 2012 13:41 - 115 of 168

Just read a letter in the Telegraph from an English couple who have been spending few weeks in Argentina.
Although very wary before and on arrival regarding how they would be treated, they were very surprised when the local people on discovering that they were English, treated them in a very friendly way.
It appears that several locals explained that the average Argentinian, had no problem with the Falklands wanting to stay British, and their main grievance was with the Argentinian government and the high inflation rate.

I have no reason to doubt that this is how the Argentinian people feel, although of course there will always be a minority (those that get on TV and in the headlines) who want the Falklands to be taken over by their country.

The reason why I don't doubt this is because I saw the same reactions in Ireland in the late 1970's when the troubles were still near to peak levels.
From 1975 to 1979 I spent several month in Ireland, just south of the border.
When the locals discovered we were English, they went out of their way to treat us friendly.
In fact sometimes it became a bit embarrassing, with us being treated to several pints in a local pub with many apologising for the actions of some of their countrymen.
I must add that they were always very careful who was about when they talked or/and were near to us, as the trust between themselves was always down to how well they knew each other.
I appreciate that many on here do not wish to see any post that mentions Argentina and the Falklands, but this small story in the Telegraph coupled with my own experiences in Ireland, probably says more than many of the more negative headlines put together.

Balerboy - 18 Apr 2012 19:38 - 116 of 168

Seems to have got excited with all the goings on.,.

avsec - 19 Apr 2012 08:25 - 117 of 168

Well they do benefit hugely from any development of the infrastructure that comes on the back of a growing oil community.

They own most of the land around Stanley, they are the prime supplier of nearly all support such as housing, foodstuffs etc.

cynic - 19 Apr 2012 08:44 - 118 of 168


Balerboy - 19 Apr 2012 09:06 - 119 of 168

and your point is regarding fkl.....

Balerboy - 23 Apr 2012 16:22 - 120 of 168

sold all these this morning at £4+ as can't see much happening over summer.,.

halifax - 23 Apr 2012 16:30 - 121 of 168

BB wise move winter in FI so far no revenue only expenditure,rig owners coining it.

markymar - 28 Apr 2012 11:00 - 122 of 168

I would of thought if FIG are making money from it then FKL must be,looks a bargain price back in September.

Saturday, April 28th 2012 - 06:11 UTC

Falklands’ budget enjoys additional surplus boosted by the oil industry
The Falkland Islands oil industry has contributed with an unexpected addition of £9.2M to the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) budget in the first nine months of the financial year 2011/12, reported the Islands government Standing Finance Committee.

Balerboy - 17 May 2012 20:11 - 123 of 168

glad i sold out here.,.

greekman - 08 Jun 2012 15:44 - 124 of 168

There is a petition doing the rounds to stop the UK giving any further loans to Argentina, (yes, believe it or not we still are).
To sign this petition go to

greekman - 14 Jun 2012 08:51 - 125 of 168


Good news and yet, sp well down.
Strange how just seeing the words, subscription and offer, or anything to do with fund raising almost automatically has a negative effect on the sp.
The money raised, is clearly marked for expansion in areas that will benefit FKL and therefor the shareholders.
Yes, it all depends on the oil flowing, but unless you feel that the odds of this are very negative, then surely this looks like a good chance to increase your holdings.
I am willing to bet that the offer of £3.20p will still be a discount on the lowest price, between now and the offer closing date, (FKL better hope it is)
That of course is not allowing for what could happen in the Euro zone, which of course FKL have no power over.

markymar - 08 Jul 2012 12:58 - 126 of 168

Spotty sails into Falklands

Oliver Shah Published: 8 July 2012 The Sunday Times

Rockhopper Exploration has made a large find and four other companies are drilling (Gary Clement)

THE former Tory party treasurer David ‚ÄúSpotty‚ÄĚ Rowland has embarked on a Falkland Islands adventure by buying more than 20% of a company that provides hotels, shipping and fishing support services.

Rowland and his son Jonathan bought £8m of shares in Falkland Islands Holdings last month. The AIM-listed company raised another £2m from existing investors. The deal coincided with the 30th anniversary of Britain’s victory over Argentina in the war for the islands.

David Hudd, chairman of Falkland Islands Holdings, said the money would be used to build warehouses and accommodation to capitalise on a potential oil boom. Rockhopper Exploration has made a large find offshore and four other firms are drilling there.

The company may also seek to build a permanent port to replace the 25-year-old floating piers used by the oil explorers.

Hudd said he had known Rowland for years. ‚ÄúHe came to the Falklands with four other people and they were enthused by the opportunity, so on the way back we worked out a deal to raise ¬£10m,‚ÄĚ he said. The Rowlands invested via their Blackfish Capital vehicle.

avsec - 12 Jul 2012 12:46 - 127 of 168

Nice lift today as the position consolidates!

markymar - 27 Jul 2012 13:02 - 128 of 168

Greek i thought this may of be some intrest to you

Rockhopper PLC has indicated, subject to its operations developing along current timescales, a 15% rise year on year in vessels needing to use FIPASS is not unreasonable through to 2014. From 2014 onwards they have further indicated 400+ port visits/vessels annually with a further 15% rise year on year. It is also worthy of note at this point that Oil and Gas projections are currently based on a single field, Sealion. Should other fields develop, it is highly likely that Oil and Gas traffic will increase further.

greekman - 27 Jul 2012 14:57 - 129 of 168

Hi Markymar,

I have already seen the article, but thanks anyway.
Interesting, as you rightly say.

greekman - 19 Nov 2012 08:01 - 130 of 168

Hi Markymar,

From your last post, 'it is highly likely that Oil and Gas traffic will increase further'.

Yesterday Shell announced that this year, they will product more gas than oil for the first time.
They are also planning to increase their fleet of LNG tankers.
The future of gas looks to be far more important than most people think, whilst with the ever increasing population and demand, oil will also see increased value.

cynic - 19 Nov 2012 08:24 - 131 of 168

in many years to come, there is no question but that LNG will take an increasingly important role - but note the timescale

greekman - 27 Mar 2013 16:45 - 132 of 168

Falkland Oil Claimed by Argentina Sees Islanders Join 1%: Energy

skinny - 10 Jun 2013 07:06 - 133 of 168

Final Results

Group Financial Highlights

· Group revenue increased by 4.4% to £35.6 million (2012: £34.1million)
· Underlying pre-tax profits increased 1.9% to £3.29 million (2012: £3.23 million)
· Underlying basic earnings per share of 21.6p (2012: 26.3p) reflecting the 33% increase to share capital following the equity issue in July 2012
· Cash balances totalled £11.4 million (2012: 2.8 million)
· Bank borrowings were £2.0 million (2012: £3.0 million)
· The Board is recommending an increased final dividend of 7.5p per share, which makes a total dividend of 11.5p per share, up 4.5% on last year (2012: dividend: 11p)

Operating Highlights

Falkland Islands Company (FIC)

· Revenues up 1.6% at £15.22 million (2012: £14.98 million) with operating profit of £1.33 million (2012: £1.52 million), after charging increased costs incurred positioning the company for growth
· The focus during the year has been on preparing FIC for the opportunities that oilfield development and production will bring to the Falkland Islands, by modernising operations and strengthening the management team

greekman - 10 Jun 2013 07:42 - 134 of 168

Decent results.

The main thing is the gearing up ready for the oil money coming in, they look to have a very organised plan for the future.

The land base owned by FKL looks to be their main future asset!

markymar - 10 Jun 2013 07:56 - 135 of 168

greekman..... lots going on down there, the future is bright when you have most of the land.

greekman - 10 Jun 2013 08:35 - 136 of 168

Hi Markymar,

As they say, you can't make more of it!

avsec - 13 Jun 2013 16:50 - 137 of 168

They also have most of the other assets of the infrastructure firmly in their grasp.

avsec - 14 Jun 2013 08:21 - 138 of 168

The gentle rise is welcome having held these for many years!

kimoldfield - 13 Aug 2013 13:22 - 139 of 168

In case anyone has not realised, or has forgotten! The AGM is next Tuesday, there is a Resolution for the company to, effectively, buy back any shareholding of less than 100 shares. If the Resolution is passed (no reason why it wouldn't be) then the shares will be bought back next week unless a form of election is sent to Capita Registrars to request otherwise.

greekman - 03 Oct 2013 08:17 - 140 of 168

Looking at the deals between Fogl, Des, Rockhopper and partners I am not sure which one of the above it works out better for.

But what I am certain of, is that as far as FKL is concerned, bigger will be better, so one winner will definitely be FKL.

greekman - 18 Nov 2013 16:36 - 141 of 168

SP up 9%.

Perhaps all the 3d data from the FI fields, north and south has been found to show that all wells can be drilled from a land base.

Yes, I do still believe in Santa, but seriously I cant find any reason for his sudden interest that has set the sp on such an increase.

Could be a leak re the results due in 7 days although I would find any leak a bit unusual.

I just hope that if it is a leak, it is a true one that doesn't just fizzle out.

greekman - 25 Nov 2013 08:21 - 142 of 168

Not much interest on here these days which is understandable as we are all waiting for the oil story to take off.

As to the results, nothing spectacular although they do look reasonable its the future prospects that will define the next 12 months and beyond and with this in mind the results will be treated by the markets as a formality with no surprises.

greekman - 18 Dec 2013 07:35 - 143 of 168

Rockhopper have settled their CGT due from their farm out to Premier oil.

To see the full info, the epic for Rockhopper is RKH.

greekman - 10 Jan 2014 16:11 - 144 of 168

Falklands oil industry will have its 'Made in USA' dock facility in Stanley harbor.

The Falkland Islands budding oil and gas industry advanced a further step this week when the Falklands' Planning and Building Committee gave planning permission to a temporary dock facility (TDF) in Stanley harbor that will provide logistics support to exploration drilling.

Many punters invested in the oilies direct, forget that whatever benefits those companies, will almost always benefit FKL, as we all know on here FKL have the main finger in most of the pies of the Falkland's infrastructure.

Even when they are not directly involved they will benefit from any extra spending by those who live or use the island businesses.

When/if the oil starts to flow I expect to see more customers spending on the Falklands than there are penguins on the island.

greekman - 16 Jan 2014 07:30 - 145 of 168

Sealon update and drilling plans.

avsec - 16 Jan 2014 18:47 - 146 of 168

Thanks for the post!

greekman - 17 Jan 2014 09:31 - 147 of 168

Hi Avsec,

Nice for a bit of company on here, although with not much happenning I think most of us have put our thoughts on a back burner.

Hopefully the 3d results will be out soon as patience is not my best vertue!

greekman - 24 Jan 2014 16:42 - 148 of 168

Nice steady rise over the week, could do with a few more weeks like the present one.

kimoldfield - 24 Jan 2014 16:44 - 149 of 168

(Sigh) another share I sold out of too soon then!

greekman - 24 Jan 2014 17:00 - 150 of 168

Its happens to us all, although some never admit it.

As long as there are more winners than loosers, thats the game

kimoldfield - 24 Jan 2014 17:36 - 151 of 168

Good game, good game. Oh, sorry Bruce!

greekman - 14 Apr 2014 07:02 - 152 of 168

Falklands Article.

greekman - 16 May 2014 07:13 - 153 of 168

Petition to stop short selling.

Well worth a read.

greekman - 04 Jun 2014 09:44 - 154 of 168

Rig Contracts.

Looks like 2015 should be the busiest year by far in the Falkland Island oil prospect areas.

No doubt this will steadily boost this share as even before oil is found, the supplier of infrastructure, services will always make money.

avsec - 11 Jun 2014 09:45 - 155 of 168

Good results yesterday - they'll be steady away as the oil industry gains momentum

greekman - 19 Nov 2014 07:40 - 156 of 168

Results better than they look at first glance.

The FIC section has done very well, leading the other sections of the parent company, with Momart for the first time bringing in results that have dipped a tad from previous results.

Looking ahead to the next 6 months, things look nicely placed to progress forward and looking even further ahead, my investment in FKL is looking positive.

Remember that the suppliers of infrastructure always lead before those who are there customers (klondyke gold rush) start to make productive progress.

Not ordering the Bentley quite yet,2015 is looking interesting to say the least!

greekman - 05 Jan 2015 17:25 - 157 of 168

As we all know the oil industry of supply and demand is going through a tremulous time partly caused by demand slipping and the role that shale gas is playing in the USA, but what we are mainly seeing is a power struggle between the OPEC and none OPEC countries, again a fact I think we all accept.

Whilst accepting that within a couple of years, demand will be pushing supply, I tend to look at the situation in a simpler way when it comes to were we are headed.

This to my mind is like a supermarket price war obviously on a far bigger scale, and we all know how they end up, once the dust has settled and the smaller struggle for a profit outfits have gone to the wall, the average price ends up higher.

With the FI fields being new and not due to come on line for at least a couple of years, I feel that Fogl will be well placed (pun intended) to take advantage of the higher price of oil that's to bound to return.

greekman - 29 Jan 2015 16:19 - 158 of 168

I appreciate many small oilies are down today including some, but not all of those in the Falkland Fields, but usually FKL follow up or down by smaller percentages.

Today FKL is well down on little trade with the offer moving far closer to the bid, leaving a spead narrower than normal.

Anyone any idea why, as I can't find anything.

greekman - 02 Feb 2015 09:32 - 159 of 168


Most of the new estimates for quantity for all the wells mentioned are higher than previously and I bet that they have under estimated pre full 3D data being released.

Todays news is very good and makes Fogl's prospects a very good investment.

greekman - 02 Feb 2015 09:33 - 160 of 168

Good RNS.

Most of the new estimates for quantity for all the wells mentioned are higher than previously and I bet that they have under estimated pre full 3D data being released.

Todays news is very good and makes Fogl's prospects a very good investment.

greekman - 03 Mar 2015 07:40 - 161 of 168

greekman - 06 Mar 2015 07:11 - 162 of 168

Fogl well spuded.

greekman - 19 Mar 2015 15:26 - 163 of 168

Why the hell have they decided to sell Fogl shares at this time, bloody ridiculous.

greekman - 02 Apr 2015 07:21 - 164 of 168

Well discovery RNS, better than expected.

greekman - 10 Apr 2015 07:08 - 165 of 168

Pre close statement.

Dividend suspended, and the cash put back into the company for future development.

The board states that they believe this more focused long term approach will have more appeal for existing and prospective investors and offer much greater shareholder liquidity.

Where this is a good idea or not, I am sure the sp will quickly (go down) reflecting what investors think. It's the dividend that has kept many still invested in FKL!

Will need to see more detail in the results to decide.

js8106455 - 20 Apr 2015 15:29 - 166 of 168

Edmund Rowland, Chairman Falkland Islands Holdings: Interview regarding Company strategy, April 2015

click here

greekman - 01 May 2015 07:14 - 167 of 168

RNS re sale of shares.

Fogl has sold 5 million shares in Falkland Oil & Gas ("FOGL") for £1.4 million, generating a profit of £0.4 million for the Group.

With the sale of these 5 million shares, FIH has completed the realisation of its investment in Over the last 10 years since FOGL's flotation, FIH has generated over £8 million in cash proceeds and £5 million in profits from its highly successful investment in FOGL.

So with the money held back from cancelling the dividend, plus this sale of Fogl shares added to those sold previously, surely they must need the money for some big expansion plans for the oil infrastructure that will be required as exploration gains momentum, with of course all the follow on once production starts.

I still though find it strange that they have sold pre drilling results, as we know the drill success risk factor has been reduced over the last few months, so why sell now!.

avsec - 03 Jun 2015 16:52 - 168 of 168

It has me thinking as well. From contacts in the FI there appears to be no earth-shattering news but, as the major player in the area, they hold nearly all the cards in their hand - especially real estate-wise.
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