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Falklands Island Holdings. (FIH)     

greekman - 03 Oct 2007 08:11

NOTE that FKL are now FIH group plc. Epic FIH.

It is now over 4 years since I started this thread.
During that period a lot has happened (an understatement if ever there as one).
Several oilies have drilled numerous wells, most with little success as yet, although Rockhopper Exploration has made significant finds.
These finds are in the process of being updated and have drawn interest from at least 5 oil production companies.
The sp of FKL in Oct 2007 was around 400p, which is almost level with todays sp.
Due to many what I consider low risk factors, the sp is well below true valuation.
In saying that I am leaving all fundamentals out of my reasoning, and looking solely at potential.
Over the last few months, I have read numerous reports regarding how the current exploration will make the Islanders rich.
Of course that wealth will be passed along to the businesses that are situated on the Falklands themselves.
With Falklands islands Holdings being 'The Business' on the islands, with fingers in many pies, they are ideally situated to cash in on all the areas mentioned.

I suggest to anyone who as not been following the Falklands Story, or are new to this thread, to peruse the latest news releases of FKL. Also those of RKH (Rockhopper) Fogl (Falklands Oil and Gas) Des (Desire Petroleum) and Bor (Borders and Southern).
I am not pushing any of these other companies, but to post all the relevant updates on this header would take the whole page.

Remember who made steady big money during the Klondike Gold Rush.
OK some miners made fortunes, but the big steady money was made by those who saw the potential in suppling the essentials, IE those that supplied the tools to do the job.
I look at FKL as a sort of hedging to the explorers themselves.
But with hedging like this, we can all win.


greekman - 18 Oct 2007 09:19 - 2 of 174

Excerpt from Hydrocarbons Daily. 17/10/07

By J. Brock (FINN)

South America has now become a very difficult place for oil majors to work. ESSO and Royal Dutch Shell plc want to get out of Argentina and have put assets in Argentina up for sale. Both Shell, Exxon/Mobil and Esso consider Latin America among their smaller business areas and with additional political and economic pressure have decided to cut their losses and pull out.
It is hoped that more oil majors like BHP Billiton will focus on the North, East and South Falklands Basins as the Falklands offer a stable government and economic growth. End of Excerpt.

So it looks as if the majors will soon start pushing into newer fields, such as the Falklands.

greekman - 24 Oct 2007 09:38 - 3 of 174


Snippets from a meeting last night in the Falklands Town Hall.

Councilors said that to build a new port the cost would be between 20 and 30 Million Pounds. In 2004 a decision had been taken to put new facilities in the vicinity of FIPASS but this Council is not sure this is the way to go. 3.7 Million Pounds would upgrade FIPASS and make up for 20 years of poor maintenance. It can cope with the exploration Drilling round but if oil is found it is thought the oil companies would build their own port. Nonetheless the General Manager of FIDC is releasing the Royal Halkoning report later this week. END.

It may be another line to watch. If we see some evidence of senior oil company representatives sniffing round it will be an indication of the big boys planning ahead.
I understand that the airport is also looking to be extended, although this is being put down to increased tourism. But if the oil fields ever do come on line, no doubt oil production workers will become a large percentage of the islands population.
If you look at similar size land mass areas, the infrastructure is always planned well ahead. The clues could be what happens following on to the drilling results.
Oh to have a mole on the islands!

Toya - 24 Oct 2007 10:02 - 4 of 174

Good point Greekman, re the infrastructure being the clue to the future.

greekman - 24 Oct 2007 10:12 - 5 of 174

Hi Toya,

Nice to see that I'm not on my own here. Perhaps FKL is still a bit of a secret with most looking to FOGL. I feel that although FOGL are a good investment after looking at FKL I plumbed for them being the better investment of the 2. Obviously just a personal view. My reasoning is that whatever happens to FOGL will reflect on FKL, due to FKL holding a percentage of FOGL, but if FOGL fail completely (which I very much doubt) FKL would still have their other interests.

greekman - 02 Nov 2007 08:25 - 6 of 174

Only 1 trade yesterday and yet price up 5p. Could this be a reason... From Hydrocarbons daily yesterday.
Rockhopper Exploration: Interpretation of the 3-D seismic data collected over Rockhopper Exploration Plc's PL032 and PL033 licenses in the Falkland Islands has revealed large fans and structural closures that could form targets for the next round of exploration drilling.

greekman - 16 Nov 2007 08:32 - 7 of 174

Oil Price Racket.

Just a couple of days ago all the news was....Oil flow not keeping up with demand. Inventories will start to run short. World shortage fear.

Now todays news is....Higher US inventories and an OPEC report that the forecast demand is lower than expected have helped to decrease the price of Crude today.
Crude prices remain artificially high with the cost being passed down to consumers from everything from vegetables to spare parts.

Funny how easy it is to state shortages, and push prices.
The world is a slave to oil and will continue to be so for many years yet.

As I have previously stated when governments scream shortages.
When did you last have difficulty buying as much fuel as you require.
If there were real shortages, there would be queues, rationing or both. That has always been the way of things.

Bl..dy politics.
Greekman (Mr Angry)

greekman - 26 Nov 2007 09:11 - 8 of 174

Lets hope this does not effect the take up option between Fogl and BHP, as even for a company the size of BHP this is a big knock.

Sources close to BHP have revealed that internal estimates for the development of Olympic Dam, a massive copper and uranium resource in South Australia, have increased to as much as $20bn. If these estimates prove accurate, it could delay the Olympic Dam expansion by years, creating a shortfall in BHPs future earnings, reports the Times.

greekman - 28 Nov 2007 07:33 - 9 of 174

Option take up not as much as it could be.

BHP Billiton has decided to exercise its option from 40% to 51%. As Billiton had an option of up to 65% I feel this will keep the sp stable.
Not disappointed though.

greekman - 22 Jan 2008 17:15 - 10 of 174

Are We 'Running Out!
The link below is to a very interesting article.

It is VERY long so won't cut paste any sections.
On initial reading, it appears to be a scare mongering article, and if you believe just half of it, you will probably go to the nearest cliff and jump of. But there are many obvious truths that can't be ignored, and it is worth wading through.
Several of these obvious truths are that the more drastic the shortages become the more governments will encourage exploration/production. There will be very generous tax breaks, grants and as many incentives as they can think of to make sure any last vestige of oil is removed from the ground at virtually any price.
Just reading a few sections made me think that the next 3 to 5 years could be the most profitable for oil exploration/drilling companies and their partners ever.

Be interesting to see what others think.

Although the article applies to all companies such as Fogl/Fkl I don't want to take over this thread (as most probably won't be that interested) .
So if there is sufficient interest, it would probably be best to comment on the Oil-News-Flow thread. Traders Room if you have access

greekman - 25 Jan 2008 08:45 - 11 of 174

Brief update re Falkland Fields.

The survey work has been completed and we await further developments as to when a suitable rig or drill ship will be brought to the Falklands to begin exploratory drilling. Best estimates point to the later part of 2008 but this is not certain. Desire Petroleum plc can begin exploratory drilling at any time.

I'm aware we knew that most of the survey work had been completed, but I for one (unless I missed it) was unaware that all present survey work had finished.
Also a bit more conformation re drilling dates.
No doubt other such survey work will follow depending on many local and world political issues.

Not much of a fillip to FKL's price but as a certain store states, 'every little helps'.

greekman - 28 Jan 2008 08:50 - 12 of 174

The Times Reporter.....Steve Farrar
Later this year, the Falklands 3,000 islanders should learn whether it will become the richest nation on earth. A floating oil rig will drill up to a dozen test wells deep into the sea bed around the British overseas territory. The findings should settle a decade of speculation over whether the islands lie in a particularly lucrative oil field.

Well worth a read.

ptholden - 28 Jan 2008 10:41 - 13 of 174

Penguin News

Perhaps your mole could be a penguin when this site is up and running Greek.

The Penguin doesn't miss very much.


greekman - 28 Jan 2008 15:11 - 14 of 174

Could be. Actually I do always check the Penguin News as well as the Ostrich Weekly.
Will keep you posted.

greekman - 25 Feb 2008 11:06 - 15 of 174

Nice to see FKL well up today. Sector up 1.99% with FKL up 6.82%. (1105 hr).

greekman - 25 Feb 2008 13:06 - 16 of 174

Now over 9% sp rise. It must be a leak re the date for a rig surely, or at least a big buy not yet showing on the books.

greekman - 25 Feb 2008 17:16 - 17 of 174

OK now we know why the sp rise (see Desire petroleum news DES.L)

greekman - 28 Feb 2008 14:44 - 18 of 174

SP up 10% probably on the back of the following, and the outlook re possible oil flow being on an upward slant.
Byron Holdings Ltd acquired 200,000 of its (Desire) at 53.125 pence each, taking its beneficial interest to about 1.6 mln shares, or 0.7 pct of the issued capital.

Desire Petroleum non-executive director Lewis Clifton is a director and shareholder of Byron Holdings.

EDIT.... RNS now out. Any idea's anyone. Been trawling re any whispers, leaks or other indicators. Nothing out there.

greekman - 04 Mar 2008 08:06 - 19 of 174

Zak Mir is looking at Rockhopper to reach 125p if a resistance level is reached.

All these positives help FKL and other companies with connections in the Falklands basin.

The Falklands area hopefully will be the equivalent of the 1898 Klondyke Gold Rush, which made a lot of people mega bucks. Well we can only hope. After all it is often said that Oil is the new Gold. Time to get me mule loaded up, now where's me shovel.

Note to self...Lay off those funny tablets the doc said would stop me hallucinating.

greekman - 04 Mar 2008 17:43 - 20 of 174

Strange acquisition or what. Would not have guessed this one. Talk about diversification. Still looks a good buy on fundamentals.

greekman - 29 Apr 2008 08:39 - 21 of 174

Up a bit today.
Could be connected to,
1 Fogl had huge volumes yesterday at many multiples of their daily average trades.
2 Borders and Southern are rumored to a take over bid by Shell.
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