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Is it at last about to 'Rise' to the occasion ? (PLE)     

Navajo - 30 Aug 2006 13:55


Well after all the earlier promises, now slightly overdue and the SMA chart starting to indicate a reversal of fortune I think you might be wise to buy some. Or if you hold some, top up as I've been doing lately.

For those not familiar with this stock check on previous news over the last year or so re 'promises'.

soul traders - 30 Aug 2006 16:08 - 2 of 141

Interesting that you mention this today, Nav. I was looking at this this morning and thinking similar things. I don't hold yet but have been thinking about it for a while now.

Navajo - 30 Aug 2006 16:13 - 3 of 141

soul'. One thing's for sure, it'll take people by surprise imo. Good fortune to you, don't think too long :o)

soul traders - 30 Aug 2006 16:34 - 4 of 141

LOL - you're right; I shouldn't spend too long thinking about it. Wish I had a little more cash to throw at these things!

hondaman - 18 Sep 2006 11:39 - 5 of 141

The clue on the deal was in the last RNS - the license deal on PE will now become a massive deal because now the PSD502 product has another massive market product application ref wound pain. The multiple partners will want to have the license to the full the asset product PSD502 no doubt and therefore the deal will take this into account no doubt also.
Remember that the broker gave a 5+ target based on PE application so with the wound pain application its alot higher.
Personally I shall hold out for a 10 bid after other products have been licensed.
Great share -glad that only a few of us private investors have spotted this gem.

hondaman - 18 Sep 2006 11:39 - 6 of 141

The clue on the deal was in the last RNS - the license deal on PE will now become a massive deal because now the PSD502 product has another massive market product application ref wound pain. The multiple partners will want to have the license to the full asset product PSD502 no doubt and therefore the deal will take this into account no doubt also.
Remember that the broker gave a 5+ target based on PE application so with the wound pain application its alot higher.
Personally I shall hold out for a 10 bid after other products have been licensed.
Great share -glad that only a few of us private investors have spotted this gem.

hondaman - 25 Sep 2006 13:11 - 7 of 141

great to be in this share -yes its had its fluctuations but was expected with the acquisition of Timm medical.
The PSD502 deal is gonna happen anytime now and before the end of 2006. Which ever large outfit gets the license will most likely pay an even significant amount now cause PSD502 is worth a whole lot more cause of the additional burns relief application.
A years hold in this one will reap a 7 return I reckon and a takeout bid of alot more.
All this is possible because PLETHORA now have 5 major products with massive markets and with only 25M shares in issue - a gem this one!!

hondaman - 26 Sep 2006 10:36 - 8 of 141

From today's FT following Plethora's interim results:-

"Plethora Solutions added 5.6 per cent to 178p after Collins Stewart repeated its "buy" recommendation and 526p price target on the stock. The broker said it expected Plethora to announce a licensing deal for its PSD502 premature ejaculation treatment within weeks"

soul traders - 28 Sep 2006 12:10 - 9 of 141

In today at 191.75, unfortunately for a pretty small holding - wish it could be more, but I am hopeful that this will produce a nice return.

hondaman - 28 Sep 2006 13:36 - 10 of 141

you will be looking at 4+ so a great return!

soul traders - 09 Oct 2006 10:31 - 11 of 141

RNS out today - extended application of an existing Timm/Plethora product approved by the US FDA.

Plethora Solutions - FDA grants label extension
RNS Number:1312K
Plethora Solutions Holdings PLC
09 October 2006


Product Update

Osbon ErecAid(R): FDA Allows Labeling for Use of ErecAid after Radical Prostate

Plethora Solutions Holdings PLC ('Plethora', AIM : PLE), the specialist
developer of products for the treatment and management of urological disorders,
today announces that its Osbon ErecAid(R) product marketed through Plethora's US
subsidiary, Timm Medical, has received permission from the US FDA for extended
labeling. This clarifies that the product may be used to create and maintain
erections by providing arterial blood to the penis during recovery from
prostatectomy ('penile rehabilitation') and thus aid in maintaining preoperative
sexual function. The Osbon ErecAid is the first device or drug to be cleared by
the FDA for this specific wider indication.

Men treated for localised prostate cancer by either radical prostatectomy (RP)
or radiotherapy can expect some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED) and the
condition may persist long into the recovery period. Prostate cancer screening
has led to the detection of more cases in younger men and an increasing focus on
restoring sexual activity after treatment. According to the American Cancer
Society, around 230,000 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed in the
United States during 2005. The majority had localised (Stage II) disease at
diagnosis and between 25% and 30% of this patient group will be treated by
radical prostatectomy, resulting in a potential penile rehabilitation treatment
population of around 50,000 patients each year in the United States alone.

ErecAid is already known to be highly effective in patients who either don't
respond to oral drugs, those who can not tolerate their side effects or in those
patients who are precluded from using phosphodiesterase inhibitors, e.g. nitrate
users or patients with high cardiovascular risk. Impressive new clinical
evidence (Monga et al, World Congress of Endourology, August 2006) has helped
convince the regulators that ErecAid can be of considerable benefit in
maintaining erectile function in men who experience erectile dysfunction after
prostate surgery, a situation where oral drugs may be of only limited use.

The time from prostate surgery to restoration of normal sexual function may be
up to two years, even with correctly applied nerve-sparing techniques.(i),(ii)
Given the possible consequences of prolonged lack of erections and resulting
penile hypoxia, there has been an increased focus in recent years on so called
rehabilitation programmes to promote early nerve recovery following RP. 'The
overall concept of penile rehabilitation is to prevent cavernous tissue damage
from occurring during neural recovery, by providing adequate arterial blood
(oxygenation) to the erectile tissues.' Encouraging results have been
demonstrated from use of the Osbon ErecAid, a vasoactive therapy.(iii),(iv) In
their recent review, Kendirci et al. concluded that pharmacological penile
rehabilitation protocols are beneficial after radical prostatectomy and that '.
. .either intracavernous injections or a vacuum erection device can be
recommended as a first-line option for the early post operative months, as their
mechanism of action does not require intact neural transmission.'

Previous studies have indicated that early penile rehabilitation can reduce the
impact of ED. Nerve damage after radical prostatectomy causes a loss of natural
nocturnal erections, reducing blood flow to the penis which causes fibrosis of
the penile tissue, resulting in a reduction in penile length. Early penile
rehabilitation is aimed at increasing blood flow to the penis so that the penile
tissue is maintained while nerve function is restored. The efficacy of oral ED
drugs is greatly reduced in patients with nerve damage so alternative treatments
are required.

Mr. Roger Kirby, The Prostate Center, London commented

'In situations where sexual function can be adversely affected by surgical
procedures ErecAid would appear to have an important role in restoring potency
in a cost effective and timely manner'.

Dr Steven Powell, Plethora CEO, concluded:

'The Osbon ErecAid is frequently prescribed for patients that are unable to use
PDE-5 Inhibitors either because they are contraindicated, find the drug is
limited in its effectiveness or because they cannot tolerate the associated side
effects. This regulatory endorsement of the use of the Osbon ErecAid during
recovery from prostatectomy provides physicians and their patients with a tool
to fight the significant quality of life impact associated with prostate


For further information contact:

Plethora Solutions Tel : 020 7269 8630
Steven Powell

City/Financial Enquiries Tel: 020 7379 5151
Brian Hudspith/Liz Morley

Scientific/Trade Press Enquiries Tel: 020 7861 3838
DeFacto Communications
Richard Anderson

About Plethora:

Plethora is focused on the development and marketing of products for the
treatment of urological disorders. The Company has products in clinical
development for the treatment of overactive bladder, stress urinary
incontinence, interstitial cystitis, gynaecological pain and premature
ejaculation. In January 2006, Plethora acquired Minneapolis (Mn) based Timm
Medical Technologies Inc which markets products for the treatment of erectile
dysfunction (ED) to urology clinics through a US-based specialty sales team. The
Company is headquartered in the UK and is listed on the London Stock Exchange
(AIM:PLE) Further information is available at

(i) Walsh PC. Patient-reported urinary continence and sexual function after
anatomic radical prostatectomy. J Urol2000; 164: 1929-1934.
(ii) Burnett AL. Rationale for cavernous nerve restorative therapy to preserve
erectile function after radical prostatectomy. Urology 2003; 61: 491-497
(iii) Gontero P, Fontana F, Zitella A, et al. A prospective evaluation of
efficacy and compliance with a multistep treatment approach for erectile
dysfunction in patients after non-nerve sparing radical prostatectomy. BJU
Int2005; 95: 359-365
(iv) Raina R, Agarwal A, Allamaneni SS, et al. Sildenafil citrate and vacuum
constriction device combination enhances sexual satisfaction in erectile
dysfunction after radical prostatectomy. Urology2005; 65: 360-364.

soul traders - 09 Oct 2006 10:33 - 12 of 141

What's the bottom line? It's difficult to predict how this might impact PLE's overall turnover, although it's bound to be positive. However, in terms of the product itself it seems like a big step forward, and it's good to see PLE making continued progress, particularly with the regulators.

hondaman - 06 Nov 2006 11:15 - 13 of 141

anyone got access to shares mag -read somewhere that there was a mention of Erecacid product and a likely takeover story -can see that myself once the imminent deal is announced and even better the deals on one product could be huge if sold as an asset namely PSD502.
Alternatively could be sold under separate licenses.

hondaman - 06 Nov 2006 11:53 - 14 of 141

we should be seeing 4 in a short while !

soul traders - 06 Nov 2006 12:04 - 15 of 141

Honda, from memory of reading the Shares article, you've about got the gist of it. PSD502 is the drug it talked about - obviously if and when the licensing deal comes through then that will be the kicker. The delay has been explained by the house broker as being due to the fact that PLE is in talks with more than one partner. Takeover is certainly a possibility due to PSD502 plus range of products for sexual health. One analyst (Navid Malik at (?)Collins Stewart) sees a 526p price target.

hondaman - 06 Nov 2006 12:17 - 16 of 141

soul also PLE have many products about 11 now I think -I have the company report and everytime I read it I feel more assured and confident.
Apparently the deal was delayed because the two companies they were in negotiations with merged and now the merger has happened the negotiations have advanced again. The main point of the mega deal (will happen going by the company's RNS this month/next as they state significant licensing revenue for second half 2006) is that PE market is 25-30% whereas ED is 10% so you can see how big the deal will be!!
The target 526 will be the start of things imho with other deals I see at least 10 -may sound daft now but in a year or so I feel its achievable .
Their top scientist has 80 patents in his name including Viagra which he was part of. All other managment peeps are top guys -best Pharma company for me in a longwhile! glad to have bought at these levels a bargain -even better than Matalan sales!!

hondaman - 06 Nov 2006 13:54 - 17 of 141

overhang cleared at last!! come on baby!

soul traders - 06 Nov 2006 14:11 - 18 of 141

Hondaman, thanks very much for the informative update and your views. I have long been convinced that this company should get a significant re-rating; how long I will hold is another thing as I know that products can take a long time to get to market and I may prefer to get out early rather than sit through a lot more quiet patches.

soul traders - 06 Nov 2006 14:14 - 19 of 141

Just seen the SP, and am delighted to report that my purchase has broken even :o)

PLE Bid: 195p Offer: 202p Change: 6.5

I had not been aware of a stock overhang but it makes sense given the shape of the chart this year.

Nice to see that the spread has narrowed a bit too.

soul traders - 06 Nov 2006 14:18 - 20 of 141

FWIW there has been a nice 50-point rise on the FTSE so far today, which must be helping sentiment.

hondaman - 06 Nov 2006 14:29 - 21 of 141

soul -do us a favour -any other shares that you think will do well at anytime please let me know on this board if its ok by you.
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