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goldfinger - 09 Jun 2005 12:25

Thought Id start this one going because its rather dead on this board at the moment and I suppose all my usual muckers are either at the Stella tennis event watching Dim Tim (lose again) or at Henly Regatta eating cucumber sandwiches (they wish,...NOT).

Anyway please feel free to just talk to yourself blast away and let it go on any company or subject you wish. Just wish Id thought of this one before.

cheers GF.

mnamreh - 04 May 2012 18:05 - 16501 of 81541


Fred1new - 04 May 2012 18:10 - 16502 of 81541

They have already dropped.

But Dreams.shouldn't take my name in vain.


Anyway thought it was the Cs birthday today.


Interesting Boris and Ken.

Will offer sympathy to Hays if Ken wins.

== )

dreamcatcher - 04 May 2012 18:14 - 16503 of 81541

You have turned me religious. :-))

required field - 04 May 2012 22:08 - 16504 of 81541

I see Labour have made some serious gains....well for a good government they say that you need a good opposition...the only thing that worries me is that people have short memories...we are in the mess we are in because of's the endless spending with the coffers empty that has put us in a tight position....have to say that britain need some jobs...essential for everybody.....very, very high priority...overtaxation like the previous labour government is not going to bring prosperity to this doubt that some of the televised press will promote the lefties more than the right seems a favourite thing for them to do....

Haystack - 05 May 2012 01:00 - 16505 of 81541

Nice to see Boris will be with us for a few years more.

Fred1new - 05 May 2012 09:05 - 16506 of 81541

Yes some do have short memories.

Go back to the period 2000-2006 and McMillan's "never had it so good" comes to mind, with many of the few tories left in government wanting more deregulation of the city and basking in "loads of money".

Also, the majority of pundits of that period congratulating Brown on his suppose good management of the economy and considering him to be successful. (Many however thought it was to good to be real.)

Or go back to the Thatcher period with boom and burst and flogging of the country's silver and instead of utilising the profits of the North Sea oil to improve the "infrastructure" of the UK, they squandered it.

Some do have short memories, others have memories which are often full of holes, which are made up for by their ability to confabulate.



It could be good to have a clown around in periods of stress.

Is he after Cameron's or George's job?

Have a guess he won't be aiming at that job until after the next election, possibly a tory defeat.

Wait and see with interest.

dreamcatcher - 05 May 2012 09:24 - 16507 of 81541

Fred, What about the gold lol, you seem to have forgot. I dont think you have a short memory or one full of holes but simply pick the best bits that suit what you debate about. Come on keep the playing field level. lol

Gordon Brown's decision to sell half of the UK's gold reserves 'cost UK £5billion'
Gordon Brown's decision to sell off part of the country's gold reserves 10 years ago cost the public purse nearly £5billion, official figures show.

That would of repaired a few schools or built a few hospitals.

Its no good keep going on about the cons when labour are even worse.

Fred1new - 05 May 2012 09:35 - 16508 of 81541


Data is there to be used.

Check the cost of the Faukland and Iraq wars again your £5billion

Look at the reasons given at the time for selling gold.

The Uk was not the only country to flog their gold.

Strange, but I always think of trinkets of little intrinsic value when gold is mentioned.

It is like a marker in the sand waiting for the tide to come in.

Have a good weekend the world is coming to the end.

dreamcatcher - 05 May 2012 09:37 - 16509 of 81541

Gold hits all-time high of $1,500 an ounce (which means the amount Gordon flogged for £2bn would today fetch £13BILLION)By Daily Mail Reporter

Short-changed: When sold at 1999 levels Gordon Brown got £2.3bn for 400 tons of gold. Today he would have got £12.95bn
The British economy was short-changed by almost £11billion when Gordon Brown sold 400 tons of Britain's gold reserves at rock-bottom prices.

Gold today rose above the $1,500 dollar-an-ounce barrier for the first time and a sale of the precious metal by the former Chancellor that raised £2.3billion would today have fetched a whopping £12.95billion.

Read more:

Complete fool and a idiot, thats Labour for you.

dreamcatcher - 05 May 2012 09:39 - 16510 of 81541

The Falkland war in my opinion was right, money far from wasted.

aldwickk - 05 May 2012 09:49 - 16511 of 81541

Boris Johnson for next Prime minster

aldwickk - 05 May 2012 09:51 - 16512 of 81541


$1,500 gold price is not a all time high ?

skinny - 05 May 2012 10:51 - 16513 of 81541

skinny - 05 May 2012 11:05 - 16514 of 81541

dreamcatcher - 05 May 2012 12:33 - 16515 of 81541

Even worse than aldwickk. :-)) Fred you would make a good MP. Looking at other countries and stating we were not the only ones or theres worse across the water.
Gordon cost the country a fortune and we are still paying for his term.

dreamcatcher - 05 May 2012 12:42 - 16516 of 81541

The decision to sell the gold – taken by Mr Brown when he was Chancellor – is regarded as one of the Treasury's worst financial mistakes and has cost taxpayers almost £7 billion.

Mr Brown and the Treasury have repeatedly refused to disclose information about the gold sale amid allegations that warnings were ignored.

Following a series of freedom of information requests from The Daily Telegraph over the past four years, the Information Commissioner has ordered the Treasury to release some details. The Treasury must publish the information demanded within 35 calendar days – by the end of April.

The sale is expected to be become a major election issue, casting light on Mr Brown's decisions while at the Treasury.

Last night, George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, demanded that the information was published immediately. "Gordon Brown's decision to sell off our gold reserves at the bottom of the market cost the British taxpayer billions of pounds," he said. "It was one of the worst economic judgements ever made by a chancellor.

dreamcatcher - 05 May 2012 12:49 - 16517 of 81541

Cash raised from the sales of the gold was reinvested in foreign currencies.

Haystack - 05 May 2012 13:34 - 16518 of 81541

Gordon must rank as one of the worst Prime Ministers of all time. The only one that might have been worse was Michael Foot, but thankfully he wasn't elected. The Labour manifesto of Michael Foot was called the longest suicide note in history.

It is a great shame that John Smith died too soon. I would have liked hime to remain as leader of the Labour party instead of Blair. The good thing about him was that he was unelectable and we would not have had Blair's government.

dreamcatcher - 05 May 2012 13:44 - 16519 of 81541

Haystack - 05 May 2012 14:07 - 16520 of 81541

His nose must be bigger than that already due the the lies that Labour tell on a daily basis.
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