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A-Z list of Share Prices

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Name Epic Price
U and I Group UAI 233.50
Ubisense Group UBI 70.00
Ubs (irl) Etf P GENG 1314.30
Ubs (irl) Etf P GENE 951.35
Ubs (irl) Etf P AWSG 992.20
Ubs (irl) Etf P AWSR 10.15
UBS ETF MSCI Uk Sri A-Dis UKSR 1594.00
Ubs (irl) Etf P WOFM 954.80
UBS ETF SP5GBY UC13 3620.00
Ubs (irl) Etf P AUGA 1467.75
Ubs (irl) Etf P UC95 1598.50
Ubs (irl) Etf P ULOV 1318.00
Ubs (irl) Etf P UPVL 1188.75
Ubs (irl) Etf P UC96 1721.25
Ubs (irl) Etf P UQLT 1505.75
Ubs (irl) Etf P UC99 1837.25
Ubs (irl) Etf P UD01 1730.75
Ubs (irl) Etf P UTSY 1206.75
Ubs (irl) Etf P AUAD 1601.25
Ubs (irl) Etf P USFM 1512.25
Ubs (irl) Etf P UB0A 1235.75
Ubs (irl) Etf P UB0B 1219.50
Ubs (irl) Etf P USPG 1601.75
UBS ETF - MSCI USA UCITS Etf (USD) A-Dis UC67 282.13
UBS ETF Barcap US 1-3 Year Treasury Bond UB74 1874.00
UBS ETF Barcap US 7-10year Treasury Bond UB82 3035.00
UBS ETF Barcap US Liq Corp Hdg To GBP Ad UC85 1597.50
UBS ETF Barcap US Liquid Corp USD A-Dis UC76 15.81
Ubs Etf Ubs Etf EUFM 837.45
UBS ETF Euro Stoxx 50 (EUR) A-Dis UB01 3075.75
UBS ETF FTSE 100 (GBP) A-Dis UB03 6961.50
Ubs Etf Ubs Etf EMLO 1143.50
Ubs Etf Ubs Etf UBXX 1235.00
UBS ETF Markit Iboxx E Germany 1-3 (EUR) UB89 7027.00
UBS ETF Markit Iboxx E Liquid Corporates UB99 9062.00
UBS ETF MSCI Canada (CAD) A-Dis UB23 2474.50
UBS ETF MSCI Em Socially Resp USD A-Dis UC79 1014.75
UBS ETF MSCI Emerging Markets (USD)A-Dis UB32 7990.00
UBS ETF MSCI Emu (EUR) A-Dis UB06 11052.00
Name Epic Price
UBS ETF MSCI Emu Small Cap (EUR) A-Dis UB69 8999.50
UBS ETF MSCI Europe&Mideastsociallyrespa UB39 8437.00
UBS ETF MSCI Emu Value (EUR) A-Dis UB17 3440.25
UBS ETF MSCI Europe (EUR) A-Dis UB12 5676.00
UBS ETF MSCI Japan (JPY) A-Dis UB02 3636.00
UBS ETF MSCI Pacific (Ex Japan) (USD) A UB20 3284.50
UBS ETF MSCI Pacific Socially Responsiba UB45 5529.50
UBS ETF MSCI North America Sociallyrespa UC46 8978.00
UBS ETF MSCI World (USD) A-Dis UC55 16826.00
UBS ETF MSCI World Socially Responsiblea UC44 7360.50
UBS ETF-MSCI United Kingdom A-Acc UC64 2332.25
UBS ETF-MSCI United Kingdom A-Dis UC63 1910.60
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UBIF 1314.75
Ubs Etf Ubsetf CUIH 1060.50
Ubs Etf Ubsetf CBSE 1239.00
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UBTL 982.63
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UBTP 1293.50
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UBTS 911.00
UBS ETF Barcap US Liq Corp 1-5 Hdg To GBP UC82 1377.75
UBS ETF Barcap US Liq Corp 1-5 USD A-Dis UC81 1072.25
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UC97 15.91
Ubs Etf Ubsetf SBEG 1106.50
Ubs Etf Ubsetf SBEM 857.38
Ubs Etf Ubsetf ELOV 1107.10
Ubs Etf Ubsetf EPVL 1110.00
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UD03 1468.90
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UD04 1711.40
Ubs Etf Ubsetf EQLT 1136.50
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UD05 1469.70
Ubs Etf Ubsetf ETSY 1038.90
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UD02 1343.60
Ubs Etf Ubsetf SEMC 943.00
UBS ETF MSCI Canada Hdg To GBP A-Acc UC87 1356.75
UBS ETF MSCI Emu Hdg To USD A-Dis UC89 25.18
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UB0E 1048.10
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UB0F 1021.00
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UBEU 1202.90
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UB0C 1244.50
Ubs Etf Ubsetf UB0D 1227.50
Ubs Etf Ubsetf JPSR 1748.25
UBS ETF MSCI Switzerland Hdg To GBP A-Acc UC93 1633.50
Name Epic Price
UBS ETF MSCI Switzerland Hdg To GBP A-Dis UC94 1552.75
Ubs Etfs Plc Ub UD06 955.45
Ubs Etfs Plc Ub UD08 10170.00
UBS ETFS - CMCI Composite Sf USD A UC15 4977.00
Ubs Etfs Plc Ub BCCU 10.32
UBS ETF CMCI Composite GBP A-Acc UC90 9102.50
Ubs Etfs Plc Ub CXAU 138.31
Ubs Etfs Plc Ub UC48 11013.00
UDG Healthcare UDG 685.50
Uil Finance Lim UTLG 107.97
Uil Finance Lim UTLH 102.25
Uil Finance Lim UTLE 146.50
Uil Finance Lim UTLF 127.00
Utilico Finance UTLD 159.50
Utilico Investments Limited UTL 183.50
UK Commercial Property Trust UKCM 88.90
UK Mortgages UKML 88.00
UK Oil & Gas Investments UKOG 2.02
Ukrproduct Group UKR 5.50
ULS Technology ULS 121.00
Ultimate Sports Group Ord 10p USG 20.00
Ultra Electronics Holdings ULE 1607.00
Unicorn Aim Vct UAV 144.00
Unilever ULVR 4269.00
Union Jack Oil UJO 0.09
Unite Group UTG 899.00
United Carpets Group UCG 7.75
United Oil Gas UOG 5.30
United Utilities Group UU. 702.00
Universe Group UNG 4.80
Univision Engineering UVEL 1.75
UP Global Sourcing Holdings UPGS 32.30
Upland Resources Limited UPL 3.45
Urals Energy UEN 85.00
Urban Exposure Ord Gbp0.01 UEX 111.50
Urban Logistics REIT SHED 122.50
Urban & Civic UANC 304.00
URU Metals URU 0.40
Utilico Emerging Markets UEM 199.86
Utilitywise UTW 22.38