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A-Z list of Share Prices

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Name Epic Price
T-mobile Us T Mobile Us Ord Shs 0R2L 56.68
T. Rowe Price Group T Rowe Price Group Ord Shs 0KNY 120.63
Taaleri Oyj Taaleri Ord Shs 0RF6 9.78
Tableau Software Tableau Software Ord Shs Class A 0LCS 93.49
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Adr R 0LCV 38.96
Take-two Interactive Software Take Two Interactive Software Ord Shs 0LCX 113.88
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Takeda Pharmaceutical Ord Shs 0RN3 49.35
Talend Sa Talend Adr Representing Ord Shs 0LCZ 55.03
Talenom Oyj Talenom Ord Shs 0RQI 14.40
Talex Sa Talex Ord Shs 0ODY 18.20
Taliesin Proper TPFZ 141.00
TalkTalk Telecom Group TALK 121.30
Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp As Tallinn Dept Ord Shs 0IZA 9.20
Tamedia Ag Tamedia Ag Ord Shs 0QO9 157.00
Tandem Group TND 142.50
Tanfield Group TAN 11.85
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Reit Ord S 0LD4 20.16
Tapestry Tapestry Ord Shs 0LD5 44.42
Taptica International TAP 310.00
Tarczynski Sa Tarczynski Ord Shs 0QFY 14.10
Targa Resources Corp Targa Resources Ord Shs 0LD9 48.57
Target Corp Target Ord Shs 0LD8 75.83
Target Healthcare Reit THRL 108.00
Targovax Asa Targovax Ord Shs 0RIS 15.98
Tarsus TRS 308.00
Tasty TAST 21.50
Tata Motors Tata Motors Adr Repsg 5 Ord Shs 0LDA 23.02
Tate & Lyle TATE 598.60
Tatra Banka As Tatra Bank Ord Shs 0Q4D 120000.00
Tatra Banka As Tatra Banka Ord Shs 0OHW 26600.00
Tatry Mountain Resorts As Tatry Mountain Resorts Ord Shs 0OFY 27.80
Tatton Asset Management TAM 228.00
Tau Capital TAU 0.06
Taubman Centers Taubman Centers Reit Ord Shs 0LDD 52.21
Tavistock Investments TAVI 3.05
Tax Systems TAX 81.50
Taylor Wimpey TW. 203.50
TBC Bank Group TBCG 1784.00
Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicine Tchaikapharma Ord Shs 0R83 7.90
Tcm Group As Tcm Group Ord Shs 0CUN 102.20
Td Ameritrade Holding Corp Td Ameritrade Holding Ord Shs 0LC9 61.09
Te Connectivity Te Connectivity Ord Shs 0VQJ 95.43
Team Tankers International Team Tankers International Ord Shs 0R6Q 8.90
Tec Maritsa 3 Ad Tets Maritsa 3 Ad Dimitrovgrad Ord Shs 0IA5 134.63
Optela Ad Optela Laser Ord Shs 0NEU 0.05
TechFinancials TECH 15.50
Technical Olympic Sa Technical Olympic Ord Shs 0P0R 2.16
Technologies And Innovations Corpor Saedinenie Ord Shs 0OFK 0.04
Technology Select Sector Spdr Fund Technology Select Sector Spdr Fund 0L4T 69.16
Techstep Asa Techstep Ord Shs 0K2D 3.22
Tecnoinvestimenti Spa Tecnoinvestimenti S.p.a. Ord Shs 0RIW 6.23
Ted Baker TED 2520.00
Teekay Tankers Teekay Tankers Ord Shs Class A 0EAQ 1.09
Teixeira Duarte Sa Teixeira Duarte Ord Shs 0N1O 0.26
Tekcapital TEK 17.00
Teladoc Teladoc Ord Shs 0LDR 48.70
Tele2 Ab Tele2 Ab Class A Ord Shs 0QE5 113.00
Telecom plus TEP 1068.00
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson Publ Ericsson A Ord Shs 0O86 67.90
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson Publ Ericsson Sponsored Adr Representing 1 Or 0IID 7.68
Telefonica SA TDE 8.16
Telegraaf Media Groep Nv Telegraaf Media Ord Shs 0KCU 6.00
Televerbier Sa Televerbier Ord Shs 0GMW 47.20
Telford Homes TEF 460.50
Telia Lietuva Ab Telia Lietuva Ord Shs 0G8J 1.13
Telit Communications TCM 149.00
Tellurian Tellurian Ord Shs 0LE3 11.70
Temple Bar Investment Trust TMPL 1326.00
Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust TEM 723.00
Ten Entertainment Group TEG 251.00
Ten Lifestyle Group TENG 100.00
Tencent Holdings Tencent Holdings Ord Shs 0Z4S 411.00
Tenneco Tenneco Ord Shs 0RT7 48.12
Ter Beke Nv Ter Beke Ord Shs 0G8L 166.50
Teradata Corp Teradata Ord Shs 0LEE 38.86
Teradyne Teradyne Ord Shs 0LEF 37.72
Teranga Gold Corp Teranga Gold Ord Shs 0VKB 5.29
Teraplast Sa Teraplast Ord Shs 0JG3 0.40
Terme Catez Dd Terme Catez Dd Ord Shs 0G7W 34.80
Terme Dobrna Dd Toplice Dobrna Ord Shs 0GKL 2.80
Termo Rex Sa Termorex Ord Shs 0QX9 1.32
Tern TERN 20.50
Terna Energy Sa Terna Energy Ord Shs 0OJX 5.10
Ternienergia Spa Ternienergia Ord Shs 0JDJ 0.41
Terra Capital TCA 1.08
Terranet Holding Ab Terranet Holding Ord Shs 0GH9 10.97
Terreis Sa Terreis Ord Shs 0NKO 43.00
Tertiary Minerals TYM 1.55
Tesaro Tesaro Ord Shs 0LEP 50.58
Tesco TSCO 245.80
Tesgas Sa Tesgas Ord Shs 0P1S 1.65
Tesla Tesla Ord Shs 0R0X 284.54
Tesmec Spa Tesmec Ord Shs 0MVJ 0.51
Tessi Sa Tessi Ord Shs 0ODJ 181.00
Tethys Oil Ab Tethys Oil Ord Shs 0RJW 83.49
Tethys Petroleum Tethys Petroleum Ord Shs 0ROT 0.00
Tetragon Financial Group Limited Ord Usd0.001 TFG 12.93
Tetragon Financial Group Limited Ord Usd0.001 Gbp TFGS 980.00
Name Epic Price
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs 0LEU 3.66
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Adr Repre 0LER 21.12
Tex Holdings TXH 113.50
Texas Instruments Texas Instrument Ord Shs 0R2H 110.33
Texim Bank Ad Texim Bank Ad Sofia Ord Shs 0QRP 2.74
Textron Textron Ord Shs 0LF0 66.24
Tf Bank Ab Tf Bank Ord Shs 0RHM 78.00
Thalassa Holdings THAL 84.50
Tharisa THS 111.00
European Investment Trust EUT 944.00
The Fulham Shore FUL 11.00
The Gym Group GYM 261.00
Local Shopping REIT (The) LSR 32.10
Mission Marketing Group (The) TMMG 48.00
The Renewables Infrastructure Group TRIG 104.80
The Simplybiz Group Ord Gbp0.01 SBIZ 185.96
The Swatch Group Ag Swatch Group I 2. Line Ord Shs 0REO 491.60
The Swatch Group Ag Swatch Group N 2. Line Ord Shs 0REM 90.90
The9 The9 Adr Reptg 1 Ord Shs 0LF2 1.33
Thermador Groupe Sa Thermador Groupe Ord Shs 0NKT 58.20
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific Ord Shs 0R0H 211.01
Thermocompact Sa Thermocompact Ord Shs 0GAI 44.80
Thessaloniki Port Authority Sa Thesloniki Port Authority Ord Shs 0OJL 27.60
Thessaloniki Water And Sewage Co Sa Thesloniki Water And Sewage Company Ord 0GCY 4.84
Thin Film Electronics Asa Thin Film Electronics Ord Shs 0JI9 1.88
Think Global Real Estate Ucits Etf Think Global Real Estate Ucits Etf 0EDG 35.68
Think Iboxx Aaa-aa Government Bond Think Iboxx Aaa-aa Government Bond Ucits 0EDQ 22.59
Think Iboxx Government Bond Ucits E Think Iboxx Government Bond Ucits Etf 0EDI 13.68
Think Total Market Ucits Etf Defens Think Total Market Ucits Etf Defensief 0MWL 55.40
Thinksmart TSL 8.40
Third Point Offshore Investors TPOU 16.83
Third Point Offshore Investors TPOG 1580.00
Thomas Cook Group TCG 128.90
Thomson Reuters Corp Thomson Reuters Ord Shs 0VKQ 50.01
Thor Industries Thor Industries Ord Shs 0LF8 100.84
Thor Mining THR 2.08
Thorpe (F W) TFW 311.00
Thq Nordic Ab Thq Nordic Ord Shs 0GFE 192.80
Thrace Plastics Co Sa Thrace Plastics Ord Shs 0JAC 2.41
Thrombogenics Nv Thrombogenics Nv Ord Shs 0G99 4.92
Thruvision Group THRU 13.38
Thunderbird Resorts Thunderbird Resorts Ord Shs 0M8W 0.20
Thurgauer Kantonalbank Thurgauer Kantonalbank Ord Shs 0QS4 104.00
Ti Fluid Systems Ord 1p Wi TIFS 250.00
Tie Kinetix Nv Tie Kinetix Ord Shs 0QCR 8.05
Tiffany Co Tiffany Ord Shs 0LFD 104.18
Tigenix Nv Tigenix Ord Shs 0EIT 1.77
Tiger Resource Finance TIR 0.50
Tigne Mall Tigne Mall Ord Shs 0QEA 0.96
Tikehau Capital Sc Tikheu Capital Ord Shs 0RP0 27.30
Tim Sa Tim Ord Shs 0LZ3 8.78
Time Out Group Hc TMO 89.50
Time Warner Time Warner Ord Shs 0QZV 92.88
T Comm Va T Comm Ord Shs 0R7T 12.10
Tinka Resources Tinka Resources Ord Shs 0VKV 0.44
Tintri Tintri Ord Shs 0LFL 1.09
Tipiak Sa Tipiak Ord Shs 0G9K 90.00
Tiscali Spa Tiscali Ord Shs 0LLP 0.03
Tissue Regenix Group TRX 11.50
Titan Cement Co 0NQY 17.50
Titanium Oyj Titanium Ord Shs 0CXQ 7.30
Titon Holdings TON 207.00
Tivoli As Tivoli Ord Shs 0RFR 650.00
Tivoly Sa Tivoly Ord Shs 0G9Q 34.20
Tiziana Life Sciences TILS 80.50
Tjx Companies Tjx Ord Shs 0LCE 86.27
Tk Development As Tk Development Ord Shs 0G9T 7.38
Tk Hold Ad Tk Hold Ord Shs 0IX7 1.50
TLA Worldwide TLA 17.50
Tlou Energy Limited TLOU 9.65
Tmk Artrom Sa Tmk Artrom Slatina Ord Shs 0IUO 4.38
TMT Investments TMT 2.50
TOC Property Backed Lending Trust PBLT 103.50
Todoroff Ad Todoroff Ord Shs 0JXP 0.22
Toll Brothers Toll Brothers Ord Shs 0LFS 42.40
Toma As Toma As Ord Shs 0GAM 1240.00
TomCo Energy TOM 6.38
Tonna Electronique Sa Tonna Electronique Ord Shs 0GAN 0.50
Tonnellerie Francois Freres Sa Tonnellerie Francois Freres Ord Shs 0IH4 39.34
Toople TOOP 0.88
Top Kinisis Travel Public Top Kinisis Travel Ord Shs 0GAQ 0.06
Toplivo Ad Toplivo Ad Ord Shs 0GAR 3.60
Topps Tiles TPT 71.40
Torchmark Corp Torchmark Ord Shs 0Q1Q 71.97
Torex Gold Resources Torex Gold Resources Ord Shs 0VL5 12.82
Torgoterm Ad Torgoterm Ad Kyustendil Ord Shs 0M7M 6.00
Torm Torm Ord Shs 0RG4 49.15
Tornos Holding Ag Tornos Holdings Ord Shs 0QK0 14.15
Toronto-dominion Bank Toronto Dominion Ord Shs 0VL8 75.59
Torpol Sa Torpol Ord Shs 0QXB 5.62
Toscana Aeroporti Spa Toscana Aeroporti Ord Shs 0OMS 15.70
Toshiba Corp Toshiba Ord Shs 0Q0C 303.00
Tosmares Kugubuvetava As Tosmares Kugubuvetava Ord Shs 0IZS 0.23
Total Gabon Sa Total Gabon Ord Shs 0IUV 164.00
Total Produce TOT 199.00
Total SA TTA 54.80
Total System Services Total System Services Ord Shs 0LG1 86.26
Totalbanken As Totalbanken Ord Shs 0GAV 62.20
Name Epic Price
Totally TLY 25.30
Totens Sparebank Totens Sparebank Ord Shs 0GAW 117.00
Touax Sa Sgtr Cite Sgt Cmte Taf Slm Touax Ord Shs 0IXN 10.65
Touchstar TST 58.50
Touchstone Exploration Com Shs Npv Di TXP 14.10
Touchtech Ab Touchtech Ord Shs 0GIM 7.30
Toupargel Groupe Sa Toupargel Groupe Ord Shs 0IWR 4.04
Tourin Properties Adsits Tourin Properties Reit 0K3I 1.00
Tower Resources TRP 1.70
Town Centre Securities TOWN 287.00
Toxotis Investments Public Toxotis Investments Ord Shs 0GAZ 0.04
Toya Sa Toya Ord Shs 0Q48 16.60
Toyota Caetano Portugal Sa Toyota Caetano Portugal Ord Shs 0FYA 2.82
Toyota Motor Corp Toyota Motor Adr Rep 2 Ord Shs 0LG5 136.67
TP Group TPG 7.25
TP Icap TCAP 436.30
TR European Growth Trust TRG 1104.00
Tr Hotel Jardin Del Mar Sa Tr Hotel Jardin Del Mar Ord Shs 0QH9 1.02
TR Property Investment Trust TRY 407.00
Trace Group Hold Ad Trace Group Hold Ad Sofia Ord Shs 0M7W 4.18
Tracsis TRCS 575.00
Traction Ab Traction B Ord Shs 0GOS 158.00
Tractor Supply Co Tractor Supply Ord Shs 0REL 60.00
Trade Desk Trade Desk Ord Shs Class A 0LF5 80.44
Tradedoubler Ab Tradedoubler Ord Shs 0GTU 2.06
Trafalgar New Homes TRAF 0.97
Trakcja Prkii Sa Trakcja Polska Ord Shs 0LZ7 3.65
Trakiysko Pivo Ad Trakiysko Pivo Ord Shs 0NL6 5.00
Trakm8 Holdings TRAK 91.00
Trans Polonia Sa Trans Polonia Ord Shs 0P2T 3.90
Trans-Siberian Gold TSG 37.50
Transatlantic Petroleum Transatlantic Petroleum Ord Shs 0UE7 1.95
Transdigm Group Transdigm Group Ord Shs 0REK 324.33
Transense Technologies TRT 44.00
Transenterix Transenterix Ord Shs 0LG9 2.85
Transgene Sa Transgene Ord Shs 0OCQ 2.96
Transilvania Broker De Asigurare Sa Transilvania Broker De Asigurare Ord Shs 0TCR 12.00
Transilvania Constructii Sa Transilvania Constructii Ord Shs 0M83 31.40
Transinvestment Adsits Transinvestment Reit 0OMW 1.00
Transocean Transocean Ord Shs 0QOW 13.71
Transstroy Bourgas Ad Transstroy-burgas Ad Ord Shs 0MWF 9.40
Trastor Real Estate Investment Comp Trastor Real Estate Investment Company O 0KHD 0.79
Travelers Companies Travelers Companies Ord Shs 0R03 130.72
Travis Perkins TPK 1306.00
Treasure Asa Treasure Ord Shs 0RIV 15.50
Treatt TET 485.00
Trention Ab Trention Ord Shs 0RGJ 60.20
Trevali Mining Corp Trevali Mining Ord Shs 0VLM 1.11
Trevi Finanziaria Industriale Spa Trevi Finanziaria Industriale Ord Shs 0G91 0.41
Tri-Star Resources TSTR 0.05
Triad Group TRD 60.00
Triaina Investments Pcl Triena Investment Capital Ord Shs 0I8R 2.00
Triaina Investments Pcl Triena Investment Public ome Ord Shs 0NWA 0.80
Triaina Investments Pcl Triena Investment Public Ord Shs 0NWB 0.52
Tribal Group TRB 81.50
Tricorn Group TCN 30.00
Trifast TRI 253.00
Trigon Property Development As As Trigon Property Development Ord Shs 0HI4 0.52
Trillium Therapeutics Trillium Therapeutics Ord Shs 0VLS 7.85
Trinity Exploration & Production TRIN 23.00
Tripadvisor Tripadvisor Ord Shs 0QZS 48.85
Triple Point ome VCT TPV1 50.00
Triple Point Social Housing Reit C Shs 1.25p SOHC 101.50
Triple Point Social Housing Reit SOHO 101.25
Tristel TSTL 317.50
Trisura Group Trisura Group Ord Shs 0AMJ 25.78
Tritax Big Box Reit BBOX 150.20
Triumph Gold Corp Triumph Gold Ord Shs 0VLY 0.34
Troax Group Ab Publ Troax Group Ord Shs 0R6A 300.00
Troy ome & Growth Trust TIGT 78.10
Trufin Ord Npv TRU 214.00
Trupanion Trupanion Ord Shs 0LH0 28.23
Tsakos Energy Navigation Tsakos Energy Navigation Ord Shs 0UED 3.55
TT Electronics TTG 237.00
Tts Group Asa Tts Group Ord Shs 0MQC 6.28
Tubos Reunidos Sa Tubos Reunidos Ord Shs 0KD2 0.38
Tucows Tucows Ord Shs 0LH4 63.15
Tufton Oceanic Assets Limited Ord Npv SHIP 1.06
TUI AG TUI 1789.00
Tullow Oil TLW 276.00
Tungsten Corporation TUNG 56.00
Turbomecanica Sa Turbomecanica Bu Ord Shs 0I5X 0.25
Turism Felix Sa Turism Felix Ord Shs 0IMZ 0.22
Turism Hoteluri Restaurante Marea N Turism Hoteluri Restaurante Marea Neaagr 0E97 0.08
Turquoise Hill Resources Turquoise Hill Resources Ord Shs 0VM4 3.79
Twenty-first Century Fox Twenty First Century Fox Ord Shs Class A 0LHH 37.77
Twenty-first Century Fox Twenty-first Century Fox Ord Shs Class B 0LHI 37.28
Twentyfour ome Fund TFIF 121.50
Twentyfour Select Monthly ome Fund SMIF 99.00
Twilio Twilio Ord Shs Class A 0LHL 53.73
Twitter Twitter Ord Shs 0QZB 32.58
Two Shields Investments Ord 0.1p TSI 0.36
Txcell Sa Txcell Ord Shs 0QTN 1.13
Txt E Solutions Spa Txt E-solutions Ord Shs 0NLD 11.88
Tyman TYMN 325.00
TyraTech TYR 2.45
Tyratech TYRU 2.40
Tyson Foods Tyson Foods Ord Shs Class A 0LHR 68.64