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Eurasia Mining (EUA)     

aevansdj - 20 Jul 2005 16:35

Has anyone heard anything about this firm regarding newsflow?

h.hairettin - 19 Apr 2006 07:29 - 2 of 269

Just found this.The site is free to register.

Eurasia Mining: Nearly time to come back in from the cold?

Do you remember those somewhat daft physcology tests carried out in the 80's where a doctor would hold up a picture of an object and then the patient had to say what first came to mind?

Picture: Dog
Patient: Bone

Picture: Bird
Patient: Sky

Now imagine if the doctor was testing an exploration geologist....

Picture: Platinum
Geologist: Bushveld

A slightly crude analogy, but you get the picture (hahaha)....

As wonderful as my humour is, there is a serious undertone. Platinum is synonymous with South Africa and the Bushveld which is home to the greatest and most consistent platinum group metals (PGM) mineralisation found in the world. Outside of South Africa, there are a number of other areas with PGM, but nothing on the scale of the Bushveld.

aevansdj - 17 Apr 2007 11:34 - 3 of 269

Some discoveries of platinum has helped the share price rise.Although not on a large scale say to 15p or 20p.Is this because demand is'nt as great as say oil.Or is it because the company is still doing drilling test to see if mining is economically viable.If the latter is the case then this share must be one for the future.Every report you seem to read is encouraging but nothing seems to happen.

Forgive me if I sound thick as just a small private investor who enjoys trying to pick shares with potential for growth.

humpback321 - 17 Apr 2007 19:14 - 4 of 269

second discovery in a month,open pit mining possible,backed by the worlds largest platinum producer,fully funded until end 2008,share price rising,looks good.any comments???

share trader - 06 Jul 2008 00:32 - 5 of 269

Recent article and analysis, click HERE

tescoma - 30 Jul 2009 12:06 - 6 of 269

hearing some good news very soon

tescoma - 30 Jul 2009 12:11 - 7 of 269

action on plus.

tescoma - 30 Jul 2009 12:24 - 8 of 269

cannot get a buy quote.hmm

tescoma - 30 Jul 2009 12:49 - 9 of 269

had a 100k@1.5 order in for 30mins cannot get it filled.anyone got the same problem

tescoma - 30 Jul 2009 13:02 - 10 of 269


maxtor - 07 Jan 2011 08:31 - 12 of 269

Is this about to max out?

gibby - 04 Jan 2012 15:07 - 13 of 269

oh dear - p&d in progress - some rumour about production licenses being granted - beware not to get locked in here

dreamcatcher - 04 Jan 2012 19:03 - 14 of 269

RNS Number : 0080V
Eurasia Mining PLC
04 January 2012

Eurasia Mining plc

("Eurasia" or the "Company")

Share Price Movement

The directors of the Company note the movement in the Company's share price today. The directors can confirm that they are not aware of any reason for the change.

gibby - 04 Jan 2012 20:58 - 15 of 269

hi dc - yep that about sums it up - for any interested some historic background data.....
would place this in the extreme high risk category!!

banjomick - 05 Jul 2016 09:24 - 16 of 269

Eurasia Mining MD happy with Semenovsky progress
16:35 04 Jul 2016

An external assessment of the Semensovsky tailings project in Russia has confirmed the grades, Eurasia Mining plc's (LON:EUA) managing director told Proactive.

Independent verification was important said Christian Schaffalitsky as it moves on to the next stages of cyanide and recovery testing and a reserves report.

If they go to plan, Eurasia, and partner Metal Tiger, will devise an optimisation plan that may see construction get underway as early as next year, permits allowing, he says.

banjomick - 27 Jul 2016 08:29 - 17 of 269

27 July 2016
Eurasia Mining plc (AIM: EUA)

West Kytlim Mining operation update - July 2016

Eurasia Mining plc, the PGM and gold mining company, is pleased to update on developments at its West Kytlim platinum and gold mine. As reported on 21 June 2016, machinery and personnel from both Eurasia and its contractor SK Region-Stroy ("SKRS") are working at the site building necessary infrastructure and preparing open pits for mining. Work remains on schedule with the first black sand platinum and gold bearing concentrates planned for shipment for refining by mid -August 2016.


- Machinery including two excavators, two bulldozers, three dump trucks and one loader are being operated on a shift rota;

- Water pond to manage processing water now fully excavated;

- Work is continuing on a trench to protect the open pit from water ingress;

- Southern end of tailings dump retaining wall now complete, work continues at the northern end;

- Some washplant components including conveyer belts and parts of the sluices have arrived, other components due;

- Construction has commenced on the field laboratory which will upgrade concentrates ahead of shipping for refining.

Further detail

Excellent progress has been made by the team onsite at the West Kytlim Project in the five weeks since commencing the operation. The preparatory work necessary to organise a safe, effective and environmentally sound work site to mine an alluvial orebody is now well advanced. As described previously, (see RNS's date 25 May 2016 And 21 June 1016), the current phase of operations is a start-up operation utilising diesel powered machinery to produce near and at surface ore bodies in the area known as Malaya Sosnovka. Significant capital expansion to include draglines operating on mains grid power is planned for year 2 and for the projected ten-year life of mine.

Once preparatory work has been completed the focus will immediately shift to production from the 5 defined reserve blocks in the Malaya Sosnovka area. Critical elements of the washplant have arrived to site ahead of time while other longer lead time parts are now due. The washplant when constructed will have sufficient capacity to fulfil the 2016 mining schedule. A second washplant owned by Eurasia is being refurbished and can be used to process a small volume of metal bearing gravels before the main washplant is installed.

Documentation and reporting;

The Exploration Project Report covering upgrade of Resource blocks to Reserves, on the entire 21Km2 mining licence will be submitted in the coming weeks. Under the terms of the agreement with SKRS, Eurasia are responsible for exploration on the licence which will be phased to ensure supply of sufficient reserves for the mining operation.

Christian Schaffalitzky, MD at Eurasia Mining commented'

"Our 2016 field season is off to an excellent start thanks to the experienced field personnel in both Eurasia and SKRS. As a consequence we are now a matter of weeks away from producing our first concentrates for refining with no major delays envisaged. We anticipate that the final components of the washplant will be delivered and the washplant commissioned within two to three weeks, which gives us enough time to complete the tailings dam and install the final elements of the mine design, including the facility for upgrading to a shippable black sand concentrate. We are also finalizing our plans for metal refining which will be announced shortly."

driver - 27 Jul 2016 15:34 - 18 of 269

Been looking at these.

driver - 27 Jul 2016 16:59 - 19 of 269

In now looks like the bottom I hope..

banjomick - 27 Jul 2016 19:48 - 20 of 269

Hi driver, news and updates over the next few weeks and months should be positive and create more interest.

banjomick - 28 Jul 2016 09:33 - 21 of 269

28 July 2016
Eurasia Mining plc (AIM: EUA)
("Eurasia" or the "Company")

Platinum refining and sales agreements with Ekaterinburg non-ferrous metals processing plant

Eurasia Mining plc, the PGM and gold mining company, is pleased to provide an update with regard to the chosen provider of metal refining services for product from the West Kytlim Mine. Agreement has been reached with the Ekaterinburg Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant ("EZOCM"), part of the Renova Group of companies, for processing of black sand concentrates containing a suite of precious metals from the West Kytlim Mine and a separate contract has been agreed to cover sale of the resulting metal bullion to EZOCM. EZOCM have been operating for 100 years and offer a full range of processing services and end products. Details of the agreements are presented below.


- EZOCM has been selected as the stand out candidate with necessary equipment and personnel to refine metals from black sand concentrates.

- Concentrates at greater than 60% platinum to be delivered in batches of not less than 500g.

- Platinum refining at a cost of 2.75%, payable by Eurasia, Gold refining costs agreed at 5.5%

- Other metals in the PGM suite, i.e. Iridium, Palladium and Rhodium will be recovered but are not expected to materially affect project economics.

- Concentrates are assayed and certified by mutual agreement within 30 days of receipt.

- Refined metals are also to be sold to EZOCM with settlement within 5 days.

Further detail

The precious metals refinery at Ekaterinburg was commissioned on 23rd October 1916 and is the oldest producer of pure platinum metal in Russia selling products to circa 1,200 customers in Russia and abroad. Their products and service are internationally recognised as being of the highest quality and are included on the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) Good Delivery List of refiners and assayers. The main products of EZOCM are precious metal bullions, precious metal anode elements, chemical compounds, catalyst gauzes, crucibles for industrial uses, products used in dentistry etc.

Eurasia has agreed, through its subsidiary Kozvinsky Kamen, contracts governing refining of precious metals from black sand concentrates, and separately, sale of the metal content to EZOCM. The concentrate is upgraded on site at the project in West Kytlim to a concentrate of not less than 60% platinum, and shipped in batches of not less than 500g contained platinum. These are received to the refinery, weighed and assayed and then certified by mutual agreement between the parties. Metals are then refined from the concentrate and are subject to a refining charge per precious metal as indicated above. The metal is then sold to the refinery at 93-95% of London Metal Exchange prices and payment settled in Roubles within 5 days. Contracts will be re-negotiated on an annual basis.

Christian Schaffalitzky, MD at Eurasia Mining commented'

" EZOCM was the natural candidate for metal refining, having processed similar material from the West Kytlim area and elsewhere in the Urals Platinum Belt. We are pleased to work with them now and potentially for the Life of the Project and look forward to shipment of our first concentrates in late August. In addition, we are particularly pleased to have agreed a framework for the sales of the refined metals to EZOCM, and look forward to updating shareholders on this in due course."
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