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BT.A (BT.A)     

washlander - 24 Nov 2003 17:16

If Bt has bought back 2million 5 thousand shares to day. How come it shows on trades as a sell?


little woman - 24 Nov 2003 17:40 - 2 of 714

Because of the price. These were bought below the sell price - which was very kind of Merrill Lynch to get them!

All shares sold are buys elsewhere - they get recorded according to price.

If the price is below the mid price they are recorded as a sell, and above the mid price they are recorded as a buy.

brianboru - 24 Nov 2003 20:26 - 3 of 714

The 176.198p looks like the mean or median days price, ML were probably picking stock up for BT all day.
Anyway, I think it's a wise move for BT.A to buy in at these prices - Good long term investment below 2 IMO.

ajren - 25 Nov 2003 18:48 - 4 of 714

Today @ 175.55 average

ajren - 26 Nov 2003 18:18 - 5 of 714

Today = 172.64

optomistic - 26 Nov 2003 20:19 - 6 of 714

Interested in BT as in other telecoms, but I would like to see the current downtrend levelled off before going in on this one. As to the share repurchase I think this is particularly good for BT, and other companies buying back stock cum dividend as the stock repurchased is then absolved from the dividend payment and those funds staying in the company, could be however that BT made their repurchase a little too soon as it looks technically like the share price could dip to 155/160p. Anyone with similar views?

washlander - 04 Dec 2003 10:27 - 7 of 714

The telecom sector in general is doing better the BT how come. I have been away for a few days in the States and read an interesting article on fixed lines and how they are threatened by internet phone companies. Anyone read that?

washlander - 17 Dec 2003 09:07 - 8 of 714

BT is puzzeling me. Further to my no.6 posting, there has been nothing but good news from BT. However the price is still stagnant. BT have also released a statement last weekend to say that they are now going head to head with the IT companies as far as offering internet phone services. This is an area for the future and will further threaten fixed line companies. This proves beyond a doubt that BT can no longer be classed as a utility.
Have I missed something. I would appreciate thoughts on this.
Thanks in advance.

Melnibone - 17 Dec 2003 09:15 - 9 of 714

I don't think that you can read much into it at the moment.

Everything seems to be range trading as the FTSE drifts
around between 4320 and 4400.

I don't think that there will be much movement until
the FTSE takes on a direction. Until then it will just
range up and down with the FTSE.

FTSE won't move much until the US decides to show its
colours. There's a lot of recovery already priced into
the US markets, any disappointment and it will sell off.


The Other Kevin - 05 Nov 2004 12:02 - 10 of 714

Now what has kicked BT.A into life today?

daves dazzlers - 05 Nov 2004 16:23 - 11 of 714

You tell me,i thought it was all negative press at the mo.

brianboru - 07 Nov 2004 20:09 - 12 of 714

What a shame!
I was a fan and shareholder of BT with it's strong cash flow and excellent policy of increasing the dividend each year. Seems now though they're about to embark on a billion dollar adventure across in the USA. They'll be almost the first UK company not to get their fingers badly burnt when expanding into the States if it is a success but anyway I have a rule of selling any UK stock that goes down that avenue. Pity, as I said, I was a big fan at these prices.

daves dazzlers - 10 Nov 2004 15:10 - 13 of 714

Whats going on here , the big 2.00 is almost on the horizon,,divi in january as well..

itsmeagain - 10 Nov 2004 16:44 - 14 of 714

heard from a source that they and Vod are making something together that will allow you to use a phone or something, that will let you combine the "phone" as a mobile and landline,yet keep the same number. Only here say.

daves dazzlers - 11 Nov 2004 07:27 - 15 of 714

Not to bad for an old school company,,bring on the new business ..

proptrade - 11 Nov 2004 10:47 - 16 of 714

great to see this stock having some post time.

i have to say i am a believe in this old girl....2.25 by end of Q1

daves dazzlers - 12 Nov 2004 08:41 - 17 of 714

2.00 its here,, hope it holds this and moves on.

proptrade - 12 Nov 2004 12:52 - 18 of 714

agreed...i am a holder since IPO. one of 3 stalwarts in my portfolio that is so stagnent there is a new breed of moss encompassing it!

daves dazzlers - 15 Nov 2004 16:13 - 19 of 714

Bt.a/lmc/wlw,,have teamed up with digital specialist inspired broadcast networks to offer music downloads for cash through a vending machine.
The four companies are investing 50 million over two years into digital vending,where customers will be able to put money into a machine and download music to there devices ranging from mobile phones to dedicated digital music players.
Inspired believes the technology will open up the download market to people who prefer cash to credit cards or those who do not have plastic.
Terminals will be available in pubs,digital jukeboxes and through drinks vending machines and music listening posts in shops.The technology is being trialled in train stations and other public areas.
Other companies supporting the project include coca-cola and welcome break,and other products on offer will include travel and concert tickets.
Bt retail chief executive pierre danon said,,this is a fantastic example of how broadband can deliver music in a new and innovative way..

daves dazzlers - 15 Nov 2004 16:14 - 20 of 714

Fifty pence a shot by the way..

daves dazzlers - 18 Nov 2004 16:35 - 21 of 714

Back over 2 quid,bloody hell.
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