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SYMPHONY PLASTICS - Recycle your way to a triple bagger! (SYM)     

the pink pound - 15 Jul 2003 01:10

From earlier this year.

"The fund raise significantly strengthens Symphony's balance sheet and will
allow us to maintain the quantum growth we have enjoyed over the past few
months. We are now receiving significant interest from a variety of sectors in
our degradable solution to the problems associated with plastic waste and,
following this strengthening of our resources, we are in a much stronger
position to meet the considerable demand for our products."

This last statement shows that corporations are looking seriously at Symphonys products. Yesterdays announcement shows a real coup for the company, as they have walked away from a potential exclusivity contract with no penalties!. Rarely seen IMO.

Bio-degradeable products are appearing everywhere, especially in the consumer disposal market, and Symphony look to be taking a large chunk of this with their own brands.

I believe strongly in the management of the company. I see they have the technical ability and also the qualities required to deal with the financial markets. Too often we see an excellent company with strong technical management, only to see them fail as they have no idea how to deal with the stock market.

That is why I am nominating Symphony plastics as my "tip of the week". If you get in early enough, I believe you could see a potential treble bagger by the end of July.

I would welcome your comments on the above analysis.

verymaryhinge - 15 Jul 2003 07:50 - 2 of 362

I'm told they don't own the technology - but license it. I believe that was in Shares mag or one of those a few months ago. Would love to have conf. / rebuttal as I have also noticed these recently..


Andy - 15 Jul 2003 11:56 - 3 of 362


You are correct!

I knew I had read this before, and I believe the licence is for 15 years, and there was some doubt as to where in the world SYM can market it's products, and if I remeber correctly, i think they can market anywhere except the USA, (but that is my best recollection, and could well be wrong.)


About d2w (formerly SPI -TEK)
The technology, branded as d2w, utilizes a special additive (Symphony holds a license to use EPI TDPA patented additives


Source :

the pink pound - 16 Jul 2003 21:07 - 4 of 362

The technology is good. The product is good (ask tescos, allegedly!). It is starting to appear in a lot of supermarkets.

Next results will be very very interesting.

Andy - 17 Jul 2003 17:40 - 5 of 362


SYM have a good product, there is no doubt.

What will either make or break it will surely be the new 9p per plastic bag "environmental tax" to be placed on plastic bags, as has occurred in Eire.

IMHO SYM's bags should be exepmt, as they are envronmentally friendly, as they degrade, and hopefully the governement wil agree.

Then the orders will fly in as all the major supermarkets ditch the non bio degaradable bags, in favour of ones that duty isn't payable on.

A win win situation for the environment and SYM!

touche - 20 Aug 2003 11:39 - 6 of 362

Seems to have bottomed at 20p and going up nicely on run up to results and (in my opinion) speculation of a deal with Tesco's

If confirmed these will fly

Andy - 20 Aug 2003 13:06 - 7 of 362


Yes I have seen the Tesco's rumour on naother BB today, where there's smoke?

gardyne - 20 Aug 2003 15:11 - 8 of 362

Read the thread earlier and checked the buys.Bought pm in with you guys on this one.

touche - 21 Aug 2003 09:37 - 9 of 362

Well it appears that there are all sorts of rumours abound with SYM.

Even if no deals signed, I am sure that mid Sept results will be very strong with the Somerfield/Kwik Save deal previously announced.

According to poster on ADVFN (who had chat with his broker as to the reason for the rise) SYM are in discussions with WalMart and also BT - presumably to package telephone directories..

Either way exciting times ahead

All speculation at this point though

GINGERJIMMO - 02 Sep 2003 14:31 - 10 of 362

I've noticed that this seems to be on up, does anyone know why - more rumours, speculation or results imminant?

rzdavies - 02 Sep 2003 17:10 - 11 of 362

any news on corus?Independent on Sunday said Alisher UsmanovRussian metals entrepreneur has amassed 100mln. war chest to double his stake of 7p.c. in corus

GINGERJIMMO - 03 Sep 2003 10:10 - 12 of 362

Not sure if anyone else is watching Symphony but it is following yesterdays 10%+ with another 10% this morning!!!
If anyone is holding any news to share or price target ??

gardyne - 03 Sep 2003 22:20 - 13 of 362

Waiting for the int.results which came out last year on 9th September.Company gave three days notice before posting and this could happen again.Buying has been because figures are expected to be good with some help from last year contract wins.This year further contract wins for the degradeable bags and speculation of more good news perhaps when interims are announced is also a reason.I mentioned this share on the penny share thread in august and have made 50% but because of the above reasons I think this one has further to go in the next week or so.

Master RSI - 06 Nov 2003 17:13 - 14 of 362

After Tuesday sharp fall, the share price is recovering since with a good 24-25p+1p today, not much volume but the Indicators at bottom is saying more to come.

kantona - 09 Nov 2003 23:07 - 15 of 362

....this one seems to have alot of potential now that it has signed a major deal .. the operative paragraph is the last one .. stating it expects to sign more deals over the coming months, therefore taking it into profitability .. does anyone have any views .. i'm considering taking a position as the price still seems reasonable at the present time

Symphony Plastic Technologies PLC
07 November 2003

For Immediate Release 7 November 2003

Symphony Plastic Technologies plc

Distribution Agreement - Brazil

Symphony Plastic Technologies plc ('Symphony'), the degradable plastics company, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive 10 year agreement with RES Brasil S/C LTDA ('RES'), to distribute its d2wTM totally degradable products and additives throughout Brazil. This contract follows several months of successful trials and negotiations for the general distribution, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of totally degradable flexible polythene products.

RES, a Brazilian company, is a pioneer in South America in the manufacture and
commercialisation of biodegradable products associated with composting, water
solubility as well as other environmental solutions for the disposal of waste.

The agreement is for Symphony to supply RES with an unlimited amount of d2wTM
degradable additives to support the sub-licensing of several factories to
manufacture d2wTM branded finished products for use and distribution throughout
Brazil. The exclusivity is subject to a minimum volume of 25 tons of additive to be purchased during 2004 (equivalent to approximately 850 tons of finished
products), rising to 100 tons (equivalent to 3400 tons of finished products) in

No minimum volumes are specified beyond 2005. The agreement consists of a
product purchase for Symphony's d2wTM additive and a royalty payment for the
finished products.

Commenting on the agreement, Eduardo Van Roost, Chief Executive of RES Brasil,

'As pioneers in South America for degradable products, RES has begun to sign key contracts with high quality companies in a number of sectors. We are extremely pleased to be working with Symphony to create new degradable products in this important area of environmental awareness.'

Commenting on the agreement, Michael Laurier, Chief Executive of Symphony, said:

'This is Symphony's second significant licensing contract and introduces the
company to one of the largest markets in the world. We are delighted to be
working with RES, which has already promoted d2wTM technology successfully
during the past few months and major trials for a broad range of plastic
products are presently ongoing. Both RES and Symphony remain optimistic that
some major orders could result over the coming months.'

For more information, please contact:
Michael Laurier Tel: 020 8207 5900
Chief Executive Office, Symphony

Bobby Morse/Rebecca Skye Dietrich Tel: 020 7466 5000
Buchanan Communications

This information is provided by RNS
The company news service from the London Stock Exchange

kantona - 09 Nov 2003 23:36 - 16 of 362

from the FT ...

COMPANIES UK: Symphony's Brazil rubbish deal in the bag
By David Blackwell
Financial Times; Nov 08, 2003

Symphony Plastic Tech-nologies, producer of bio-degradable carrier bags for the Co-op and Somerfield, yesterday announced a deal that could sharply reduce the amount of plastic rubbish blowing around Brazil.

Michael Laurier, Symphony chief executive, said: "Our plastics break up in 90 days, when exposed to Brazil's climate, whereas in the UK it can take up to 12 months."

The latest deal is with RES, a Brazilian distributor specialising in biodegradable products. Symphony will supply RES with an unlimited amount of its d2w additive, which leads plastics exposed to heat and sunlight to break up into water and carbon dust.

The Brazilian deal follows agreements this year with distributors in South Africa and Canada. The news lifted the company's shares 4p to 28p yesterday.

All three deals have been agreed since the company, which moved from Ofex to Aim at the end of 2001, this summer ended its licensing agreement for additives with EPI, a small US technology company. The launch of d2w, its own product, let Symphony target export markets for the first time.

The cost of ending the EPI deal left Symphony 2.23m in the red in the first half to June. However, interim sales of 3.71m were equivalent to more than 90 per cent of sales in full-year 2002.

The company will work closely with manufacturers abroad in the use of the d2w additive. It aims to make a margin on the sale of the additive and then collect a royalty on the plastic bags produced. The deal with RES guarantees delivery of a minimum volume of 25 tonnes of additive this year, enough to make 850 tonnes of finished product. That would equate to 1m of revenue for RES, on which Symphony would collect a royalty. Mr Laurier said Symphony regarded the guaranteed sales as a minimum.

ticker - 12 Nov 2003 14:07 - 17 of 362

Are we still supporting this share?

kantona - 12 Nov 2003 15:44 - 18 of 362

put this away in the draw for at least few months ....

ticker - 12 Nov 2003 16:39 - 19 of 362

Good to see that you are still a supporter kantona. IMHO, I do think this one is for the long term. It has a great product and the company is now well known worldwide.

Not sure if I should top up further though. It does have a bad habit of going up only to come down again the next day.

Xfingers :)

kantona - 12 Nov 2003 18:10 - 20 of 362

unlike other blue-sky companies i hold at the moment this one actually has got a product to sell ..and it has been selling it over the past few months .. if you read the last few rns on these you vll appreciate what i am saying.. this why i think this is a genuine growth we get more news of further contracts etc this vll increase..others vll appreciate the value .like i said b4 hold this one for at least 6-12 months and you vll see the returns.

good luck

ajren - 12 Nov 2003 21:49 - 21 of 362

I think it is good news:-

Ref:- Nov 7 Distribution agreement - Brazil
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