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Traders Thread - Week commencing Monday 06th August 2018 (TRAD)     

skinny - 04 Aug 2018 09:20 - 2 of 28

The Papers

kimoldfield - 06 Aug 2018 07:25 - 3 of 28

Good morning!

CC - 06 Aug 2018 09:02 - 4 of 28

Morning all

CC - 06 Aug 2018 10:08 - 5 of 28

Fred - continuing from last weeks thread.

At the moment I feel a little down about the last 2-3 months. I think what's frustrating me most is that I don't actually have a single stock in my portfolio going in the right direction to cheer me up. Nearly all of them are drifting lower on a very gradual drip drip basis

Of course I do have a few which are going up and some which are flat but those that are going up are trying their hardest to get back to where they were 2-3 months ago and it feels like they are climbing a mountain.

Even more frustratingly I changed strategy a little about 4-6 months ago to hold more stocks which were less UK dependent. Trump trade wars have negated those trades even though the stocks I hold aren't especially trade wars related. Merely being associated with it seems to have changed the outlook.

I am fairly fed up with Brexit... I don't think our politicians in any of the parties are doing a very good job and the market seems to agree. Until something changes I see little hope for share prices despite decent PMI readings for services, manufacturing and construction in the region of 53-56, PSBR coming down, good employment figures, inflation coming down and BOE making another step last week recognising an improving economy.

The FTSE is down 0.3% so far this year and I'm up 2.5%

FTSE overall yield is 4.0% I'm doing very slightly better than that. I shouldn't complain. Rationalising it isn't helping though...

Fred1new - 06 Aug 2018 11:11 - 6 of 28


Your story is similar to mine.

I am too heavy in Construction, Household Goods and Homes, Banks, with a smattering of other sectors.

Nearly all of which did me well until May, but have been falling or treading water on and off since then.

Every time I think a share price is going in the “correct” direction, it smiles at me and says hard luck.

All my holdings are in ISAs (minor holds of bank SBs outside and small SIPP for a family member.)

Have been trying to move a little into dual listed NYSE and London, but find many have too high PEs or little yields for me.


Market response to what appears to be reasonable results confuse me (which my wife says is easy to do) and the "stupidity" of "Brexit" and the lack of honesty of UK politicians regarding and admitting to it being a mistake and possibly "forming" a "coalition government" and trying to form a "coherent policy" and then presenting to parliament and the public in the form of a general election. Rather than considering only those which are of benefit to their immediate selves.

Changes of policies by governments and directions of actions are the norm when greater information is uncovered and possibly seemingly formed policies and practices are reviewed. (The actions of a mature management. Don't hide mistakes, admit to them and do your damnedest to modify the harmful consequences of such.

Who would be the least incompetent politicians to form the managing cabinet is difficult to judge. (Some with more knowledge of international politics would be useful.)

skinny - 06 Aug 2018 11:46 - 7 of 28

I'm looking for a new home from the proceeds of the JLIF sale.

CC - 06 Aug 2018 13:51 - 8 of 28

This new home looks nice

What's your criteria? I have little insight at the moment. Anything UK banks or insurance looks cheap to me but Brexit worries. Anything oil or dollar earnings I'm avoiding due to risk of cable going against me (and a retrace on oil wouldn't surprise me) Anything construction looks cheap but again Brexit concerns.

skinny - 06 Aug 2018 13:56 - 9 of 28

My head says sit on it until there is more clarity on Brexit - could be some time!

Fred1new - 06 Aug 2018 14:35 - 10 of 28

I read that as more charity than Brexit.

CC - 06 Aug 2018 15:54 - 11 of 28

Interesting reflection on UK banks

Fred1new - 06 Aug 2018 16:26 - 12 of 28

CC, skinny,

Have a look at AHT if you don't already hold it.

Large American market and promises seem good.

skinny - 06 Aug 2018 16:32 - 13 of 28

Fred - they are another share that I've watched rise for years and never bought - ho hum.


skinny - 07 Aug 2018 05:25 - 14 of 28


The Papers

CC - 07 Aug 2018 06:58 - 15 of 28

Good morning all

kimoldfield - 07 Aug 2018 07:13 - 16 of 28

Good morning!

skinny - 07 Aug 2018 10:37 - 17 of 28

SXX in danger of hitting 40p today - off to Sunny Bexhill for a couple of days.

kimoldfield - 08 Aug 2018 07:16 - 18 of 28

Good morning!

CC - 08 Aug 2018 08:06 - 19 of 28

Good morning

kimoldfield - 09 Aug 2018 07:06 - 20 of 28

Good morning!

CC - 09 Aug 2018 07:33 - 21 of 28

Good morning
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