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BNN (BNN)     

black bird - 22 Nov 2016 09:20

any followers of M walters more app payments due to china 's black friday
s/p goes up , very small following on this site. BB

black bird - 10 Dec 2016 11:02 - 2 of 19

revenue to B N N % per transaction or fixed amount , or a combination of both, investors never get hands on this vital information , an informed one
please reply. BB

black bird - 11 Jan 2017 12:59 - 3 of 19

Nasdaq latest date i have projected from an informed one is march 2017

unable to say if revenue and other is OK. i expect S/p of 170 on announcement.
foot note , management must know rejection would catastrophic. BB

black bird - 31 Jan 2017 16:21 - 4 of 19

Good R N S coming mid feb, i must hold this stock , & believe in informed one bb

black bird - 07 Mar 2017 11:51 - 5 of 19

money world make 6% profit on revenue, BB

black bird - 09 Mar 2017 12:48 - 6 of 19

good R N S today, bought more , news is coming as company forcast NO disappointments . results to satisfy nasdaq requirement. company would not have
proceeded had it have been otherwise. BB

black bird - 10 Mar 2017 11:47 - 7 of 19

B N N put all your money in it, some i no have who visit china, M walters
tipster has put more time in it latest. believe in potential, and you have a
I P O at this level S/P 114p or a seed investor at this level. BB

black bird - 16 Mar 2017 15:37 - 8 of 19

APRIL results most likely, then fireworks, up or down, the S/P out & you may
not get on board, @ 112 the results to show a loss, its the rev nasdaq wants.

black bird - 29 Mar 2017 11:56 - 9 of 19

end april notice of coming results, more apps are coming as in micro. REV june £10m

HARRYCAT - 05 Apr 2017 12:52 - 10 of 19


A company which is involved in the "promotion and distribution of authorised lottery products in China". What can possibly go wrong?!!!! ;o)

black bird - 08 Apr 2017 11:43 - 11 of 19

figs next week,most of us expect to be about whats going to be, and the prize at
the end. figs in china are nothing like the rest of the world, they are in billions
as in bnn figs end of 2017 BB

black bird - 18 Apr 2017 08:12 - 12 of 19

sold at 83 maths are now not adding up unable to stand the heat BB

black bird - 21 Apr 2017 15:45 - 13 of 19

maths again boring, last figs to work on, give 500m G T V to arrive at £2m REV
1bn REV to cover cost of running company , assuming 1 % profit on REVENUE
= £ 10m so GTV is in billions. 2018 ?

black bird - 25 May 2017 12:11 - 14 of 19

china economy down grade, 3.5 m buy today same day, did nothing for s/p
this share looks sick. BB

black bird - 30 May 2017 15:51 - 15 of 19

25may buy @ 78 is now looking like it could have been a sell. low 30 may 67p
3.5m 25.5.17. if revenue in june dose not reach 10m as previousl stated s/p to fall to 45p may not be good enough for nasdaq. BB

black bird - 28 Jun 2017 15:33 - 16 of 19

A G M & trading forcast mixt vie NO nasdaq this year doubtfull. G T V mixed up with actual revenue, always to show a loss, end of year nothing new, cash £30m
more money wanted 2018 [ nett asset value 12p 2017] BB fair value s/p 45p ends.

black bird - 17 Jul 2017 10:16 - 17 of 19

28june statement says £900m revenue this is @ .4% = £3.6m gross Profit interims
comment nasdaq no hope. BB

black bird - 19 Jul 2017 10:26 - 18 of 19

have gone back in, due to a large holding, higher paid price, than existing. ignor
maths. i paid 73p BB

black bird - 05 Aug 2017 11:07 - 19 of 19

B N N has to be looked at differently than other shares, of similar ilk. potential is
massive as in the billions to use the APP . i am following the money they should
know more than me.
statistics are like a bikini, what they reveal are suggestive is vital, numbers
selectivity applied will mislead. ends the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\bb
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