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dreamcatcher - 19 Jul 2015 19:34

We utilise proprietary materials technology to create innovative engineering solutions that are capable of having game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.
Founded in 2010, we have continued to develop advanced materials and processes to satisfy customer-specific applications whilst expanding our portfolio of intellectual property through acquisition.
Our product offerings are capable of having a game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.


“Of most significance is the progress we have made in commercialising the production of graphene, having moved out of the laboratory into a scalable production facility in Cheltenham.”

We have already gained considerable industry recognition and received a number of high profile awards, including the London 2012 UKTI Startup Games Overall Winner, 2013 Racecar Engineering Magazine’s Most Innovative Product Award, 2012 MWP Advanced Manufacturing Award for Research and Development and 2012 HP Smart Business Award for Manufacturing Innovation.
In June 2013, Versarien floated on AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange. Following this, the Company acquired leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide products, Total Carbide, thereby expanding its production capabilities to meet growing customer demand. Versarien is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.




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mitzy - 24 Jul 2015 08:26 - 4 of 1403

Interesting dc.

dreamcatcher - 24 Jul 2015 13:20 - 5 of 1403

Appears to be coming right mitzy.

mitzy - 24 Jul 2015 13:36 - 6 of 1403


Nice chart dc.

dreamcatcher - 28 Jul 2015 17:07 - 7 of 1403

Up 5% today

dreamcatcher - 07 Sep 2015 16:11 - 8 of 1403

Grant of US Graphene Patent
RNS Number : 2050Y
Versarien PLC
07 September 2015

7 September2015

Versarien plc
("Versarien" or the "Company")

Grant of US Graphene Patent

Versarien plc (AIM: VRS), the advanced engineering materials group is pleased to announce it has been granted US patent protection for its volume graphene platelet production process, details of which were announced on 11 June 2015.

Versarien's subsidiary 2-DTech already holds European patent protection for its production process and, together with its partner the University of Ulster, has now successfully gained protection in the United States under application No. 14/002399 (2014/0044968).

Graphene, a nanocarbon with exceptional physical and electronic properties, has the potential to be utilised in a myriad of applications and devices. The Board believes that its volume graphene platelet production process offers numerous advantages over the conventional graphene manufacturing solutions currently on the market and will enable the accelerated commercialisation of products containing graphene.

The 2-DTech process sees the preparation of graphene material from graphite using a mechanical exfoliation technique and an Ionic liquid and results in the production of graphene nano platelets of both high quality and purity (typically 99% pure carbon) graphene. Graphene performance is dependent not only on the purity, but the number of atomic layers, with a single layer providing optimal performance, allowing the full potential of graphene to be unlocked. Importantly, the 2-DTech production process provides single layer graphene in quantities sufficient to meet the commercial requirements of a range of industrial applications.

North America is expected to become a key graphene market and the granting of patent protection in the US is therefore an important step for the Company. 2-DTech are already working with a number of clients, from a diverse range of industries including military, medical and consumer products, each of which require access to high quality, cost effective graphene and who are looking to expand their relationships on a global basis.

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, said "We are delighted to have secured a patent in the largest of the global markets which will allow us to accelerate the development of commercial applications for graphene and graphene products. Following the granting of the patent we intend to increase our marketing activities in the US and progress discussions with potential clients there. "

Sean Nelson, Head of Technology Transfer at the University of Ulster, said "We are extremely pleased that the IP first developed at the University Of Ulster has now been further strengthened by the granting of the US patent".

James Baker, Graphene Business Director of the University of Manchester, said "As partners of the National Graphene Institute, we are delighted to be supporting the advances of 2-DTech and look forward to seeing the collaborative projects in composites and inks technologies reach the global market place."

dreamcatcher - 07 Sep 2015 17:10 - 9 of 1403


Juzzle - 11 Sep 2017 09:04 - 10 of 1403

And here we are two years later ...

Orders I left in place over the weekend were filled this morning; I bought shares in VRS at various prices below 15.75p

I stayed out of the 'graphene goldrush' in the past 2 years. In any such new industry there are many dozens of companies purporting to be at the forefront of development and production; some genuine but many not. Many investors have seen money creamed off by shysters who claimed to be making progress when making nothing. Others have marketed what they claim is graphene but is merely a thinnish (not thin enough) variant of graphite that fails to perform well and gets graphene a bad name.

On Friday 8 September, the International Standards Organization (ISO) published a standard defining what can and cannot be called graphene. Henceforth, customers will be able to insist on compliance with that standard. Around 90% of what is currently being marketed is disqualified. The graphene being produced by Versarien does qualify (though certification of that is yet to come, as no certifying body has yet been established for what is a new standard).

Earlier on the same day, Versarien announced a contract awarded to its Total Carbide subsidiary by "a leading aero engine maker", which investors have since twigged is Rolls Royce. Neither news item has yet been commented on by analysts or brokers. The company's agm is this week (Wed 13 Sept).

Juzzle - 19 Sep 2017 07:54 - 11 of 1403

19 September 2017

Versarien plc

("Versarien" or the "Company")

Significant Tender Win

Versarien plc (AIM: VRS), the advanced materials engineering group, is very pleased to announce that it has won a single supplier competitive tender for the ongoing supply of nanomaterials, including the Company's graphene, to the Centre for Process Innovation Limited ("CPI"). The evaluation of the tender was based principally on the quality and specification of the graphene to be supplied with additional marks awarded for price and delivery.

The CPI, established by the UK Government, is a technology innovation centre and the process arm of the UK Government's High Value Manufacturing Catapult ("HVMC"). The HVMC is a strategic initiative that aims to revitalise the UK's manufacturing industry. Overseen by the Technology Strategy Board, the HVMC consists of seven centres, including the CPI, with over £200 million of government investment.

Versarien will be supplying up to 1.2 kilograms of graphene in a variety of forms, including the Company's proprietary brand, Nanene, to the CPI.

Additionally, Versarien has won the tender to supply the nanomaterial, few hexagonal layer boron nitride, to the CPI. This is a significant new product developed by Versarien subsidiary 2D Tech Ltd with multiple potential applications. Whilst structurally similar to graphene, it has very different properties and can be used in areas where graphene is not suitable, in particular, where the electrical conductivity or chemical reactivity of graphene is an issue.

These are all materials produced by Versarien's subsidiaries 2D Tech Ltd and Cambridge Graphene Ltd. The tender documentation provides a framework agreement under which purchase orders will be issued by the CPI as they require the Company's materials for the varied projects they are involved with.

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, commented: "We are very pleased to have been successful in all the tenders we entered into to supply the CPI with our nanomaterials after a competitive process. This provides further significant independent validation of the quality of the materials we are able to supply and we are now moving from supplying graphene in quantities of a few grams to kilogram sized orders.

"The CPI is at the forefront of UK manufacturing innovation, bridging the gap between large global companies and technologies to provide a route for scaling technologies to the levels needed by corporates. We anticipate that the inclusion of our materials in products they are working on will significantly enhance their properties. For Versarien this is an important route for the commercialisation of products enhanced by graphene and other related materials.

"We continue to receive record levels of enquires from potential purchasers of our products globally and look forward to making further announcements as appropriate."

Juzzle - 19 Sep 2017 08:09 - 12 of 1403

Superb timing. The company announces that it has won a UK government contract, the day before boss Neil Ricketts is due to address an audience of 500 potential customers and investors, in Silicon Valley, California.

irlee57 - 19 Sep 2017 10:31 - 13 of 1403

morning juzzle,

I have been following your portfolio 69 over the last few weeks, so by sheer luck I bought in yesterday at 14.45p so thank you for a very nice profit.

Juzzle - 20 Sep 2017 07:04 - 14 of 1403

Congratulations on your timing irlee57. Following this month's events (publication of ISO nomenclature Standard, Rolls Royce contract, UK govt order, US patent approval, California presentation) I anticipate analysts upping their share price targets for Versarien, and possible further contract or partnership news between now and the end of the year. Just need fund manager Lombard Odier to complete their disposal of stock this week or next, completion of which is holding back the share price.

irlee57 - 20 Sep 2017 08:30 - 15 of 1403

Major shareholders

As at 30 June 2017, or as subsequently notified, shareholders holding more than 3% of the issued share capital of Versarien plc were:

Ordinary shares of 1p each Percentage of issue share capital
Lombard Odier Asset Management 27,206,022 20.72%
Miton Asset Management 13,984,168 10.65%
Hargreaves Lansdown 10,139,731 7.72%
William Battrick 7,488,944 5.70%
Herald Investment Management 7,035,950 5.36%
Barclays Stockbrokers 5,071,419 3.86%

hi juzzle why would Lombard holding supress the rise of versarien?

Juzzle - 20 Sep 2017 10:05 - 16 of 1403

Any large ongoing amount of selling will normally depress a share price. If there is a glut of stock coming onto the market nobody is going to offer more for it than they can get away with paying. Lombard is a Swiss bank with numerous investment funds under various managers. One of its funds recently merged with another and switched managers. Its new strategy involves getting out of certain categories of smaller company shares, including Versarien in which it held a large stake.

Those holdings stats are outdated as Lombard Odier Assett Mgmt Europe have been steadily selling, almost daily for weeks. (there was another tranche announced at 9am today, taking them further down from 11.91% to 10.08%)

Other LO funds also hold a stake in VRS. But at present there is no indication that they too will exit.

There is no certainty that VRS shares will surge in price once this overhang of unwanted stock is cleared - but I am quite optimistic that it will.

EDIT: More detail on that fund change:
On 2nd August 2016 Henderson Group held 26,526,996 or 22.83% of Versarien. In November Lombard Odier Investment Managers acquired a $1 billion (£812 million) team from Henderson Global Investors subsidiary AlphaGen Capital. Since this date Lombard Odier have been consistently selling down their holdings in companies that don't match their chosen criteria - regardless of prospects.

irlee57 - 20 Sep 2017 10:47 - 17 of 1403

Cheers juzzle for that clarification much appreciated

Juzzle - 21 Sep 2017 10:27 - 18 of 1403

LO just announced that their stake has dropped further, from 10.08% to 9.47% following sells yesterday. It's not yet clear whether they will hang onto a small percentage or exit to zero - my guess is the latter (if this is the 'wrong' type of stock for the fund's revised strategy, they presumably won't want even a token stake). Onlookers unaware of LO's declared change of strategy will keep seeing these LO sell announcements and will think the worst (unlesss they notice that other funds are not selling). At the rate they've been selling over the past month, they could be gone by the end of September.

irlee57 - 21 Sep 2017 10:47 - 19 of 1403

This is not a ramp but i have researched this company and i like what i see.

I agree because of the (skeleton in the cupboard lombard/odier) the manipulation is rank

Hopefully fundamentals will prevail.

Juzzle - 22 Sep 2017 17:44 - 20 of 1403

The company's Chief Financial Officer Chris Leigh bought 150,000 shares today. Usually a good sign! He now holds 315,000 shares.

Juzzle - 27 Sep 2017 15:54 - 21 of 1403

Posted elsewhere by 'luckyorange' - this very useful clarification of the current situation regarding graphene is the best I've seen:

Dr. Flint weighs in on GrapheneDR. IAN FLINT | SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 | NO COMMENTS
For many years now graphene has been one of the largest fields of research and “graphene” products are beginning to enter commercial markets. Graphene has become a marketing term that denotes the something other than traditional graphite fiber or carbon black. However, the products that you think have graphene are probably using graphite as the “graphene” used in their development and fabrication often contains only traces of true graphene.The graphene research has concentrated on both forms of graphene: take down and build up.

Build-up graphene is a constructed layer of graphene typically built on a sheet of copper by the decomposition of CO2 or methane. These sheets are then transferred to different media. The costs of this type of graphene is high. Thus, the number of successful applications that use this method have been limited to electronics or other very small surface area applications. Examples are graphene based lights. Graphene sheets that have various chemically produced holes in their lattice, or that have different chemical groups attached to them, do show potential for gaseous detection or specialized filters. Many companies with multimillion dollar graphene development projects, which use this type of graphene, have not performed; not because the applications didn’t work but because they were not economic. Outside of electronics, build up graphene has proven to be too expensive.Take down graphene is formed by peeling layers from graphite and is much less expensive to make. There are many processes that “supposedly” create graphene in this way. These include microwaves, plasmas, and other forms of exfoliation. These do result in graphene but generally only a few percent. Usually these products contain less than 20% graphene and the often contain less than 5%. There are two known examples that are better; at 54% and 90%. The graphene created this way is often termed graphene platelets or graphene nano-platelets (GNP) and have a lateral dimension of approximately 0.1 to 4 micrometers with between one and nine layers. Generally, the sales value of this graphene falls in the range of $40 to $200 a gram.The graphite that is not converted to graphene by these processes is termed graphite platelets. Generally, these failed particles have the same dimensions as graphene but have between ten and thousands of layers. The value of graphite nano-platelets is usually between $2 and $20 per gram.Both graphite and graphene platelets are often described using the word ‘nano’ leading to both using the acronym (GNP). Whether on purpose or not, it does lead to significant confusion.Unless the research is being done using one of the few sources that produces high percentages of graphene actual performance of the products is based on the characteristics of the graphite platelets; the vast majority of applications, developed to date, actually use the nano-platelet graphite. Either form of these platelets can increase the heat and electrical conductivity of composites, or inks, and improve physical strength when compared to many other fillers. Popular applications are the replacement of carbon black with either form of these particles. Examples are tires and plastic composites used for making tennis rackets and hockey sticks or many of the “graphene” inks. What is labelled graphene is usually not. However, these are valid applications that deserve the attention that they get, albeit as graphite and not graphene as they are often labelled. However, despite the marketing, the major revolution of graphene is yet to occur, and will not occur until there is a reliable, low cost supply of high quality graphene.

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