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theqrimreaper - 30 May 2013 06:45

smiley-flag005.giftechnical chart is here... 1655.gifflag34.gifsmiley-flag007.gifsmiley-flag009.gif

theqrimreaper - 30 May 2013 06:51 - 2 of 8

Flag Counter3,330

theqrimreaper - 30 May 2013 16:31 - 3 of 8

Calling Mr Odey - calling Mr Odey!

Hi Crispin, how we dowhn pal, well I trust, look, the colonels got a bit of a problem!

I'm sure your aware of or current FUBAR in relation to our net asset value, well, I would like you to add your not unsubstantial weight, I don't mean physical weight of course, no, I refer to your magnificent financial prowess, in as much that this tiny shareholder, me, is pissed right off with the poor performance of AHL and its management, which is seriously endangering the confidence of all our core fund investors, both into the company, and those unfortunates unlucky enough to be supporting this particular fund into hugely expensive redemptions!

What I would like you to do is phone up Dionysus, you know the sort of thing, make up some excuse that you got a particularly fine bottle of shatto-noof he might like to try, work the conversation around to the thorny issue of AHL, then, here's the thing right, tell him if he doesn't close this confidence busting fund within the next few days, you will personally pick up the slings and arrows of the small investor, and single handedly orchestrate his removal from Man Group in a Clarkeonion type termination at our next agm, tell him you will gather support from other large institutions and in so doing, rain about his head an exit deal he will definitely not be happy with!

Relying on your support with this regard,

The Colonel.

theqrimreaper - 31 May 2013 07:57 - 4 of 8

Its time to call it a day!

After studying the vagaries of our supposed flag-ship fund for quite some time now, I have increasingly come to the conclusion that we must close our AHL Black-box to new investors.

For too long now the shareholder has suffered the innate failings of this two state algorithmic super program, with its simplistically basic flaw, 'probability!'.

The question that needs addressing is that of 'due diligence', and the kind of company we want to see in future years, if indeed we have a future?
Do we want to see a Man Group where core fund investors shy away at the very name of this company, do we want to see a much greater degree of trust and responsible approach to risk.

The truth is, those trusted with the huge challenge of caring for, and maintaining patron capital, do not have the right attitude, they have assumed a 'I aint bovered it aint my dosh' approach, to what should be considered the very embodiment of client care!

Admittedly, when the AHL fund is 'lucky' enough, and that's all it is, pure luck, the returns are astronomic, but the downside to all this uncertainty is prolonged periods of confidence busting weeks in a metaphoric desert, which incidentally far outnumber the lucky highs to which we have all become addicted, myself included, and now, all we have left is a traumatic period of timidity.

grim indeed.

theqrimreaper - 04 Jun 2013 08:09 - 5 of 8

What is really going on inside Man Group?

Why has our AHL fund entered a period of terminal velocity?

Lets look at what we are dealing with here!

Basically we are dependant upon the probability theory of a multi state algorithm, in essence the central processing unit of Pandora's microprocessor relentlessly asks one simple question, an arithmetic 'IF', now the answer to this question has to be in the form of a two state condition, either a "YES", or either a "NO".

All this is supposed to happen without human intervention, in our case the Pandora CPU is merely tossing a coin to see if it can fore call the market, it is professed by those who sold the king his magic suit that it can highlight entry and exit points too and from various market indices, I expect your beginning to see possible flaws here!

Anyway, it follows the same principle as if a coin were being tossed repeatedly, the resultant toss would culminate in either a 'head', or in a 'tail', a YES or a NO.

Lets look at the last ten days of AHL returns shall we, on the 20th of May we were valued at $1.2496, ten returns later we are $1.1537, that's a reduction of 7.67% loss in value, well you might think that's not much, only about £824,000,000 of patron money, "WHAT", see the flaw yet, begins with C and ends in onfidence!

If we gave a coin to the cleaning lady at Riverbank House, and asked her to toss a coin for us over the past ten days, the probability of her losing the call ten times in a row, which incidentally is what Pandora's CPU has just done, would be a staggering 1:1024, yes you read that right, one in one thousand and twenty-four!

Now I'm sure your all capable of making up your own minds as to whether these Man Group managers are truly concerned about the financial health of our core patrons, I know I have!


Pull the plug and return their investment, they'll merely give it back and ask to us to put it somewhere a little safer!

AHL is dead, long live AHL.

theqrimreaper - 05 Jun 2013 07:27 - 6 of 8


rekirkham - 05 Jun 2013 09:25 - 7 of 8

Any news anywhere on EMG -
Someone knows something I do not -
why such a massive fall ?
Its just lucky that I do not have any just now !!!

theqrimreaper - 15 Aug 2018 08:07 - 8 of 8


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