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Managed bugs and enhancements report thread (BUGS)     

IanT(MoneyAM) - 14 Feb 2008 07:40

This is the managed bugs and enhancements thread.

If you have any enhancements you would like to see on the site, or you have spotted a bug somewhere, please feel free to post here and we will investigate as necessary.

The postings to this thread will be cleared down on a regular basis. This will enable us and you to keep track of what is going on more easily.

Although this thread is monitored, should you have an issue that requires immediate attention, please e mail

Lord Gnome - 11 Aug 2017 08:18 - 2 of 246

Morning all,
Could someone debug another spikey chart for me please?


Bullshare - 11 Aug 2017 09:18 - 3 of 246

Lord G; Fixed


ExecLine - 13 Aug 2017 21:26 - 4 of 246

What's all this "This account is locked for 1 minute" nonsense?

And I've also had to do a Log In each time with each visit today. I did think a Log In lasted for either 24 hours or at least until 24:00 hrs? Yes? No?

mentor - 14 Aug 2017 08:54 - 5 of 246

re - "This account is locked for 1 minute"

2nd week now
Late last Sunday much the same, I could not get in and post, able to see past post.

Rebecca MoneyAM - 14 Aug 2017 08:57 - 6 of 246

ExecLine - are you still having this problem today? We will have a look into it for you as you should remain logged in for 24 hours.



ExecLine - 14 Aug 2017 09:31 - 7 of 246

Logged in OK at around 09:30, Becca.

iiwarm - 14 Aug 2017 10:29 - 8 of 246

Interested in your statement "you should remain logged in for 24 hours." This used to be the case but I have had to log in at each visit for months. Just tested by shutting down I.E. 11 and re-opening. Had to log in.

ExecLine - 14 Aug 2017 11:23 - 9 of 246

Thank you iiwarm.

Albeit, that I use Chrome, it would appear 'for months' I am not alone on this planet.

ExecLine - 14 Aug 2017 11:29 - 10 of 246

Browser closed (and I did not Log Out).

Rather than use my normal usual route back into the site (on my Favorites Bar), I Googled for MoneyAM and used the link to the site it thereby provided.

And I once again, had to Log In.

ExecLine - 14 Aug 2017 13:24 - 11 of 246

Browser closed (and I did not Log Out).

Used my normal usual route back into the site (via my Favorites Bar).

Once again I am required to Log In.

Rebecca MoneyAM - 14 Aug 2017 13:46 - 12 of 246

ExecLine/iiwarm - please could you check that your browser is not set to automatically clear cookies/history when you close the tab?

IE - you can check this by clicking the cog in the top right corner and selecting Internet Options, should be under Browsing History on the first tab that opens.

Chrome - Go to Settings, click Advanced and then click on Content Settings under the Privacy and security header. Expand the Cookies section to check these settings.



ExecLine - 14 Aug 2017 14:45 - 13 of 246


Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) - Yes

Keep local data only until you quit your browser - No

Block third-party cookies
Prevent third-party websites from saving and reading cookie data - No

No sites added

Clear on exit
No sites added

No sites added

All cookies and site data

This shows the following cookies for and gives me a choice to remove some or all of them into the RHS dustbin:







ExecLine - 14 Aug 2017 14:46 - 14 of 246

Becca, the above are my results from my Chrome browser.

iiwarm - 14 Aug 2017 14:57 - 15 of 246

clear on exit not ticked

Rebecca MoneyAM - 14 Aug 2017 15:36 - 16 of 246

ExecLine/iiwarm - thank you for letting us know, very odd. I have asked George to have a look into it.



ExecLine - 15 Aug 2017 12:38 - 17 of 246

On the following thread I noticed what a massive margin is evident to the LHS.

Meanwhile, for some reason (perhaps a large width posting?) the text overflows so massively over to the RHS, typically normal postings can't be read at all.

Rebecca MoneyAM - 15 Aug 2017 14:27 - 18 of 246

ExecLine - I've fixed that for you, one of the images posted was larger than the post margins.

Thank you for flagging.

ExecLine - 15 Aug 2017 15:09 - 19 of 246

Thank you, Becca.

I thought I would try a 'Re-set' on my password to see if it solved the problem of having to do a 'Log In' every time I close my Chrome browser.

Guess what?

No. That didn't solve it.

ExecLine - 15 Aug 2017 19:27 - 20 of 246


I think this thread might need a deletion since it is inactive and has an active duplicate:



Rebecca MoneyAM - 16 Aug 2017 08:29 - 21 of 246

ExecLine - no problem, deleted the inactive now. Thank you for flagging.

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