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Managed bugs and enhancements report thread (BUGS)     

IanT(MoneyAM) - 14 Feb 2008 07:40

This is the managed bugs and enhancements thread.

If you have any enhancements you would like to see on the site, or you have spotted a bug somewhere, please feel free to post here and we will investigate as necessary.

The postings to this thread will be cleared down on a regular basis. This will enable us and you to keep track of what is going on more easily.

Although this thread is monitored, should you have an issue that requires immediate attention, please e mail

Stan - 08 Oct 2018 11:21 - 2 of 82

Morning Becca,

Stan Send an email to Stan View Stan's profile - 04 Oct 2018 12:25 - 428 of 451 edit this post

Aston Martin (AML) floated a few days ago but the epic clashes with Amlin PLC, can you fix the anomaly please?

Any progress on this please?

skinny - 08 Oct 2018 11:25 - 3 of 82

Stan :-


Stan - 08 Oct 2018 11:32 - 4 of 82

Ah it does come up under Charts rather then when I have tried to find it under search, silly me I'll know next time.

Thanks Skinny and Becca.

Becca MoneyAM - 08 Oct 2018 11:42 - 5 of 82

Stan - got an update on this just now. It will be dealt with later today, it's a little trickier to fix as there is the old stock with the same epic.



Dynamite - 08 Oct 2018 11:43 - 6 of 82

L2 still keeps dropping out Rebecca.

Stan - 08 Oct 2018 11:59 - 7 of 82

Thanks Becca.

Bel1ze8SA - 08 Oct 2018 14:02 - 8 of 82

quote: Becca MoneyAM
Regarding close prices, we believe there is no mistake showing Friday's close prices on a Monday morning because this is the last close price at that point.
You are correct, BUT we are viewing all of Fridays trades, volumes and the time of the last trade, .... Monday morning. They wont' clear in any given stock until there is a trade on Monday.
Before the "maintenance" this was not the case. The trades, volumes etc were set at zero (way before 07.00 I believe) and the only movement would be an indicative share price percentage change until the bell at 08.00. You need to fix this issue please.

Clocktower - 08 Oct 2018 14:09 - 9 of 82

CRU for example - showing trades of 157,743on SW page. there are others but not checked them all out, as busy. Thanks.

Mega Bucks - 08 Oct 2018 16:28 - 10 of 82

fao Becca MoneyAM can you check your MAM inbox please

Dynamite - 09 Oct 2018 07:53 - 11 of 82

L2 still dropping out!!!

Dynamite - 09 Oct 2018 07:53 - 12 of 82

That's over a week of L2 dropping !

Becca MoneyAM - 09 Oct 2018 08:21 - 13 of 82

Mega Bucks - can you email me please, I can't see any message.

Dynamite - can you email with further details please, I think this is specific to you and not widespread - at least I am unable to recreate at the moment.



Dynamite - 09 Oct 2018 11:01 - 14 of 82

Email sent Rebecca

sim1 - 09 Oct 2018 12:43 - 15 of 82

Becca, Still no L2. thanks

George (ex MoneyAM) - 10 Oct 2018 08:44 - 16 of 82

Bel1ze8SA: The lack of resets on Monday morning is caused by ICE not sending us the resets. The issue first arose a couple of years ago and they were alerted to it but have neglected to fix it. It has been working until now because I had a hack in place to reset them at our end just on Monday mornings. You're correct to quote "maintenance" because actually we migrated our entire infrastructure including ~50 servers and ~50 databases and all the services they run from old data-centres to the cloud. Considering this, a few minor errors do not seem out of place. The hack will have to be re-instated but the root cause is a supplier issue.

Becca MoneyAM - 10 Oct 2018 09:04 - 17 of 82

sim1 - would you be happy to do a teamviewer session with George so he can see what is happening with your Level 2?



sim1 - 10 Oct 2018 09:33 - 18 of 82

Ok whatever it takes to clear the problem, it is not only me.
In my case 2 separate PCs with different Windows operating systems having the same problem.

slimjim48 - 10 Oct 2018 09:39 - 19 of 82

sim1 do you get the black cross in the corner?

Becca MoneyAM - 10 Oct 2018 09:42 - 20 of 82

sim1 - we know it's not only you but if we can see then it will help other people with the same issue :)

Okay I will email you with some details.



sim1 - 10 Oct 2018 09:50 - 21 of 82

slim i get (\) in the left hand top akin to a 'no entry sign'

Becca, ok , if I can be of any help....that would be good to clear this, cheers
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