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AVIVA again, New thread. worth considering (AV.)     

Fred1new - 27 Apr 2007 17:13


I hold these stock.

DYOH (do your own homework.)

To-day there was a slight drop in price, but number of analysts are giving favourable reports.

What triggered my interest was better than expected results and if I am right looking at charts it shows an inverted head and shoulders. Hopefully a good sign. Also the current rate of Share price growth is about 90% pa over the last 5weeks. This is unlikely to continue indefinitely but SP could hit 850p over next few weeks.

To-day at close, there were some large buys of about 5million shares. 40million approx.

Another trigger for me was the following which should increase earnings.

Aviva to form JV in Taiwan with First FinancialAFX
LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Aviva PLC, the UK's largest insurer, said it has entered into a joint venture with First Financial Holding Co Ltd to sell insurance and pension products in Taiwan. The joint venture company, First-Aviva, will distribute long-term savings and pension products in Taiwan through an exclusive agreement with First Financial's flagship unit, First Commercial Bank. Aviva, which will have a 49 pct stake in the joint venture, added that the initial paid up capital of the new company will be 34 mln stg.First Commercial Bank is Taiwan's second largest bank network, with five mln retail customers, it added.TFN.newsdesk@thomson.comkkb/faj/slm

Date: Wednesday 25 Apr 2007
LONDON (ShareCast) - If the message gets home that Aviva will not bid for Prudential, the stock should rebound strongly, especially if Aviva can sustain its current impressive performance. There is still work to be done but, at 794.5p, the shares are a strong buy says the Independent.
Date: Tuesday 24 Apr 2007
LONDON (ShareCast) - Aviva stood out among the risers on a tough day for blue chip stocks. The life insurer posted an upbeat first quarter statement with brokers pleased with the numbers.


unluckyboy - 20 Nov 2007 12:46 - 2 of 407

What has gone wrong with these shares?
3 weeks ago these were 7.50 and now 6.25.I can understand why the banks are going down and that the ftse has dropped but to lose 17%.Even last week one day the ftse was up 70 points these went up by half a penny,all i can come up with is that the shares has fallen out of favour and the big boys are waiting for a big drop and then they will buy back.

queen1 - 05 Sep 2008 10:27 - 3 of 407

Just dipped my toe - hoping for defensive qualities.....

spitfire43 - 05 Sep 2008 10:40 - 4 of 407

I having been tipping my toe also this year, and will take advantage if markets continue to weaken. Good 6% dividend which is covered over 3x

The last interims looked strong, and last time I looked, the brokers were still very positive with 9 buys against 1 hold. I know we shouldn't rely brokers forecasts, but I would rather have these forecasts than 9 sells and 1 hold.

queen1 - 05 Sep 2008 13:51 - 5 of 407

Yep, income generating in a solid, if unexciting sector. Just what's needed at the moment I think.

pauldarrall - 04 Oct 2008 10:03 - 6 of 407

Discussed on The Four Wise Monkeys for the second time, on episode 15. David Stevenson (FT/Investors Chronicle) has now joined Paul Dolman-Darrall (Private Investor Champ) as an investor.

Fred1new - 04 Oct 2008 10:42 - 7 of 407

I suggested this share last year and lost a about 4K before being stopped out. Could have got out at a small profit. Looking at the chart I feel there is little to recommend going long. Unless the India part of the company does better than expected I think a short would be more more appropriate in today's climate.

It is funny how losses burn even after a long period.


spitfire43 - 23 Oct 2008 13:42 - 8 of 407

The sp has fallen of the edge of a cliff these last few weeks, now down to below 250p. With such a large fall I would have hoped to have seen a statement from them, I know we have a trading statement out on tuesday, but I would still expect some comments.

Released today Panmure Gordon has a buy for Aviva (LSE: AV.L - news) , cutting target to 650p from 751p. So lets hope for a positive trading update on Tuesday to stop the rot.

HARRYCAT - 23 Oct 2008 14:16 - 9 of 407

LONDON, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Hundreds of thousands of pension savers and life bond holders with Friends Provident and Aviva unit Norwich Union face hefty charges if they wish to leave their funds early, reports the Financial Times.

The paper said some of the charges could reduce the value of people's policies by up to 22 percent.
The two companies, along with a number of other big insurers, removed the charges, known as market value reductions (MVRs), more than a year ago when investment conditions across the funds were more stable, but now they are reinstating them, reports the paper.

John Lister, chief actuary at Norwich Union, said in a statement Tuesday: 'Since the beginning of the year we have seen equity markets, commercial property and corporate bonds fall significantly in value.
'As a result we have reviewed the situation and have decided to introduce MVRs for policyholders who have unitised with-profits policies and who wish to make a partial or total withdrawal.'
I also know that employees of N.U. have ben told that they must increase their current pension contributions by x2.

mitzy - 23 Oct 2008 14:47 - 10 of 407

sell to 150p.

HARRYCAT - 23 Oct 2008 14:54 - 11 of 407

Just as a matter of interest, why 200p (or even 150)?
Sp hasn't been that low in the last 10 years.

mitzy - 23 Oct 2008 14:55 - 12 of 407

I changed it Harry from 200p to 150p just market sentiment thats all.

mitzy - 27 Oct 2008 11:57 - 13 of 407

Hit hard again today when will it ever end..?


geordieguy - 27 Oct 2008 12:01 - 14 of 407

when conservatives win election.

expect next 10 years to be awful anyway.......maybe next 20 years even!!!

mitzy - 27 Oct 2008 12:09 - 15 of 407

I agree the next 10 years are going to be awful whoever gets in.

HARRYCAT - 27 Oct 2008 12:48 - 16 of 407

Trading statement tomorrow?

spitfire43 - 27 Oct 2008 18:14 - 17 of 407

Yes Harrycat, if I was a brave investor I would have brought today before trading statement, but better play safe and read the update first.

spitfire43 - 28 Oct 2008 08:39 - 18 of 407

Topped up this morning after reading trading update, which was ahead of forecast, also saw a good interview last night on Sky with Andrew Moss whichgave me some confidence.

spitfire43 - 29 Oct 2008 10:13 - 19 of 407

AV. the leading gainer today up to 304p which is 17%, hopefully after digesting the 3rd quarter trading update, the conclusion will be that negative sentiment has been overdone. I noted that AV. said they have 1.3bn of capital reserves and that another 20% fall in stockmarkets would reduce this by 400m.

And when Andrew Moss was interviewed he said that sales had been very strong in August and stronger again in September. It's the first time I have seen him interviewed, and he came across as very level headed and a safe pair of hands.

spitfire43 - 29 Oct 2008 17:59 - 20 of 407

Finished up 25% today, not bad............

If you think about it, it's only in the last 4 to 6 weeks that a major company with such a large one day movement is accepted as normal. Well nearly normal.

spitfire43 - 29 Oct 2008 18:33 - 21 of 407

Good to see the directors buying today at 275p, this was the first opportunity to buy after the closed period.
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