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Confidant - 06 Nov 2006 11:10

Small Aussie company into supercapacitors

Issued statement on 23/10 bemused at share price fall

Stock has since droopped another 15%

Basically I'm guessing institutional seller that got in on ipo needs out no buyers ----- free money for the patient --- 3-6 months if you belive the management that is

As for the business I have no idea :-)


Confidant - 07 Nov 2006 15:13 - 2 of 211

Seems like a buyer out there just how much has the seller got left

Reading around on the business and comapny fairly cutting edge . Nice award in Feb

As said previously if reading between the lines -- not very difficult these guys are Australian -- of 23/10 statement, a deal in Europe on a decent scale is on the cards soon. Before 2007 for a deal and that will be ahead of schedule. c 25% mkt cap is cash so no worries there

Just waiting for the deal

Confidant - 07 Nov 2006 16:16 - 3 of 211

5% traded --- would like to say it was me :-0 -- but seller could be cleared !! ^^

HARRYCAT - 07 Nov 2006 16:35 - 4 of 211

A pretty scary chart so far! The floatation valuation was optimistic???
There has been a bit of a bounce & am going to watch this to see where it settles.
This looks like a hugely competetive market & I have tried looking for how CPX share out the profits with Polar Twin. Presumably this is on a royalties or licence basis.
The big problem they have is that they are relying on independent distributors in each country to fit or sell their super-capacitors, which means they don't have control over their sales. Maybe a better european set-up on the cards, but a bit of a risk at the moment, imo.

Confidant - 17 Nov 2006 15:01 - 5 of 211

Harrycat --- the more scary the better -- it means panic. Sure difficult to gauge final market size but look at the comment at the AGM . Share has bounced c20% from panic selling levles but only now at level where comapny issued statemnt to say it did not understand why the shares had fallen so far

A few more of the early takers seem to have baled but unless the mangement are telling porkies (they are Australians so tend to be a bit over-excitable) they seem to be well ahead of IPO expectations --- 90p to target without any contract news IMHO

Confidant - 16 Jan 2007 13:02 - 6 of 211

Director buying more although small amount and he holds a fair bit already. Still supporting sign.

Stock still at level when company issued statement that it did not understand why the share price had fallen so far

What am I missing --- to 1 ?

Pond Life - 19 Jan 2007 10:34 - 7 of 211

I've joined in today with a few. Chart looks better, recent action bodes well. Hoping for good news on the Nokia front.

Confidant - 19 Jan 2007 11:44 - 8 of 211

I don't feel so lonely now pond life

I don't have much visibility on this one, as with most of my stocks and tend to go with the rhetoric --- not always the best way I have to admit

But I think the co are close to close period --- interesting sentence - hence the buying by director looks opportunistic. they have been promising a deal and it has been a long time coming so I hope your right

Pond Life - 19 Jan 2007 12:46 - 9 of 211

Happy to keep you company. I am currently diversifying out of resource stocks - they've had a bad tumble recently and I've given back a lot of my profits. Would you like to add a chart to the header?

Confidant - 19 Jan 2007 16:07 - 10 of 211

how do i do that

Pond Life - 19 Jan 2007 16:54 - 11 of 211

Use the board's charts function to get the chart you want. Suggest that you go for a one year standard chart, tick in the 50 and 200 day EMA, and MACD and RSI boxes. Then click on the bit that says 'paste chart to thread'. This will come up with a line of code that you need to cut and paste into the header.
If you have a problem, let me know and I can start a new thread if you wish.

Confidant - 26 Jan 2007 15:17 - 12 of 211

Smiling :-) but no idea why. Anyone?

Pond Life - 26 Jan 2007 17:12 - 13 of 211

I read elsewhere that the shares are being talked up to around 2 on the basis of a single deal with a mobile phone maker. Its just talk from what I can gather and I don't attach any real lasting importance to it, but if it does move the shares a bit then I'm not complaining. For any real movement we are still waiting for Nokia to sign a deal.

Pond Life - 26 Jan 2007 17:13 - 14 of 211

By the way, like the chart!

Confidant - 29 Jan 2007 13:06 - 15 of 211

thx --- toook a couple of attempts

Happy to wait for the numbers and be patient on this one just hope the management are not the over excitable type -- leading us up the garden path

Pond Life - 21 Mar 2007 11:21 - 16 of 211

Nice update from CPX this morning - appears to have taken their stockbroker by surprise.

CAP-XX Limited
21 March 2007

CAP-XX Limited
Manufacturing partner and licensing agreements

CAP-XX, is pleased to announce that it is well advanced in partnering and
licensing negotiations with major international components manufacturers
regarding the scale-up of production to meet anticipated demand for its
supercapacitors from leading mobile phone handset makers.
Anthony Kongats, CEO of CAP-XX, commented:
'We have made good progress in advancing our relationships with mobile phone
handset manufacturers since we joined AIM, almost a year ago. Whilst we have
raised production to meet the demands of our existing customers, the level of
indicative schedules we are seeing will require a step change in manufacturing
volumes. The potential manufacturing and licensing partners with whom we are in
discussions have an established track record of meeting the demands of the
mobile handset makers.'

Pond Life - 21 Mar 2007 11:21 - 17 of 211

Took this from the advfn and Shares Forum boards this morning. Thanks to Ed Crane for this.

edcrane - 21 Mar'07 - 10:13 - 70 of 72

from Collins Stewart today .... they are brokers to CPX .... the second paragraph is the most interesting as some of what has been announced today was new news to Collins Stewart themselves ..........

"This morning CAP-XX has announced that it is well advanced in partnering and licensing negotiations with major international components manufacturers regarding the scale-up of production.

Critical Development for the Company
While many mobile device companies have recognised the excellence of the CAP-XX
supercapacitor, before it can be incorporated in a commercial product large scale manufacturing would need to be established and essentially CAP-XX today are announcing this has virtually been achieved. The potential adoption of a licensee is exciting and had not been anticipated by us. It would be entirely incremental to the story, both from a forecasts and valuation perspective, potentially bringing upfront payments and royalties.

Remaining Positive on CAP-XX
We rate the shares a buy: We believe the CAP-XX supercapacitor has considerable
commercial application, particularly in mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and laptops. As far as we can see all the requisite technical, manufacturing and commercial elements are now in place to meet this demand.

The shares are currently trading at 90p giving a market capitalisation of 44m. In the year to June 2008, given adoption by a mobile phone manufacturer and the ensuing volume ramp-up, we expect the company to have sales of A$46m and EPS of 9p, equivalent to 11x earnings."

Confidant - 21 Mar 2007 11:29 - 18 of 211

A comment ahead of next weeks reults has sent the share up 2p

While comment is encouraging I think it could have been sent out to prevent disappointment that no contract with mobile co has been signed yet, so results will be fairly meaningless

Obviously the statement points to advanced discussions with component makers. This does suggest they see a mobile deal as pretty much tied up

My guess then is we might have to wait a few weeks after results for the contract to finally come into being. Then we may see some action

Confidant - 27 Mar 2007 09:56 - 19 of 211

Results had no big contract but some clarity -- speaking to 3 of large 5 mobile players.

If it delivers a big mobile contract this stock is cheap and will shoot upwards, if not it is expensive. Upside/downside risk is certainly better than 3:1 so lets hope its worth the wait

Confidant - 04 Apr 2007 21:08 - 20 of 211

going nicely but still waiting the first big contract. Let's hope they don't disappoint

Morigam - 05 Apr 2013 11:08 - 21 of 211

Listen to Anthony Kongats, CEO of CAP-XX about the Stop-Start Automotive Supercapacitor Module in vehicle trial.

Click here to listen to the webcast
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