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Cybit the best telematics play (CYH)     

Still Waiting - 21 Sep 2003 22:33

The chart for this stock says it all.

The company is quickly becoming a real gem in the telematics field, over the last month the co. has announced re-seller contracts which will bring in min. 2m or >30% of last years T/O alone.

The company is already experiencing massive organic growth so the co. should be profitable now following last years 500k loss.

The co. has approx. 6m cash and is in one of the hottest growth areas at the moment.

With a market cap. of 25m this will be re-rated x2/3 minimum within the next 6-12 months IMHO.

MM buys went through on Friday with T/O continuing to build, one to put on your monitor...

little woman - 11 Dec 2003 17:48 - 641 of 3104

I would hate to have to deal with shareholders if I worked for a company! When would any work ever get done??????

Most companies only ever put out news a couple of time a year, even the really big companies don't put out news as often as people on this BB seem to expect.

I you really want some news, do some homework - check out CYH's partners - ever time they produce some good news, it good news for CYH. (More money produced out of existing contracts!)

The companies year end is just over 3 months away. That's not a long time to wait..................

Still Waiting - 11 Dec 2003 23:04 - 642 of 3104

Everyone still in, good, looks like its about to start again.

With contracts now overdue and the govt. set to announce its plans for the haulage industry in the New Year now would not be a good time to get out of CYH completely.

The new heavyweight board directors have been attracted to a small AIM company for a reason, and its not to help them win Joe Fixit Plumbing Ltd accounts.

We'll know the reason for their appointment soon enough, once they've had a chance to buy some shares and get their options granted..



chrissie - 12 Dec 2003 01:18 - 643 of 3104

nematode Re your post no. 638

I posted an answer to that question (from ticker) 10thDec post 618.

As you know, contracts take a long time to get to the signing stage. These contracts will come soon but of course anyone can say that because everyone knows that contracts will come soon.

Look, I have a friend who works in the telematics industry NOT in Cybit and not in senior management. My "information" is more like office chit chat and the chit chat is that CybIT are doing well and winning contracts and the company my friend works for has lost 2 contract renewals to CybIT. Cybit has an excellent name in the industry. That's it, I am not prepared to go into any more detail than that. To be honest I don't know much more than that. I am not naming any names and I couldn't care less if people believe me or not.

I have invested all my spare cash in Cybit about 12k and I am over 2k down but I am not worried I am confident for the future. That is my true position and I will buy more as and when funds become available.

I don't really understand why the Sunderland contract news was not released on RNS. Maybe they have got to the point where they think a 300,000 contract isn't big enough for an RNS. You have to wonder, don't you?

The recent appointments show the calibre of this company. Would someone please post the RNS issued on the Tuesday 9thDec. Read the guy's C.V. - Cybit is going places.

As little woman said, it's only three months until year end results - Not long to wait!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck



chrissie - 12 Dec 2003 01:26 - 644 of 3104


What car do you fancy driving next year? LOL

nematode - 12 Dec 2003 01:55 - 645 of 3104

Chrissie,I'm not having a go but after reading through so much of "look this stock is gonna reach new highs,or I know who knows somebody who knows someone who says blah blah blah" then you get a bit miffed and start questioning peoples integrity on these bb's.I hope what you say is the truth and nothing but the truth then I shall rest in sound mind and not worry and place tremendous amout of trust in your future posts.I hope there is no animosity between us and who knows when the company does get recognise we may even meet up nad enjoy a toast.

regards nematode.

nematode - 12 Dec 2003 01:59 - 646 of 3104

copy of the rns's for you chrissie

Appointment of Non Executive Director
Cybit Holdings plc ("Cybit" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the appointment of the Rt Hon. Sir John Daniel Wheeler to the Board as a non-executive Director from 1st January 2004.

Sir John, aged 63, brings over 20 years of experience within the public sector. He was from 1997 to 2002 Chairman of the Service Authorities for the National Criminal Intelligence Service and the National Crime Squad. In 2002 he was Chairman of the Home Office and Department for Transport Review into airport security, with particular reference to the role of the police, and from 1982 to 1993, Sir John was Chairman of The British Security Industry Association Inspectorate.

Up to 1997, Sir John was an active Member of Parliament for Westminster North for eighteen years, sitting on various committees including the Home Affairs Select Committee. In the mid 1990's, Sir John held the position of Deputy Secretary of State, Northern Ireland Office, responsible as Minister of State for Security and the Criminal Justice System and as Finance Minister for the budget of 8 billion.

Sir John has been a non executive Director of Key Business Finance Corporation PLC and the Merchant International Group Limited since 1997 and 2003, respectively. Since 2003, he has been Chairman of Globaleye Network Intelligence Limited.

In the previous five years, Sir John has been Chairman of the following companies; Reliance Custodial Services Limited (1997 - 2000), MWB Leisurebox Limited (1997 - 2003) and MWB Business Exchange Limited (1999 - 2002). He was non executive Director of Jasmin PLC from 1997 to 1998 and Norbain PLC from 1998 to 1999.

Sir John has an interest in 175,000 ordinary shares of 0.1p each in the capital of the Company.

There are no other matters which are required to be announced as required under paragraph (f) of Schedule 2 of the AIM Rules.

Commenting on the appointments, Neil Johnson, Chairman of Cybit said:

"I am delighted to welcome Sir John to the Board of Directors. His considerable experience in the Transport sector, combined with his knowledge of the regulatory environment will be invaluable to Cybit as we continue to grow. Sir John will bring a fresh perspective to the business as we look to expand in the UK and internationally."


Jonathon Brill/Charlotte Kirkham
Bell Pottinger Financial
020 7861 3232

nematode - 12 Dec 2003 02:01 - 647 of 3104

And the RNS from 9th.

Appointment to International Operations Team
Cybit Holdings plc ("Cybit" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the appointment of Colin Cartwright to its operational management team as Director, International, heading the company's International expansion. Initially, Sweden, Germany and Holland will be targeted, building on the company's earlier acquisition in late 2002 of Drive-IT Systems AB - one of Europe's leading players in the car sharing market.

Colin brings extensive senior management experience in the telematics, communications and electronics sectors to Cybit. He was previously Operations Director for Global Telematics, now part of Thales, where he gained knowledge in both the telematics sector and the particular demands of UK and international fleet management operations.

Prior to that Colin was an executive director at European Telecom plc, at the time one of the fastest-growing companies on the UK stock market, holding the positions of Group Operations Director and International Managing Director. In this latter role, he was responsible for growing the company's international operations from zero to a 100 million operation in just five years.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Colin was Managing Director for two leading consumer electronics brands - Bose UK and KEF Audio. At Bose he was instrumental in adding a consumer business to the company's professional audio operation, while at KEF he was responsible for restructuring the business and developing new international routes to market for KEF's loudspeaker products.

Commenting on the appointment, Richard Horsman, CEO of Cybit said:

"Our strong growth in the UK has given us an excellent platform and a strong model for expansion into Europe. Colin's proven experience in driving the growth of international operations, and his experience at European Telecom, will allow him to make a positive contribution towards the company's continued development.

"Our initial experience in key markets such as Sweden and Germany shows that there's an equally strong appreciation of our cost-effective telematics technology approach, and we're confident that under Colin's direction Cybit can now replicate its UK success in Europe."


Jonathon Brill/Charlotte Kirkham
Bell Pottinger Financial
020 7861 3232

Douggie - 12 Dec 2003 08:34 - 648 of 3104

chrissie thanks again, you,r good company nice to have you hold my hand, again blue chritmas, and a happy blue year to all. D. ;-))

Golfclub12 - 12 Dec 2003 10:31 - 649 of 3104

blakester - 12 Dec 2003 12:27 - 650 of 3104

Can anyone tell me what "RiskGrade: 622" means?

chrissie - 12 Dec 2003 12:31 - 651 of 3104


No bad feeling at all. I do understand and I'm as dissapointed as everyone else but I'm honestly not a bit worrid about the future.


I still haven't heard anyone say anything bad about CYH except that it may be overvalued because it has come too far too fast. But this company is winning contracts on a regular basis and could be re-valued at anytime. The placing was oversubscribed @3p. So who do I believe, analysts who's jobs are dependant on the correct advice and who are paid a huge amount to research the future potential of a company and then advise an investment of 5 million pounds or poxy Shares Magazine? Lets see what they have to say after year end results!

I'm going away tomorrow for a couple of weeks for Christmas (Plymouth not the Bahamas) and as I'll be a guest in someone's house I don't suppose I'll be able to post on here for a while.

Try and relax and have a good Christmas. I feel my money is safe at the very least and by March I will be dissapointed if I haven't at least doubled my original investment. All IMHO and always DYOR. CybIT is a great PROFIT MAKING company with a very strong management team that hasn't put a foot wrong and telematics is the future.

Right, that's it then, when the shareprice hits 10p lets all meet up for a drink.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Cybiters.

blakester - 12 Dec 2003 12:35 - 652 of 3104

Chrissie, your so positive its infectious!!! Have a cool Christmas in Plymouth :o)

Douggie - 12 Dec 2003 13:25 - 653 of 3104

very best wishes chrissie, you,l be much missed around here. oh yes the car.. will pass away chritmas playing eeny meeeny miny mo with a selection of luxury jobs only hade basic (mainly vans) c/o company so far, I dont dpubt I will have something very nice for spring ...and not on credit.

Golfclub12 - 12 Dec 2003 13:49 - 654 of 3104

Merry Christmas Chrissie and a "prosperous" new year.


chrissie - 12 Dec 2003 13:58 - 655 of 3104

chrissie - 12 Dec 2003 14:16 - 656 of 3104

Forgot something...

Re appointment of Colin Cartwright "He was responsible for growing the company's international operations from zero to a 100million operation in five years".

The two recent appointments are quality, aren't they? Just wait 'til they get to work!!!!

That's it! Good Luck All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jonfish53 - 12 Dec 2003 15:22 - 657 of 3104

Well Trafficmaster is having a good day today, Can only be good for cybit?

Maggot - 12 Dec 2003 17:22 - 658 of 3104

I have started reading this thread. Bought Cybit back in 1999 or so, at about 4p, after a suggestion by Michael Walters. Also bought Billam, who owned 25% of Cybit's shares I think. Added more Cybit when they went to almost 4p recently, and now of course nursing a loss. But the very fact that they have survived the tech crash makes me think they may have a future. Lots of good info about the company on this thread; thanks, guys and gals - especially the gals.

Strattonbe - 12 Dec 2003 18:04 - 659 of 3104

As the share issue was 'oversubscribed', this means that the institutions that wanted some CYH at 3p (but couldn't),.... will now have to buy them on the open market !
Its VERY reassuring to know that 'blue chip' institutions are ready to pay 3p despite the fact that it has only recently just reached/passed this price.
This why I reckon these have pulled back hopefully, for the institutions to jump aboard.

chrissie - 12 Dec 2003 18:26 - 660 of 3104

Nice 1,500,000 buy 16.39 @2.70
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